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Need To Know.
Clemson Handles Alabama for Championship.
The Clemson Tigers won their second college football championship in three years in dominating fashion, beating the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide 44-16. It was Alabama's worst loss since head coach Nick Saban took over in 2007 - Saban hasn't lost by more than two touchdowns in his tenure at the school - and the first time Alabama had lost by more than 16 since 2004. The Tigers were led by freshman phenom Trevor Lawrence, who shredded the vaunted Alabama defense, throwing for 3 touchdowns and 347 yards. Clemson's defense played its part, shutting down the high-powered Alabama offense - which entered the game rolling up 527 yards/game - which failed to score in the second half (box score here). The win puts the Tigers at the top of a way-too-early ranking of next year's top teams. 

Separately, the Goodyear blimp became the first non-player (and presumably non-human) to be inducted into the College Football Hall-of-Fame. 
Trump to Address Nation.
President Trump will address the nation tonight to discuss border security and the need to expand physical barriers along the US-Mexico border. The appearance comes amid a partial government shutdown affecting roughly 800,000 federal workers and contractors, now stretching into its 18th day. The shutdown hangs on a disagreement between border wall funding, with the administration requesting $5.7B to build 234 miles of new barriers along the border - talks between Vice President Mike Pence and congressional leaders made little headway over the weekend. The speech will be followed by an in-person trip down to the border on Thursday. 

Separately, the IRS reversed policy and said it would issue tax returns to those filing early during the shutdown. 
CES 2019.
One of the largest technology trade shows in the world kicks off today, with over 180,000 people expected to descend on Las Vegas for the 52nd annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The four-day exhibition has become the premier event for tech companies to unveil cutting-edge products and innovations to be rolled out each year (explore the show's history). This year's show will feature hot trends like shape-shifting displays, ultra-ultra-high definition televisions, rollable electronics, 5G mobile devices, and more. You can keep up with the major announcements here. Beyond television and mobile technologies, some of the more curious launches include a massive bread-making robot, a pet food dispenser that can recognize your pet's face, and - making a return from last year's show - a luxury toilet with speakers and ambient lighting that connects to Amazon's Alexa. 

Apple, which traditionally skips the show, is making its presence felt with a 13-story advertisement across from the Las Vegas Convention Center. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Green Book, A Star Is Born lead Writers Guild Awards nominations; see full list of nominees (More)
> Annalise Braakensiek, Australian model and actress, dies at 46 (More)
> Tennessee governor grants clemency to Cyntoia Brown, who shot and killed a man in 2004 when she was a teenage sex trafficking victim; Brown's case gained media attention in part from advocacy by Kim Kardashian (More)
Science & Technology.
> Researchers find new biomarker for colorectal cancers that could allow early detection; the disease is responsible for roughly 690,000 deaths annually (More)
> Study shows current state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms can be fooled easily; machines have difficulty identifying objects when shapes don't match expected surface patterns (More)
> Scientists find common genetic patterns linked to monogamy across a number of animal species; genes may give rise to complex set of behaviors that allow animals to better tolerate long-term mates (More)
Business & Markets.
> US-China trade talks kick off in Beijing (More) | World Bank President Jim Yong Kim resigns before 2022 term ends to join infrastructure investing firm (More)
> Tesla breaks ground on Shanghai, China factory; will be company's first outside US (More)
> A group of large banks and brokerages - BofA, Fidelity, UBS & others - to start their own stock exchange with lower fees to compete with NYSE & Nasdaq (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Malaysia's king Sultan Muhammad V abruptly abdicates the throne; reports say it came following a marriage to a Russian model (More)
> Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses first Supreme Court case in 25 years following cancer treatment (More
> Alabama Democrats accused of running a 2017 misinformation campaign on Facebook alleging then-GOP candidate Roy Moore wanted to ban alcohol across the state; Moore ultimately lost to Doug Jones (D) in special election (More)
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In Depth.
How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation.
Buzzfeed News | Anne Helen Petersen. Spanning ages 22-38, the millennial generation has now reached full-blown adulthood, filled with all of life's mundane errands and cumbersome employment searches. But many millennials are having difficulty adapting to "adulting" - and their Gen-X and baby boomer parents may be to blame. (Read)
The French Burglar Who Pulled Off His Generation's Biggest Art Heist.
The New Yorker | Jake Halpern. Vjeran Tomic is one of the most prolific art thieves in history, having started his career of theft at only the age of 10. See inside the life of the man who has stolen paintings by Picasso, Basquiat, Monet, Warhol, and many more. (Read)
42% of Americans self-identify as political independents (data via Gallup). 
Don't Argue, It's Science: Study determines the most influential film of all time
Ranking vegetables by how healthy they are
The 10 most sought-after job skills for 2019
US men have an average of 30 minutes more leisure time than women every day
Colorful photos of the Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, China.
This artist maps historic rail lines as if they were modern subways
Watch how the US Air Force refuels its fighter jets in mid-air
Clickbait: Woman fends off dog attack, gets bit by owner
Historybook: George Washington delivers first State of the Union address (1790); HBD Elvis Presley (1935); HBD fashion designer Carolina Herrera (1939); HBD Stephen Hawking (1942); HBD David Bowie (1947).
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