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Need To Know

Hostage Deal Reached

The Israeli government approved a deal with Hamas overnight to temporarily halt fighting for at least four days in exchange for the release of roughly 50 Israeli women and children who have been held hostage in Gaza by the militant group. In return, Israel will release roughly 150 Palestinian women and children held in its prisons and will allow around 300 aid trucks per day to enter into Gaza from Egypt. The pause in fighting will be extended by an extra day for every 10 additional hostages released.

The families of the hostages have 24 hours as of this writing to appeal to Israel's Supreme Court before the agreement can take effect. If the deal transpires, it will mark the first mass hostage release since Hamas captured more than 240 people during a surprise cross-border attack Oct. 7. Four hostages, including two Americans, were previously freed in pairs; one hostage was rescued; and two were reportedly found dead (see timeline).


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated yesterday Israel doesn't intend to stop fighting until Hamas is dismantled and all hostages are freed. The death toll has risen to more than 11,000 people in Gaza, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry and stands near 1,400 people in Israel, according to Israeli officials. See updates on the war here.


Binance CEO Pleads Guilty

Binance founder Chengpeng Zhao stepped down as the company's CEO yesterday and pleaded guilty to violating antimoney laundering requirements as part of a broad settlement with the US Justice Department. The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange is also required to pay $4.3B in fines.


The announcement caps a lengthy investigation into the global exchange, which had flourished amid the nascent industry's lack of a regulatory framework. The company, founded in 2017, became the world's premier exchange in its first year, eventually controlling half of the global market. Regulators alleged the company offered unapproved products to US investors and failed to monitor the use of its platform by actors attempting to make their illegal earnings appear legal, a process known as money laundering. See all charges here.


The settlement does not include a separate suit brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in June. Zhao will retain majority ownership of the company. 


JFK Assassination 60 Years On

Today marks the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, as his motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.


His presidency witnessed initiatives like raising the minimum wage, establishing the Peace Corps, and advancing civil rights—eventually catalyzing the Civil Rights Act under Lyndon B. Johnson. He also navigated the Cuban Missile Crisis, averting potential nuclear conflict. Beyond political milestones, Kennedy advocated for African decolonization and condemned apartheid, prompting a UN arms embargo on South Africa until 1998. Recent polls reveal a 90% retrospective approval rate of the 35th president.


Despite the prompt arrest of suspect Lee Harvey Oswald, many conspiracies (some 

debunked) have emerged, including alleged multiple gunmen, potential involvement of government agencies, and questions about the official investigation.


Browse through media on the event here.

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In The Know

Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

> The Rolling Stones announce 16 city tour across the US and Canada beginning in April 2024 (More)

> Actress Susan Sarandon dropped by Hollywood talent agency following controversial remarks made at pro-Palestinian rally (More) | Melissa Barrera dropped from "Scream 7" over comments on the Israel-Hamas war (More)

> Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, and Washington lead College Football Playoff rankings heading into the final week of the regular season (More) | Willie Hernández, former American League MVP and Cy Young award winner, dies at 69 (More)


Science & Technology

In partnership with Brilliant

> OpenAI, Microsoft sued for misusing copyrighted works of nonfiction authors to train OpenAI's large language models to respond to human text prompts for services, including the ChatGPT chatbot (More) | See how large language models work (More)

> New study suggests deep-sea mining and ocean warming would likely trigger acute stress in midwater helmet jellyfish, causing them to produce excessive amounts of mucus and double their respiration rate (More)

> Researchers at University of Texas at Austin discover E. coli bacteria use iron levels to store information, such as resistance to antibiotics, and pass them down to later generations (More)

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Business & Markets

> Chipmaker Nvidia reports stronger-than-expected third quarter earnings and revenue, with revenue tripling from a year ago amid AI boom (More) | Lowe's lowers full-year earnings and sales outlook after third quarter sales drop nearly 13% year-over-year (More)

> Existing US home sales fall to 13-year low in October, down 4.1% from September and 14.6% from a year ago; median home price of $391,800 is up 3.4% from a year ago (More) | Average national gas price of $3.31 per gallon down 10% year-over-year (More)

> X (formerly Twitter) sues advocacy group Media Matters over report about ads on the platform appearing next to antisemitic content (More) | Luminar Technologies CEO Austin Russell's bid to buy Forbes ends (More)


Politics & World Affairs

> North Korea appears to successfully launch its first military satellite into orbit Tuesday, its third attempt; South Korea plans its first attempt Nov. 30 (More) | Video released showing trapped Indian workers in collapsed tunnel as rescue efforts enter 10th day (More)

Dutch citizens head to the polls today in snap general elections after three-term Prime Minister Mark Rutte's surprise July resignation (More) | Silicon Valley's Rep. Anna Eshoo (D, CA-16) announces retirement from Congress at end of term, bringing number of retirees to 32 (More

> Over 1 million gallons of crude oil found leaked from underwater pipeline in Gulf of Mexico south of New Orleans, according to US Coast Guard (More) | Dual storm systems across US expected to bring snow in the Plains and heavy winds, rains in the East amid busy Thanksgiving travel (More)

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Historybook: Author Jack London dies (1916); Tennis star and social activist Billie Jean King born (1943); President John F. Kennedy assassinated (1963); Author C.S. Lewis dies (1963); British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher announces resignation after 11 years (1990).

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