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Need To Know.
Florence Fallout.
The fallout from Hurricane Florence continues to mount, with the death toll rising to 37 after two mental health patients drowned when a police van that was transporting them was swept away by flood waters. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from their communities in North and South Carolina, and analysts project the physical damage to cost between $17B to $22B (a number that is likely to rise). So far state officials have said the flood damage is too severe to even begin tallying the environmental damage caused by the storm. Many farms have been turned into lagoons - waste from millions of hogs on industrial pork farms has created fears of rampant disease and illness as it spreads through the floodwaters. Only about 1% of inland homeowners have federal flood insurance (compared to 25-50% on the coast) potentially leaving millions without clear paths to rebuilding their homes. 

President Trump visited communities hit by the storm yesterday, promising quick aid for recovery efforts. 
Extreme Poverty Declining Slowly.
The proportion of people living in extreme poverty dropped to 10% worldwide in 2015, according to a new report from the World Bank. The number, which tallies the amount of people living on less than $1.90 per day, was a 1% drop from 2013 and means that 68 million people moved out of the category (see full report). While the number of people - about 736 million as of 2015 - living in extreme poverty is at an all-time low, the decrease was about half the rate of previous years, which saw drops around 2%. Experts say that the Syrian civil war, a population boom in sub-Saharan Africa, and falling commodity prices all contributed to the slowdown. Preliminary estimates suggest the world saw a further decline of about 1.4% between 2015-2018. 
Shootings in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania.
Communities in two states were left shaken by similar, but unrelated, shootings yesterday that ended before the potential for significant bloodshed occurred. Yesterday morning, an employee opened fire at a software company in a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, injuring four but killing none. In the afternoon, a suspect opened fire in the lobby of a municipal building in Masontown, Pennsylvania. In both cases the suspects were shot dead by police - in the latter case the shooter reportedly entered a courtroom filled with at least 60 people, but was taken down by an officer on the scene before potentially firing into the crowd. Officials had not yet released names or motives in either shooting as of this morning, though in the Pennsylvania shooting the suspect was reportedly due to appear in the same courtroom that afternoon.  
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> LeBron James, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler to produce Space Jam movie; James had been in talks to make the film for more than 5 years (More)
> Arthur Mitchell, dance and choreography pioneer who co-founded Dance Theater of Harlem, dies at 84 (More)
> Maroon 5 tapped to headline 2019 Super Bowl halftime show; Rappers Travis Scott and Cardi B are rumored to make guest appearances (More)
Science & Technology.
> Study shows mosquitoes can spread microplastics - small bits of plastic known to be toxic to many marine animals - throughout their ecosystem (More)
> Analysis shows that 16% percent of human genes discovered before the Human Genome Project still make up 50% of research; suggests the bulk of human genes are vastly under-studied (More)
> New paper reimagines famous Schrödinger’s cat paradox to argue standard quantum interpretation is inconsistent; argument had circulated in academia for two years (More) | Quantum Cats 101 (Meow
Business & Markets.
> CEO of Danske Bank - Denmark's largest bank - resigns after investigation revealed a ~$230B money laundering scandal in a small Estonian bank branch (More)
> Apple finishes repayment of $16.75B to European Union for receiving unfair tax benefits from Ireland (More)
> Amazon considers opening 3,000 AmazonGo cashierless stores by 2021 to take on 7/11 and convenience sector (More) | Amazon is now 3rd largest digital advertising platform behind Google and Facebook (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Catholic bishops announce new rules for handling sex abuse cases (More)
> Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe re-elected as head of ruling Liberal Democratic Party, extends tenure as head of Japan by three years (More)
> Health and Human Services Department says it has lost track of nearly 1,500 immigrant children placed with sponsor families around the country (More)
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In Depth.
Living the Stream.
ESPN | Elaine Teng. Making around $500,000 per month, the professional gamer known as Ninja has become a worldwide sensation in the burgeoning field of e-sports. Ninja, or Tyler Blevins, now has 11 million followers on the streaming platform Twitch, but keeping them can be difficult and taking a day off can mean losing thousands of followers. Ninja’s solution is simple - never stop playing. (Read)
Under Siege in the Amazon Jungle.
National Geographic | Scott Wallace and Chris Fagan. Constantly threatened by resource-grabbing outsiders, certain forests in Brazil and Peru are home to remote indigenous groups - numbering in the hundreds, otherwise uncontacted by the outside world. See inside the world of illegal loggers, deforestation, and Forest Guardians, the people trying to save their way of life. (Read)
How much money you actually take home on a $100,000 salary, mapped by which city you live in
Nearly half of all cellphone calls will be scams by 2019, says new study
After a quarter-million injuries since 1990, pediatricians are saying baby walkers should be banned
See why this photo of last year's total eclipse is being called history's most amazing photo
Baltimore Orioles become first professional sports team to wear Braille jerseys
Watch extreme cyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek break the land speed record for bicycles at a seemingly impossible 184 mph.
Why married men are earning much more than others
A lobster farmer in Maine is getting her lobsters high before killing them
Clickbait: Tower of London to breed ravens to avoid historic prophecy from coming true
Historybook: HBD American author Upton Sinclair (1878); HBD legendary basketball coach Red Auerbach (1917); HBD actress Sophia Loren (1934); Battle of the Sexes tennis match takes place (1973); Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico, resulting in 3,000 deaths and $90B in damage (2017). 
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