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One Big Headline

Immigration Policy Revived

The US Supreme Court yesterday rejected a lawsuit from Texas and Louisiana challenging how the federal government prioritizes the deportation of certain groups of unauthorized immigrants. Justices voted 8-1 to allow a previously blocked enforcement policy to take effect, ruling the states lacked legal standing to alter federal arrest policies.


The case focused on a September 2021 government directive prioritizing the arrest and deportation of individuals who primarily pose a threat to national security or public safety. A federal Texas court temporarily blocked the policy in June after Republican attorneys general from Texas and Louisiana sued, arguing the policy violates federal law by preventing authorities from detaining those with criminal convictions. The states argued they have a right to sue because of financial harm from the policy, including the cost of public benefits. See a case breakdown here.


In ruling against the states, the Supreme Court's opinion noted the federal government lacks resources to deport all unauthorized immigrants. Estimates say about 11 million people in the United States are unauthorized. 

Quick Hits

Russia launches criminal probe into Wagner Group chief.

Russia opened a criminal case Friday against Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the mercenary group, on charges of inciting mutiny. The probe comes after Prigozhin claimed the Russian military launched strikes on Wagner camps, which Moscow denies. Prigozhin, for the first time, also dismissed Russia's justifications for invading Ukraine and accused the defense ministry of misleading Russians about the reasoning for the war. See the latest updates here


3M agrees to pay up to $12.5B in 'forever chemicals' lawsuit.

Known for its products like Post-Its, 3M reached a settlement with US cities and towns over their public water supplies that have been contaminated by "forever chemicals" (see 101). 3M agreed to pay between $10.3B and $12.5B over a 13-year period, depending on the number of water systems that are found to be toxic. 


Tropical Storm Cindy forms in Atlantic as Bret swirls in Caribbean.

Cindy is the third named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, which began June 1. It is the first time since 1968 that two tropical cyclones have formed in the Atlantic in June at the same time. Bret brought winds and heavy rain to the Caribbean Friday. Cindy is not expected to approach land. 


United States to host men's FIFA Club World Cup in 2025.

The newly revamped Club World Cup soccer tournament will comprise 32 teams, expanding from seven and bringing together the winners of major tournaments across the world. The teams that have already qualified for the Club World Cup include Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Seattle Sounders. 


Sheldon Harnick, 'Fiddler on the Roof' lyricist, dies.

Harnick was a Pulitzer Prize- and Grammy Award-winning lyricist whose career took off in the late 1950s. With composer Jerry Bock, the pair wrote some of Broadway's most memorable shows, including “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Fiorello!," and "The Apple Tree." Harnick died in his home in Manhattan. He was 99. 


Tonga eruption produced record-breaking 11 hours of lightning.

A new study revealed the January 2022 underwater volcano eruption in the Polynesian nation of Tonga triggered 192,000 lightning flashes across 11 hours, with approximately 2,600 flashes per minute at its peak. The altitude of the flashes was the highest ever recorded, measuring between roughly 65,000 and 98,000 feet above sea level. 


Prosecutors charge 'Rust' armorer with evidence tampering.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who already faces involuntary manslaughter charges in the 2021 shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, faces an additional count of tampering with evidence. Gutierrez-Reed is being accused of transferring narcotics from herself to another person on the day of the shooting. 

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South Carolina mom pens heartfelt letter to school bus driver for befriending her 6-year-old son. (More)


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Today, we're sharing a story from reader Leah M. in Arlington Heights, Illinois


"I was making a quick stop to the grocery store with my baby, who is the youngest of my four kids. While in the self-checkout line, my baby wouldn’t stop crying. I probably looked a bit frazzled and in a rush. Another customer, who had just finished her self checkout, stopped and told me she would bag all my groceries for me. I told her to not worry about it but she insisted and quickly bagged all of my groceries and spoke to me about motherhood. It was a lovely and kind gesture. She finished by telling me that I would surely 'pass it forward' and do it for a young mom one day in the future."


What act(s) of kindness did you experience this week? Tell us here.



> Cuts and stab injuries lead to recall of 7.5 million Baby Shark bath toys.
> Saudi Arabia officials say nearly 1.5 million foreign pilgrims have arrived in the city of Mecca ahead of annual Muslim pilgrimage, known as Hajj



> Mapping US states by air quality.

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> Good Humor quietly discontinues iconic Toasted Almond bar.

> Can you spot the bow tie in the field of flowers?



> The fascinating journey of human waste, from prized resource to public nuisance, and how it can save agriculture and provide cleaner energy.


Building the world's largest iPhone.

How the fake meat industry saved Dippin' Dots.

Springtail insects defy gravity with their stunts


Long Read 

> Architects are turning to an unusual source for constructing buildings: hemp.

> How criminal gangs are using fake bank accounts and hidden online marketplaces to exploit people, and why efforts to stop the fraud might not be enough.


Best of the Week: What one seventh-century European teen might have looked like


Historybook: Boxing great Jack Dempsey born (1895); First exhibit by Pablo Picasso opens in Paris (1901); Actress Mindy Kaling born (1979); Soccer star Lionel Messi born (1987); Condominium collapse in Surfside, Florida, kills 98 (2021). 

"A champion is someone who gets up when he can't."

- Jack Dempsey

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