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Good morning. It's Wednesday, March 29, and we're covering new details from the school shooting in Nashville, a fatal fire at a migrant center in Mexico, and much more.


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Need To Know

Nashville Shooting Aftermath

The Nashville police department yesterday released body camera footage of a group of officers searching through the halls of The Covenant School for the 28-year-old shooter who shot and killed six people Monday, including three children. The footage includes body camera videos from the perspective of two officers, Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo, who shot and killed the suspect on the second floor of the private Christian school. See footage here (warning—sensitive content). 


Police also shared new details about the shooter, saying the former student had been under a doctor’s care for an undisclosed emotional disorder and had legally bought seven firearms from five local gun stores in recent years. Officials said the guns had been hidden in the suspect's home. Police also released surveillance videos (see here, warning—sensitive content), showing the shooter arriving in a silver Honda Fit, firing through the building's glass doors, and moving through the school heavily armed. The suspect's motive is still unclear. 


Read our previous write-up on the attack here. See more about the victims here


Migrant Facility Fire

At least 40 people died and 29 were injured after a fire broke out at a migrant detention center in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico—a major crosspoint for migrants across from El Paso, Texas. Initial reports suggest the fire began when detained migrants fearing deportation set mattresses ablaze in protest Monday night. 


At the time of the fire, 68 men from Central and South America were being held at the facility, run by the country’s National Migration Institute. Immigration authorities said the victims were from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador; 28 of those who died were from Guatemala. Mexico's interior ministry has requested an investigation into the cause of the fire. 


Ciudad Juárez is one of the busiest border crossings (see 101) for migrants looking to enter the US, including asylum-seekers. Earlier this month, hundreds of Venezuelan migrants attempted to cross the border into El Paso in a mass entry


SBF Bribery Charge

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was charged yesterday with bribing a Chinese official, the thirteenth federal charge brought against the 31-year-old since December. The one-time billionaire led FTX and sister investment firm Alameda Research until their collapse in November (see timeline). 


Yesterday's superseding indictment alleges Bankman-Fried directed employees to pay a bribe of $40M in late 2021 to regain control of $1B of assets frozen by the Chinese government. The charge was brought under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, a law meant to stop corporations from bribing foreign officials. Bankman-Fried pleaded not guilty to the initial eight charges of fraud brought in December; he has yet to be arraigned on four additional charges brought in February.


Prosecutors have requested tightened bail restrictions for Bankman-Fried, seeking to limit his access to electronic devices. He has been on house arrest at his parents' California home since he was released on a historic $250M bail in late December.

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In The Know

Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

> Adnan Syed's murder conviction reinstated by Maryland court; Syed, whose case was featured in the "Serial" podcast, was released from prison six months ago after a judge overturned his 2000 conviction (More)

> Two groups submit $6B bid to purchase NFL's Washington Commanders; if accepted the sale would be the largest ever for a sports franchise (More) | Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid becomes first NHL player since 1996 with 140 points—goals plus assists (More)

> International Olympic Committee provides pathway for some Russian and Belarusian athletes in individual sports to participate under a neutral status, perhaps as soon as 2024 Paris Olympics (More)


Science & Technology

> Renewable energy passes coal for the first time in the US, accounting for 21% of US electricity generation in 2022; natural gas continues to lead, accounting for 39% of power sources (More)

> Researchers replicate the camouflaging ability of squid and octopuses in mammalian cells grown in a dish; study both sheds light on cephalopod biology and may allow better imaging of human cells (More)

> New York health officials detect the presence of poliovirus in the wastewater of Rockland County, where an outbreak last year led to the first confirmed case of paralytic polio in 10 years (More)


Business & Markets

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> US stock markets close lower (S&P 500 -0.2%, Dow -0.1%, Nasdaq -0.5%), led by decline in tech stocks (More)

> Senate Banking Committee holds Silicon Valley Bank failure hearing, features top banking regulators (More)

> Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to split into six separate companies; shares rise 14% (More)

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Politics & World Affairs

> German officials confirm fleet of Leopard 2 tanks have been shipped to Ukraine (More) | The US suspends sharing data on nuclear arsenal with Russia (More) | See updates on the war here (More)

> France deploys an estimated 13,000 police as antipension reform protests continue; President Emmanuel Macron passed law raising retirement age by two years without legislative approval (More)

> Former Vice President Mike Pence ordered to testify before grand jury in Jan. 6 probe (More) | Reports suggest IRS agents visited journalist Matt Taibbi's home at or around the time of providing Congressional testimony on Twitter Files reporting (More)

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