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Good morning. It's Monday, March 27, and we're covering a devastating tornado in the South, an upside-down NCAA tournament, and much more.


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Need To Know

Mississippi Delta Tornadoes

At least 26 people died and dozens more were injured after at least 12 tornadoes touched down in Mississippi and Alabama overnight Friday, marking one of the region's deadliest tornado events. The White House issued an emergency declaration to unlock federal aid in the rural Mississippi Delta region, one of the nation's poorest.


A powerful, upward-rotating storm fueled by high temperatures known as a supercell (see 101) formed late Friday in northwest Mississippi and stretched into Alabama, leaving a 60-mile wide path of destruction. Of the dozen twisters spotted (see video), the strongest was an EF-4 whose near 200-mph winds flattened the Delta town of Rolling Fork, launching objects as high as 30,000 feet. See photos of the damage here and drone footage here


Residents in Amory, Mississippi, were asked to boil water amid damage to city water infrastructure. The system also wrought havoc in Ohio, where roughly 175,000 residents were without power as of Sunday evening. 


A Very Mad March

An upset-laden men's NCAA basketball tournament has narrowed its field down to the Final Four, with No. 9 Florida Atlantic set to take on No. 5 San Diego State (Saturday, 6 pm ET, CBS) and No. 4 Connecticut facing No. 5 Miami (Saturday, 8:30 pm ET, CBS). While each team has had a unique path to the final weekend, Connecticut enters the final two rounds having won each game by double digits, including a dominating 82-54 win over No. 3 Gonzaga Saturday. 


This year's tournament on the men's side has been one of the most chaotic in league history. For just the second time, a No. 1 seed lost in the first round (Purdue), a No. 15 seed advanced to the Sweet Sixteen (Princeton), and for the first time since seeding began in 1979, no No. 1 teams made it to the Elite Eight. Many have compared it to 2014, which saw 19 upsets where a team seeded at least two spots lower than their opponent ended up victorious. 


On the women's side, No. 3 Ohio State upset No. 2 Connecticut, ending an 18-year streak of Elite Eight appearances for the Huskies—the longest such streak in either men's or women's college basketball. See an updated bracket here


Gordon Moore Dies

Legendary technologist and philanthropist Gordon Moore passed away Friday at his Hawaii home at the age of 94 from natural causes, according to a family representative. Among other accomplishments, he cofounded the multinational Intel and coined the concept of "Moore's Law" in 1965—a prediction that computing power would increase exponentially because the number of transistors per microchip would double roughly every two years. 


Moore, trained as a chemist, initially joined the lab of Nobel Prize winner William Shockley, who had helped invent the transistor in the 1940s. Instead of remaining with Shockley, Moore was part of the so-called "Traitorous Eight"—a group of engineers who left to launch a competing semiconductor company and would go on to form what has become modern-day Silicon Valley (silicon is the base material for most common semiconductors). Along with a number of technology honors, Moore was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002. 


See the data that bore out Moore's Law here.

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A Robot Surgeon Will See You Now


When you think of surgery, state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced practices come to mind, right? Unfortunately, surgeons are stuck doing knee replacements the same way they did in the 1980s, with hand saws and generic-sized implants. It’s no wonder 100,000 knee replacement surgeries fail each year.


Monogram aims to fix that problem with first-of-its-kind robotic surgical assistants and personalized 3D implants. This approach can deliver a more precise, less invasive surgery, which means faster recovery and less chance of failure. That could be a significant development in a market worth $19.4B, especially when an estimated 50% of knee replacement surgeries will be robotically assisted by 2027. 


Learn more about investing in Monogram, before their planned Nasdaq listing later this year.


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> "Creed III" star Jonathan Majors arrested on suspicion of strangulation, assault, and harassment stemming from alleged domestic dispute (More) | US Army pulls ad featuring Majors following his arrest (More)

> Mexican TV legend Xavier LĂłpez Rodriguez, children's entertainer better known by stage name "Chabelo," dies at 88 (More)

> Tom Brady becomes minority owner in reigning WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces (More)

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Science & Technology

> Apple demos prototype of a mixed reality headset, with potential public debut set for June (More) | Anonymous employees say the long-underdevelopment, $3K device may fail to gain traction, cite basic issues like uncomfortableness (More)

> Asteroid safely passes between the Earth and the moon Saturday, an event that happens roughly once per decade; the object is estimated to be around 150 feet wide (More)

> Robotic beehive allows scientists to observe behavior of honeybees inside a hive without invasive tools; the dynamics of bee colonies has been difficult to study as the insect are exceptionally sensitive to external stimulus (More)


Business & Markets

> US stock markets close higher Friday (S&P 500 +0.6%, Dow +0.4%, Nasdaq +0.3%); European bank shares fall on banking system fears (More)

> Four dead, three missing following explosion at West Reading, Pennsylvania, chocolate factory (More)

> Sources say Twitter offers employee stock options valuing the company at approximately $20B; company was acquired at $44B valuation in October (More)


Politics & World Affairs

> Honduras cuts ties with Taiwan, establishes diplomatic relations with China; only 13 countries now recognize Taiwan's sovereignty from China (More) | China's history with Taiwan, explained (More, w/video)

> Russia to station tactical nukes in Belarus by July; first such move outside Russian territory since the 1990s (More) | Israeli defense minister fired Sunday, one day after calling for suspension of country's judicial overhaul plan over national security concerns (More) | See plan background (More

> Manhattan district attorney receives letter with powdered substance Friday amid possible indictment of former President Donald Trump (More) | Trump holds first 2024 campaign rally in Waco, Texas, Saturday (More) | Los Angeles Unified School District and school employees union strike tentative deal Friday (More)

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Modernizing the $19.4B Knee Replacement Market


You wouldn’t wear shoes that don’t fit, so why settle for generic-sized knee replacements? Ill-fitting implants are one of the main reasons 100,000+ knee replacements fail annually. Monogram is working to do something about it


Monogram’s robotic surgical assistants help deliver a precise, minimally invasive surgery, leading to faster recovery and better fit. Speaking of fit, they also developed personalized, 3D implants. Learn about Monogram’s unique investment opportunity today ahead of their planned Nasdaq listing this year.


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Historybook: Director Quentin Tarantino born (1963); Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, dies (1968); Mariah Carey born (1969); Tenerife Airport Disaster, worst accident in aviation history, kills 583 (1977). 

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