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One Big Headline

Funding Deal 

Congressional lawmakers have avoided a partial government shutdown after passing a $1.2T package of six spending bills to fund a group of federal agencies through the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. The bipartisan measure passed the House by a vote of 286-134 Friday, with the Senate following suit by a vote of 74-24 early Saturday, just hours after funding had technically expired.


The package (see details) provides funding for departments including defense, homeland security, and state, with over 70% of the funding going toward defense. The passage comes two weeks after Congress passed a first tranche of six bills to fund a different group of federal agencies, including agriculture and transportation. Under the two packages, the discretionary spending for fiscal year 2024 totals $1.66T. 


Separately, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R, GA-14), who opposed the funding bill, introduced a motion Friday to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson (R, LA-4) from the speakership, but stopped short of calling for a vote. It is the same procedural move that led to the ousting of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R, CA-20) in October. 

Quick Hits

Catherine, Princess of Wales, being treated for cancer.

Catherine announced via video Friday she is in the early stages of preventative chemotherapy but did not specify for what type of cancer. The news comes two months after Kensington Palace revealed the 42-year-old future queen and wife of Prince William underwent abdominal surgery for what was a noncancerous condition at the time. King Charles, 75, was diagnosed with cancer last month. 


At least 60 killed in shooting at concert hall near Moscow.

Several people reportedly burst into the Crocus City Hall, a large music venue in a Moscow suburb, opening fire and causing explosions that set off a massive blaze Friday night. At least 100 people were rescued from the building's basement. Russian authorities reported at least 60 people were killed and over 100 wounded. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack.


Russia launches aerial attack on Ukrainian power sources.

Russian forces targeted energy infrastructure across Ukraine Friday with more than 150 missiles and drones, considered to be the largest strike of its kind since the war began two years ago. Ukraine said it was able to intercept 92 of the missiles and drones. At least five people were killed, 15 others wounded, and 1 million people left without power. See updates on the war here


Trump's Truth Social to go public after securing merger vote.

Shareholders of Digital World Acquisition, a publicly traded shell company, approved a long-pending merger with Trump Media and Technology Group, which owns former President Donald Trump's Truth Social platform. Trump will own roughly 60% of the combined entity and see a potential windfall of $3.5B. Shares of DWA closed down 14% following the news. See our previous write-up here


Separately, Trump claimed Friday he has roughly $500M in cash, but does not want to use it to cover the full bond of a $454M judgment in his New York civil business fraud case. He faces a Monday deadline to pay the bond.


US-led Gaza cease-fire resolution rejected by UN Security Council.

Russia and China, which are among the five permanent members of the security council, vetoed the resolution, while the US, France, and the UK voted in favor. Among the nine nonpermanent members of the council, Algeria voted against the resolution and Guyana abstained. The resolution had called for a six-week cease-fire. All 15 members must vote in favor for a resolution to be adopted. See updates on the Israel-Hamas war here.

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A grandpa is surprised by his family and restaurant patrons while at brunch for his 89th birthday. (More, w/video)


Oregon teacher organizes "bike bus" to help students safely ride their bikes to school. (More


Scottish mom runs hair workshops for dads to learn how to style their daughters' hair. (More, w/video) 


A 98-year-old "Meals on Wheels" volunteer delivers food to those in need. (More)

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Historybook: Patrick Henry delivers "Give me liberty, or give me death!" speech (1775); Sir Roger Bannister, first person to run a sub-four-minute mile, born (1929); Elizabeth Taylor dies (2011); Suez Canal blocked for six days by container ship Ever Given (2021); Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright dies (2022). 

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