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One Big Headline

Second Amendement Ruling

The US Supreme Court yesterday ruled 8-1 to uphold a federal ban on firearms for people subject to restraining orders for domestic violence. The court reasoned those who pose a credible safety risk can be temporarily disarmed, consistent with the Second Amendment and traditional firearm regulations. 


The case (see overview) centered on a Texas man named Zackey Rahimi, who was placed under a restraining order after assaulting his girlfriend in 2019. The order blocked Rahimi from possessing a firearm and suspended his handgun license. Rahimi ignored the order, threatening a different woman with a gun and opening fire in public five times in separate instances. He was prosecuted for violating the order and challenged the US government for violating his Second Amendment rights. 


The high court's decision reverses a federal appeals court ruling that had struck down the gun possession ban following a June 2022 Supreme Court decision that established a new legal framework for gun laws. The test stated gun ownership restrictions must have comparisons from US history. 

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Quick Hits

At least one person killed, over 200 wounded in protests in Kenya.

Protests were held across the East African nation over the government's plans to raise $2.7B in taxes to reduce the country's budget deficit and state borrowing. Measures include a 16% tax on bread. Police clashed with protesters, reportedly firing tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds. Over 100 people have been arrested. Kenya's police watchdog has begun a probe into police conduct. 


US, China hold first informal nuclear arms talks in five years.

The informal meeting was held in March, where China's representatives assured the US that China would not threaten to use nuclear weapons over any rising conflict with Taiwan, officials said this week. China and Taiwan have had strained relations since 1949; China views the self-governing island of Taiwan as part of China, while Taiwan maintains it is a sovereign nation (see background). 


US regulator authorizes sale of first menthol-flavored e-cigarettes.

The US Food and Drug Administration authorized the sale of four menthol-flavored vapes from Altria Group's NJOY brand, reasoning the products could help adult smokers. The FDA previously had ordered menthol-flavored vapes off the market. The agency noted it has placed marketing restrictions on the NJOY vapes to prevent exposure to youth. 


Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers head to Game 7.

The Edmonton Oilers continued to stave off elimination in the Stanley Cup Finals after topping the Florida Panthers 5-1 in Game 6 last night. The two teams are now tied 3-3 in the best-of-seven series and will play their final game Monday (8:00 pm ET, ABC). The Oilers are the first team since 1945 to force a Game 7 after initially falling behind 3-0 in the series. 


2024 Men's College World Series championship games set. 

The Tennessee Volunteers and the Texas A&M Aggies will face off tonight in Game 1 of the best-of-three series (7:30 pm ET, ESPN). Both teams are vying for their first-ever NCAA baseball tournament championship. The Volunteers and Aggies have both gone undefeated in the round-robin portion. 


UK editor Robert Winnett withdraws from top job at Washington Post.

Winnett, the deputy editor at The Daily Telegraph, had been set to lead the Post after the US presidential elections and following the abrupt departure of executive editor Sally Buzbee earlier this month. Winnett withdrew himself from the role after reports raised concerns about his alleged ties to past unethical news gathering practices.  


American Express to buy restaurant booking platform Tock for $400M.

The all-cash deal is the same amount of money Squarespace, which currently owns Tock, paid for the platform three years ago. American Express' latest acquisition comes five years after it began expanding into the dining and event space with its purchase of another restaurant booking platform, Resy. 


Japan's elderly community blazes breakdancing trail. (More, w/photos) 


Daughter of "Good Morning America" cohost Michael Strahan completes chemotherapy treatment for brain cancer. (More)


Massachusetts high school class president writes 180 personalized letters to his classmates as part of final send-off. (More)


Tennessee college students create 3D-printed prosthetics to help a 12-year-old drummer fulfill her dreams. (More


A teacher and his wife adopt a student and his three siblings. (More, w/video)

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Today, we're sharing a story from reader Annette B. in Sumter, South Carolina.


"A party of six was celebrating the 98th birthday of a dear friend. Her daughter had planned to treat all of us to the birthday lunch. We were having so much fun! A person from another table came over to ask who was having a birthday. We told her and cheered. After finishing lunch and conversation, the daughter requested the check. The waiter informed her (and us) that the person (stranger who visited our table) had paid for our entire lunch. She did not want the waiter to tell us until after she left! We were amazed and awestruck at this gesture of generosity."


What act(s) of kindness did you experience this week? Tell us here.



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Historybook: Department of Justice established (1870); GI Bill is signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1944); Actress Meryl Streep born (1949); Actress and singer Judy Garland dies (1969); Dancer Fred Astaire dies (1987).

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