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Need To Know

Idalia Lashes Florida

Hurricane Idalia plowed into Florida's northern Gulf Coast yesterday, making landfall as a Category 3 storm along the state's sparsely populated Big Bend region while driving significant storm surge into cities further south. No direct deaths due to the storm had been reported as of this writing—two people died in separate car crashes ahead of the storm's arrival. 


Storm surge occurs when a hurricane's rotational winds push water up onto shorelines (see 101)—an effect that can be felt far away from the storm's center. Tampa, roughly 150 miles south of landfall, saw water rise by eight feet in some areas. 


The storm remained a Category 1 system as far inland as southern Georgia, eventually passing over Savannah and Charleston, South Carolina, before heading into the Atlantic Ocean (see storm path). Charleston Harbor saw a storm surge of nine feet, marking the fifth-highest water level on record. 


Idalia moved faster than initially expected, lessening flood risks from rainfall across its trajectory. See photos of the impact here.


Ex-Cardinal's Charges Dismissed

A Massachusetts judge yesterday dismissed a criminal sexual assault case against former US cardinal Theodore McCarrick after finding him unfit to stand trial. The 93-year-old was the highest-ranking Catholic cleric to face charges in the church's sexual abuse scandal. 


McCarrick had faced three counts of indecent assault and battery in Massachusetts for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage boy during a wedding reception in 1974, to which he plead not guilty in 2021. In June, a state forensic psychologist assessed McCarrick at his home in Missouri and testified yesterday that McCarrick exhibited cognitive issues, including with his memory and ability to retain information. McCarrick also faces charges in Wisconsin for an alleged sexual assault incident in 1977.


McCarrick was defrocked in 2019 after an internal investigation concluded ample evidence of abuse existed. The Vatican published the full report, which found multiple senior officials overlooked or ignored claims of sexual abuse and misconduct, allowing McCarrick to rise through church ranks. 


Searching for Chile's 'Disappeared'

Chile's government announced broad plans yesterday to track down hundreds of missing prisoners jailed during the 17-year dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in the '70s and '80s. The plan marks the first time the government has assumed responsibility for the search and comes two weeks before the 50th anniversary of the coup, which brought Pinochet to power.


The government of Salvador Allende—the first freely elected Marxist in the West—was ousted Sept. 11, 1973, ushering in a period of military rule under Pinochet, which came to an end in 1990 (see history). Over 40,000 people are registered as victims under Pinochet, ranging from false imprisonment to execution; 1,092 of those are listed as forcibly disappeared, with the remains of only 307 identified.


For decades, families of the victims have lobbied for government help in the search even as members of the former regime—including Pinochet—remained in power years after the country returned to democracy. 


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