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Need To Know

European Parliamentary Elections

French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the lower house of parliament yesterday and called for snap elections later this month after projections showed the far-right National Rally party defeating pro-European centrists in elections to represent the country in the European Parliament.


France was one of 21 countries voting yesterday in European Parliament elections, and the final group to determine the makeup of the Parliament's 720 members, elected every five years. As of this writing, centrist groups were projected to keep their majority in the EU Parliament, though a number of nationalist-populist parties were projected to make gains. In Germany, the far-right Alternative for Germany earned 16.5% of the country's vote, outperforming the center-left Social Democratic Party. More than 370 million people were eligible to vote in European Parliament elections, the world's biggest democratic exercise after India's elections.


Separately, the EU's poorest country, Bulgaria, also held snap parliamentary elections yesterday following the collapse of its ruling centrist coalition earlier this year. The election marks the country's sixth in three years, following anticorruption protests in 2020. 


Israel's Hostage Operation

An Israeli special forces operation in central Gaza Saturday retrieved four living hostages captured on Oct. 7. More than 270 Palestinians were killed, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry, which does not differentiate between civilians and combatants.


The daytime operation involved storming two multistory apartment buildings 650 feet apart, where hostages were held separately. Israel says special forces came under heavy fire, including from rocket-propelled grenades, with one Israeli officer killed. Among the hostages was Noa Argamani, filmed taken into Gaza on a motorcycle in a highly publicized video. About 120 hostages are believed to still be in Gaza, including 43 presumed dead. More than 37,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since the start of the war, according to the Health Ministry.


Separately, opposition leader Benny Gantz resigned yesterday from Israel's war cabinet after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to set forth a postwar plan for Gaza. Netanyahu's coalition still holds enough seats to remain in power.


'Earthrise' Astronaut Dies

Former NASA astronaut Bill Anders died Friday in a plane crash near the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington state, according to his family. The cause of the accident has not been determined; the 90-year-old Anders was piloting the craft and was the only one aboard. 


Anders was part of the Apollo 8 crew—the first humans to reach, but not land on, the moon. The mission helped lay the groundwork for Apollo 11, where astronauts first set foot on the lunar surface. 


Apollo 8 orbited the moon 10 times, during which Anders snapped a photo that became known as "Earthrise," depicting the Earth rising above the moon's horizon. Admirers of the shot said it contextualized Earth's fragility—the image has been credited with launching the modern environmental movement and has been called the most important environmental photo ever taken. 


See more images of Earth taken by the different Apollo missions here.

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In The Know

Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

> Dick Van Dyke becomes oldest Daytime Emmy Award winner ever at 98 for role in "Days of Our Lives" (More) | See complete list of 51st Daytime Emmy winners (More)

> Chet Walker, Basketball Hall of Famer and seven-time NBA All-Star, dies at 84 (More) | Team USA women's basketball roster for 2024 Olympics announced; Caitlin Clark among notable players left off 12-player team (More)

> Poland's Iga Świątek wins third women's French Open title in a row (More) | Spain's Carlos Alcaraz wins men's French Open title, his third Grand Slam victory (More) | Dornoch wins 156th Belmont Stakes, the final leg of horse racing's Triple Crown (More)


Science & Technology

> Geologists map complex structures making up the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a megathrust fault off the Pacific Northwest coast (More) | Region believed to generate large-scale earthquakes every 500 years on average, with last being in 1700 (More, w/video)

> The New York Times confirms internal data breach; more than 270GB of source code, an estimated 3.6 million documents, posted to internet message board (More

> Brain anatomy in baby baboons predicts which hand the animals will use to communicate when grown; brain region associated with language is larger in the left hemisphere for 70% of newborns (More


Business & Markets

> US stock markets close lower Friday (S&P 500 -0.1%, Dow -0.2%, Nasdaq -0.2%) on reduced expectations for lower interest rates following Friday jobs report (More) | See previous write-up (More)

> Norwegian wealth fund Government Pension Fund Global—owning a 0.98% stake in Tesla—says it will vote against a $56B pay package for Tesla CEO Elon Musk this week (More)

> Berkshire Hathaway purchases over 2.5 million shares of Occidental Petroleum, adding to its existing 28% stake in the company (More)

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Politics & World Affairs

> India swears in Prime Minister Narendra Modi for historic third term, the country's second leader to reach the milestone following India's founding Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru (More)

> Iran's Guardian Council approves six candidates to run in June 28 presidential elections, including hardliner parliamentary speaker; most prominent candidate is former Tehran mayor known for crackdowns on university students (More)

> South Korea announces it will restart loudspeaker broadcasts of anti-North Korea messages over the border following North Korea's delivery of an additional 330 trash- and sewage-filled balloons into South Korea (More)

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