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Rapid Thaw Continues in Korea.
In the latest sign of easing tensions, South and North Korea have agreed to march under a single flag during the opening ceremony of next month's Winter Olympics. The decision - which includes fielding a joint women's ice hockey team - is a dramatic gesture of reconciliation between the two and comes just weeks after the South, who is hosting the games, agreed with the North on participating at all. While generally viewed as a positive development, analysts caution that the North has attempted this type of 'advance and retreat' diplomacy in the past - and continues work on a naval ballistic missile delivery system. The opening ceremony will be held on Feb. 9th in Pyeongchang.

Apple To Make Major US Investment.
Apple announced a US expansion yesterday that is estimated to result in roughly $350B of economic activity over the next 5 years, not including product sales or taxes the company will pay. Plans include $30B in capital expenditures - of which about $10B will be in data centers - and nearly 20,000 new jobs. Most notably, Apple announced plans to open a new campus in a city to be announced later in 2018. On top of the news, the company became the latest to pass some savings from the recent tax reform bill to workers, saying it will issue bonuses in the form of $2,500 of restricted stock. Apple also said it would take a one-time tax hit of $38B as it repatriates nearly all of its $250B in overseas cash. 

Brexit Slowly Advances. 
Britain's House of Commons voted 324-295 to advance a bill severing ties with the European Union, sending the bill to the House of Lords for consideration. The approval is the next step in the slow march towards the country's exit from the European Union (what you need to know about the 'Brexit') that began when voters passed a referendum supporting the move in June of 2016. Despite the vote, the EU says it is still open to having the UK change its mind. Forecasts point to a negative economic impact of a Brexit on the UK, shrinking GDP by over 2%. For a deeper read on how things may shake out, check out this breakdown from the Brookings Institution
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Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

> 2018 Sundance Film Festival begins, see full program lineup (More) | Grammy Awards announce list of performers, Kendrick Lamar to open (More)
> Nine charged in fraternity hazing death of Florida State student (More)
> Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel implicated in $10M steroid ring (More)

Science & Technology.

> Researchers reveal structure of protein responsible for longevity and metabolism (More)
> Ultra-thin optical fibers used to 3-D print structures with microscopic features (More)
> New metal alloy keeps superconductivity at pressures similar to the center of Earth (More)

Business & Markets.

> Goldman Sachs earnings fall on weak debt trading, shares slide 2% (More)
> Stock market continues tear, Dow closes above 26,000 (More)
> China's GDP increases 6.9% in 2017, first annual growth in 7 years (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

> Walmart to offer disposal packets that turn leftover opioids to useless gel, free of charge (More)
> Pentagon sends draft of new nuclear strategy, would include nuclear response to non-nuclear cyberattacks as option (More)
> Wisconsin state Senate election won by Democrat in area that voted for Trump by 17 points, Gov. Scott Walker (R) calls it a 'wake up call' (More)

Am I a Bad Feminist?

The Globe and Mail | Margaret Atwood. The award-winning author of over 40 books and essays - including The Handmaid's Tale - pens an op-ed arguing that the #MeToo movement has veered too far into "guilty because accused" territory. Atwood's essay received significant media attention, and drummed up a social media backlash.

Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble. 

NYT Magazine | Steven Johnson. One of the best articles we've seen explaining the importance of bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology, this (very thorough) read separates the hype from the long-term potential of digital cryptocurrencies.
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Car wrecks in middle of news report on how bad roads are.  

Clickbait: Man turned away from flight for wearing 10 layers of clothing to avoid baggage fee

Historybook: RIP John Tyler (1862); HBD Cary Grant (1904); WWI Paris Peace Conference begins (1919); RIP Rudyard Kipling (1936).
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