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Need To Know.
Golden Globes.
The 76th Golden Globes kicked off the awards season last night with a number of surprise winners (see red carpet photos). The widely acclaimed A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, won just a single award (for best original song) out of five nominations. The film was upset in the coveted Best Drama category by the Freddy Mecury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, while Rami Malek, who played Mercury, beat Cooper for Best Actor in a drama. Glenn Close took home Best Actress in a drama, beating out Gaga, for her role in The Wife - Close earned a standing ovation for her stirring acceptance speech on being a woman in Hollywood. Close's speech contrasted with the tone set by hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, who largely stayed away from political themes, opting to kill the crowd with kindness

See a full list of winners here, and the rest of the biggest snubs and surprises here
College Football Championship Tonight.
The college football season comes to an end tonight as Alabama faces Clemson in Santa Clara, CA, for the national championship (8pm ET, ESPN). It is the third time since 2015 that the two have faced off in the championship - as well as having met in the 2017 semifinals - with Alabama winning in 2015 and Clemson winning in 2016. Alabama, led by Heisman runner-up Tua Tagovailoa (see stats), will be looking for their third championship in four years and sixth since head coach Nick Saban took over the program in 2007. Under center for Clemson is freshman phenom Trevor Lawrence, the nation's top high school recruit last year who took the job from starter Kelly Bryant early in the season. Alabama enters as a 5.5-point favorite but will face the nation's number two defense, with Clemson giving up 274.6 yards/game and 4.05 yards/play - though Alabama's offense averages just over 527 yards/game and 7.89 yards/play. 
Government Shutdown Rolls On.
The partial shutdown of the US government enters its third week with no end in sight, after negotiations between Vice President Mike Pence and top congressional aides yielded little progress. The White House followed the weekend meetings with a letter (paywall, Washington Post) to congress reiterating a request for $5.7B in funding for an added 234 miles of physical barriers along the US-Mexico border. Roughly 25% of the federal government (by funding) is shutdown, though that includes over 800,000 federal workers, over half of whom are deemed essential and are required to work without pay. 

In the meantime, officials from the national parks said they would begin collecting trash and providing basic services using entrance fees. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> David Rhodes steps down as CBS News president; CBS News executive Susan Zirinsky to take over beginning in March (More)
> Kevin Spacey to plead not guilty today to assault charges stemming from 2016 allegations of groping teenager (More)
> Cowboys, Colts, Eagles, and Chargers win Wild Card games to advance to divisional round of NFL playoffs; see full playoff schedule and odds (More)
Science & Technology.
> Bio-engineered crops shortcut a photosynthetic "glitch" known as photorespiration, show 40% increase in crop yields (More)
> 600-meter trash collector meant to net plastic floating in ocean breaks apart near the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, will be towed to port in Hawaii (More)
> National Security Agency to release free open-source tool that allows reverse engineering of malicious software and viruses (More)
Business & Markets.
> December jobs report released - US economy added higher than expected 312k jobs; unemployment rate up slightly to 3.9%; wage growth up 3.2% - highest since 2009 (More)
> Fed Chairman Powell signals flexibility in rate decisions in 2019 during Friday speech (More) | US stock markets up 3%+ on employment report and Powell speech (More)
> Los Angeles sues Weather Channel as its app allegedly mined user data and sold info to third parties (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Four-term Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts (R) will not seek reelection in 2020, ending 40 year career in Washington (More) | Sec. of State Mike Pompeo seen as top recruit in crowded GOP primary field (More
> Appeals court sides with Defense Department's implementation of President Trump's transgender military ban; court says policy, which bans those with "gender dysphoria" from serving, does not amount to a blanket ban (More) | Injunction on policy remains in place until cases are settled (More)
> Yellow vest protesters riot, storm government ministry in France over the weekend; movement began as a protest of high cost of living (More)
New year, new jeans.
For 2019, you may be heading to the gym more, swapping pizza for salad, or saving on nights out by spending them home instead. But us? We're ditching our beat-up jeans for some fresh denim from Revtown.

Revtown is a denim startup on a mission to revitalize and revolutionize men's classics. After years in performance apparel, Revtown's founders wondered if their everyday jeans could ever be as comfortable as athletic clothes... and that's what brought them to premium, performance jeans. (As it turns out, yes, they can be as comfortable as athletic clothes.)

Revtown's Italian jeans are tried-and-true denim infused with their Athletic Stretch. It gives them a classic crisp denim look... but with way more comfort and zero break-in period.

Take it from us, these jeans combine incredible comfort and timeless style at a pretty killer price - grab a pair today.
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