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Need To Know.
Tesla's Wild Ride.
Tesla had a seesaw day of trading after CEO Elon Musk cryptically suggested on Twitter that he was considering taking the company private. Taking the company private would involve buying back all the stock on the open market - Musk said he would consider having private buyers purchase the shares, which were sitting at $342 per share before the tweet, at a premium of $420. Tesla's stock predictably jumped about 8% to $370 before the Nasdaq temporarily halted trading pending further news. A price of $420 per share would value the company near $70B and would be the largest take-private in history. Musk, who potentially broke a number of SEC laws and invited shareholder lawsuits with the tweet, expressed frustration in a letter to employees with stock market swings and in particular investors allegedly short-selling (what is that?) the company's stock. 

Analysts think Musk's tweet caused over $880M in losses for potential short-sellers. 
Child's Remains Found at NM Compound.
Investigators found the remains of a child at a makeshift compound in New Mexico yesterday, one day after a raid uncovered at least 11 young children living in squalid conditions. The raid stemmed from a missing child investigation on the other side of the country in Georgia - 3-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj was reported missing in December. Officials tracked the child's father, Siraj Wahhaj, to the compound in the northern New Mexico plains. The younger Wahhaj suffered from a type of encephalopathy that prevented walking and often induced seizures, and a police warrant suggested that the father had taken the son to "perform an exorcism". The child was not among the 11 found alive in the compound, and officials are currently awaiting tests to identify the remains. 
Special Election, Primaries Down to the Wire.
A special election to fill the US House seat for Ohio's 12th district was too close to call last night, with Republican Troy Balderson maintaining a narrow lead over Democrat Danny O'Connor. Balderson - backed by President Trump, who campaigned with the candidate in the state over the weekend - declared victory after returns showed him leading by about 1,700 votes (or 0.8%) with 3,400 provisional ballots left to be counted. The race was seen as a bellwether for the upcoming midterm elections - Trump won the district by 11 points in 2016. O'Connor is expected to contest the results, a process which could take weeks, and both candidates are likely to face off again in the general election in November. 

In the Kansas Republican primary, Trump-backed Kris Kobach leads sitting Governor Jeff Cloyer by just 700 votes.
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Disney's streaming service to launch in late 2019, will include original series and films (More)
> Stan Mikita, hockey legend and leading scorer in Chicago Blackhawks history, dies at 78 (More)
> Angelina Jolie alleges Brad Pitt owes child support for their six children, will seek a court order for more funds (More)
Science & Technology.
> Study reverses aging mechanism in blood vessel cells by delivering chemical compounds that boost mitochondrial performance (More)
> Japan announces it will implement facial recognition technology for over 300,000 visitors for security during the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo (More)
> Archaeologists uncover 10,000-year-old Stone Age human settlement submerged under Lake Kuolimojärvi in southeast Finland (More)
Business & Markets.
> Earnings Season: US markets approach record highs as strong corporate earnings continue - 79% of S&P 500 companies beat estimates, would be the highest % on record if figure holds (More) | Snap user count declines for first time, beats revenues, receives $250M investment from Saudi Prince (More)
> US small-business owners optimism at record high according to Wells Fargo/Gallup poll (More)
> Freddie Mac announces new financing structure to incentivize multifamily property owners to keep rents at affordable levels (More) | Freddie Mac 101 (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, accused of assassinating top Syrian weapons engineer with car bomb (More)
> West Virginia to introduce voting via smartphone for upcoming midterms; will be piloted with troops serving overseas (More)
> Administration rounds out Chinese tariffs with 25% tariff on $16B in goods that had been under public comment, brings first round total to $50B (More)
Americans spend 34% of their digital lives using Google products
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Survey says Americans are eager to eat locally grown food.
A military-inspired trick to fall asleep in 120 seconds.
Ford outfits auto workers with exoskeletons after successful pilot program
This environmentally-conscious student has collected over 50,000 golf balls out of the ocean
Minor league baseball player uses props to argue with umpire.
Only 1 in 5 US children study a foreign language in school
Clickbait: Woman helps man short on cash at Wawa, turns out to be country music star Keith Urban
Historybook: Historybook: Thomas Edison patents the mimeograph (1876); HBD Dustin Hoffman (1937); RIP writer Shirley Jackson (1965); President Nixon announces his resignation (1974); HBD Roger Federer (1981).
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