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Need To Know

Gaza School Airstrike

An Israeli airstrike yesterday struck a school in central Gaza, killing more than 30 people, including 12 women and children, according to Palestinian authorities. The Israeli military said between 20 and 30 militants were operating at al-Sardi School, pointing to classrooms it says were used by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants to launch attacks. 


Six thousand displaced Palestinians were sheltering at the school, according to the United Nations agency known as UNRWA, which said Israel did not provide prior warning. The agency, which runs the school, could not confirm whether militants were present. Israel said it had canceled two previously planned strikes on the school to avoid casualties. More than 36,000 Palestinians have been killed in eight months of war, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry. That includes roughly half of Hamas' 20,000-25,000 prewar militant force, according to US and Israeli estimates.


The news comes as Hamas leaders consider an Israeli-led and US-supported cease-fire proposal. See details here.


Gilgo 'Killing Plan' Found

Accused Long Island serial killer Rex Heuermann was charged with two additional second-degree murder counts yesterday, bringing the number of his alleged murder victims to six. The superseding indictment lists Jessica Taylor and Sandra Costilla as Heuermann's alleged victims in a case with ties to nearly a dozen other bodies found along Ocean Parkway since the 1990s (see previous write-up). Heuermann has pleaded not guilty to all charges.


The latest indictment stems from a hard drive discovered in Heuermann's basement containing a file with alleged killing plans. Investigators recovered the text document detailing various preparation lists, including items needed for murder, potential risks, and cleaning tasks (read here, p. 20-30). Elsewhere, police also discovered violent pornography depicting acts similar to those done to the victims. DNA tests also linked hair discovered on both Taylor and Costilla's bodies to Heuermann.


The case first received attention after the bodies of four sex workers were discovered in 2010. Read more here.


A Final Spin

Pat Sajak's final episode of "Wheel of Fortune" is set to air today. Sajak, who announced his retirement last year, has led the hangman-style game show for 41 seasons, hosting a record-breaking 8,010 episodes.


Sajak started his career as a DJ on Armed Forces Radio while serving in Vietnam before transitioning to a career in broadcasting. He was working as a TV weather forecaster in Los Angeles when he was tapped to take over from Chuck Woolery in 1981, bringing his dry wit and charm to the syndicated game show (see his career in photos). The 77-year-old has won three Daytime Emmy Awards and a lifetime achievement award in 2011. His cohost, Vanna White, will continue her role until at least 2026. The show is the second most-watched show in syndication, averaging more than 8 million viewers each week.


TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest is set to take over as host starting with Season 42 this fall. See local listings for airtime.

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Remember When Humans Did That?



Working the local burger joint’s fryer is a tough job. Between the grease burns and low wages, it’s getting harder and harder for fast food restaurants to staff their kitchens. In fact, around 3M jobs will go unfilled in the US alone.


Miso Robotics has the solution: their AI-powered robot, Flippy, has mastered the deep fryer. That’s exactly why White Castle and Jack in the Box turned to Miso Robotics to automate their kitchens and boost profits 4X higher


And Miso’s just getting started. They’ve even locked in a collaboration with NVIDIA, who calls Miso a “powerful solution.” To fuel their growth, Miso’s opened a funding round for investors to get in on the automation of the $1T fast food market. See why 34,000 investors have already joined them by checking out the Miso investment offering today.

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In The Know

Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

> NHL Stanley Cup Final kicks off tomorrow with the Edmonton Oilers taking on the Florida Panthers in Game 1 (8 pm ET, ABC) of the best-of-seven series (More

> "Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins announces fifth novel to be released March 2025 (More) | ... and Lionsgate sets November 2026 release date for corresponding film (More)

> "Hello, I'm Dolly" musical based on Dolly Parton's life in the works for 2026 Broadway debut (More) | Netflix hit with $120M defamation lawsuit by woman claiming to be inspiration for "Baby Reindeer" character (More)

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Your New Language Is Just 3 Weeks Away

Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old ... Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” And what better way to continue educating yourself than by exploring the world? If you’ve been hoping to pick up a new language for your next trip, meet Babbel.


Ditch the flashcards and outdated language-learning tools, Babbel helps you start speaking a new language in just 3 weeks. Created by expert linguists, Babbel teaches bite-sized daily lessons so you can speak like a local quickly. Pick a language and be guided through fun podcasts, games, and live virtual classes.


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Science & Technology

> SpaceX's Starship successfully reaches space on fourth uncrewed test launch; superheavy rocket booster and Starship both landed back on Earth, sustaining minor damage (More) | Starship 101 (More)

> First example of "cellular origami" discovered; single-celled organism is built in a foldable structure, allowing it to extend 40 times its regular length, the equivalent of a human neck stretching 200 feet high (More, w/video) 

> Engineers develop mouth-based touchpad allowing patients with paralysis to interact with computers (More) | Palm-sized 3D printer prototype allows users to fabricate small, customizable objects on the go (More)


Business & Markets

> US stock markets close mixed (S&P 500 -0.02%, Dow +0.2%, Nasdaq -0.1%) as investors await monthly jobs report data today (More) | European Central Bank cuts interest rates for first time since 2019, lowers key rate to 3.75% from 4% (More

> US regulators to open antitrust probes into the roles Nvidia, OpenAI, and Microsoft have played in the AI industry (More) | Food and Drug Administration rescinds 2022 marketing ban on Juul's e-cigarettes, placing Juul under scientific review; ban was paused previously amid court litigation (More)

> Stock trading app Robinhood to acquire UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp for $200M in all-cash deal expected to close in first half of 2025 (More


Politics & World Affairs

> Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon ordered to report to prison July 1 to begin four-month sentence for criminal contempt of Congress; Bannon is one of two former Trump advisers convicted on such charges (More)

> Dutch voters kick off four-day-long election across 27 European Union countries to determine makeup of 720-member European Parliament; EU elections represent the world's second-largest democratic exercise after India (More) | See election overview (More)

> At least 150 people feared dead in central Sudanese village following massacre believed to be carried out by Rapid Support Forces, a militant group fighting the Sudanese Armed Forces in a 14-month-long civil war (More



> The Afghan Impasse

Negotiators | Soraya Lennie. (Podcast) The first episode in a series exploring how the world's best negotiators failed for two decades to achieve peace in war-torn Afghanistan. (Listen)


> Toadmilk Psychedelics

Undark | Lourdes Medrano. Psychoactive compound 5-MeO-DMT is touted as a possible treatment for various mental health disorders. It's also sourced from the secreted milk of Sonoran Desert toads. (Read)

> Building Palm Beach

New Criterion | Benjamin Riley. How the iconic 18-mile barrier island north of Miami began as a winter getaway for the wealthy where a string of architects left their indelible mark. (Read)


> Head Transplants

TED-Ed | Max Levy. If humans underwent a whole-body transplant similar to one successfully conducted on monkeys in 1970, whose consciousness would emerge: that of the body or the head? (Watch)

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Fast Food’s Flipping Out


Miso’s the leader in fast food kitchen automation. Their flagship robot, Flippy, has

already fried 2.5M baskets for brands like White Castle. NVIDIA even hand-picked

Miso as a collaborative partner.  


Miso’s just getting started, too. They’re rolling out a next-gen Flippy and starting to scale. Over 100k fast food stores are ripe for Miso’s automation, creating a $3.5B revenue opportunity. Don’t miss your chance to tap into their growth potential by investing in Miso Robotics today.

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Spanish eatery tops list of world's 50 best restaurants.


... and where to get free doughnuts today.


Oklahoma approves skyscraper without height limit.


A guide to every US national park.


Pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall sparks controversy.


Why are soda cans concave at the bottom?


Trailer drops for Pharrell Williams Lego biopic


... and the botched "Willy Wonka" exhibit is being turned into a musical.


Clickbait: Fish in space.


Historybook: Actress Jean Harlow dies (1937); Mathematician Alan Turing dies (1954); Musician Prince born (1958); US Supreme Court legalizes contraception use by married couples (1965); Writer Dorothy Parker dies (1967). 

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