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Hawaii Fire Rages

The death toll from the wildfires in Maui has risen to at least 53 people, with dozens more injured, as the fast-moving fire spread across the Hawaiian island that is home to more than 160,000 residents. The Maui fires are at least 80% contained and the Big Island fires are at least 60% contained as of this writing.


The fires were spurred by low humidity and dry conditions brought on by a moderate drought affecting over a third of Maui's 735 square miles. The fires were intensified by powerful winds from Hurricane Dora, a storm located around 1,000 miles away from Honolulu, bringing enhanced winds to the island.


Thousands have been evacuated, with at least 14 rescued after seeking refuge in the ocean. In the town of Lahaina—once the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii—more than 270 buildings were damaged or destroyed, including the historic Baldwin Home, which had been standing since the 1830s.


On average, an estimated 0.5% of Hawaii’s total land area burns each year. See photos of the damage here.


Muon Measurement Mystery

New measurements of subatomic particles known as muons have confirmed earlier results in much greater accuracy while potentially pointing to a previously undiscovered fundamental force in the universe. The experiment has been called the "most precise" in the history of particle physics. 


Muons resemble electrons but are 200 times heavier and decay within microseconds. Under study is how the particles wobble when traveling through magnetic fields, a phenomenon caused by what is known as quantum foam. The results confirm the degree of wobbling deviates significantly from theoretical predictions. Scientists say the precision of the measurement points to two potential causes—either the current Standard Model is incomplete, or some calculations used within its framework are inaccurate. 


The Standard Model, which describes three of four universal forces in a unifying framework, is one of the most well-tested theories in science. Despite its success, it fails to account for gravity, among other challenges.


Violence in Ecuador

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency in the country yesterday, one day after a presidential candidate running on an anti-corruption and anti-gang platform was killed while exiting a campaign event. Lasso said Aug. 20 national elections would proceed as planned, despite the shooting. 


The killing of Fernando Villavicencio, a current lawmaker and former journalist, came during the middle of evening rush hour, with the shooter firing into a crowd of civilians. The brazenness of the shooting accentuates a surge of violence in Ecuador, driven by gangs fighting for control of the country's cocaine supply routes since 2016. The country's homicide rate has jumped more than 450% over the past five years, to almost 27 murders per 100,000 people. 


Separately, Dutch officials said yesterday they had captured a record cocaine shipment worth an estimated $662M in street value


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Science & Technology

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> Virgin Galactic conducts second successful commercial spaceflight, and its first with private-paying tourists onboard; company is expected to begin running space tourism flights once a month (More)

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> Iran moves five US prisoners to house arrest, part of a reported deal that would unfreeze $6B in humanitarian aid for the country; The US may also transfer a number of Iranian citizens detained for violating sanctions to Iran (More

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