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As we close out 2022, we want to say once more—thank you. Not simply for reading, but for the input and feedback that has helped shape 1440 into what it is today. It's been a great year; during 2022: 


We sent almost 500 million emails.
Readers opened more than 300 million times.
... and clicked almost 90 million links.
The 1440 team doubled in size
... while the 1440 community grew to 2.2 million readers


Thanks for being part of the journey—we're looking forward to a wonderful 2023 and beyond!




Staff Favorites

Below are some important, interesting, or otherwise fun stories selected by 1440 staff. What was your favorite? Let us know here.

Rich Strike pulls a historic Derby upset.

"I love a good underdog story and Rich Strike's Kentucky Derby victory—with 80-1 odds—was one for the books." —Ashley L. 


The gut microbiome can influence motivation to exercise.

"A fascinating discovery, and I believe this is just the beginning of our understanding of how broadly the gut microbiome impacts overall health." —Pierre L. 


Tourist survives 18 hours lost at sea, clinging to a soccer ball.

"A testament to human endurance and will, and one with a happy ending." —Mitchell K. 


The legacy of America's most remarkable kid.

"It's an incredible story about an incredible kid that makes you rethink your own purpose in life." —Sony K. 


Google engineer thinks the company's AI has become sentient

"I'm fascinated by questions around sentience and consciousness and whether AI can exhibit those features, especially in a year that saw tremendous advances in the field." —Teddy B. 


Get creative with Google's paint by music interactive website. (Best on desktop)

"My kids and I were (still are) obsessed with Google's Paint With Music interactive. I've had to peel my son from the computer."  —Kellie S. 


When dolphins meet a squirrel.

"I've bookmarked this for a quick pick-me-up on a rainy day." Amanda B. 


Groundbreaking actor Sidney Poitier passes away.

"There were many notable deaths in 2022, but the world truly lost a trailblazing actor, activist, and diplomat when Sidney Poitier passed away in January of this year." —Bobby A. 


World Cup player dances with mom on pitch after upset victory.

"A beautiful moment between a son and his mother during one of the biggest events of his life." —Aaron L.


A breakthrough milestone achieved in fusion energy.

"To live in a world where scientists are given the opportunities to study such monumental pieces of our daily lives is incredible." —Lauren R.


Wild horse photographer braves snakebites for breathtaking images.

This photo gallery is a reminder of how majestic nature can be.” —Mike R.


Visualizing who we spend time with as we age.

“The last few years reinforced how precious time is with family and friends. This fascinating data set made me rethink how I spend my time.” —Tim H. 


Wreck of Ernest Shackleton's 1915 Endurance expedition found.

"I've always been fascinated by stories of early polar explorers as a testament to human perseverance, curiosity, and stubbornness." —Drew S.

Best of 2022

Editor's note: Almost 90 million clicks can't be wrong! Here are our most-read stories from the past year. 


(1/7/22) London's most-criticized tourist attraction closes.


(1/6/22) Meet the two newest official dog breeds.


(1/5/22) One hundred ways to improve your life without really trying.


(2/16/22) The best (and worst) paying college majors.


(2/21/22) The British Museum reveals the secrets of Stonehenge.


(2/23/22) Fifty things to do before you die (part 2). 


(3/28/22) Actor Will Smith smacks comedian Chris Rock.


(3/7/22) Giant invasive spiders to spread across Georgia.


(3/31/22) America's most stressful states.


(4/23/22) Ranking the best fast food in America.


(4/6/22) Get used to the triple peak day.


(4/18/22) How much radiation is your smartphone emitting?


(5/21/22) World's only nonuplets celebrate their first birthday


(5/11/22) Watch a North Carolina house collapse into the ocean.


(5/9/22) The ideal number of friends (according to science).


(6/22/22) Florida snake catchers nab record-breaking python.


(6/17/22) A nightmarish vision for airplane seating.


(6/15/22) Sexy Swedish garbage cans deliver flirty messages.


(7/27/22) Mountains, a double rainbow, and lightning—in one photo.


(7/21/22) The US states where you pay the most in taxes.


(7/25/22) Visualizing the teacher pay gap.


(8/16/22) Ranking America's best states to call home (in 2022).


(8/22/22) Making sense of Ruth's Chris Steak House.


(8/15/22) Hunger stones emerge in Europe.


(9/9/22) The world's unhappiest people.


(9/19/22) America's best fall foliage not in New England


(9/20/22) The lady who might have been queen of England.


(10/17/22) Researchers discover a massive Lake Superior shipwreck.


(10/12/22) The way you chop an onion matters—here's why.


(10/21/22) Finalists for the most ridiculous wildlife photos of the year.


(11/18/22) Feds crack down on sassy freeway signs.


(11/2/22) This year's highest-paid dead celebrities


(11/16/22) Crack in Earth's magnetic field triggers rare pink auroras.


(12/8/22) The top toy from the year you were born.


(12/12/22) This year's funniest wildlife photos.


(12/3/22) A 94-year-old former flight attendant stumbles upon a photo of herself from 1947 at an airport.


(9/14/22) Clickbait: Fluffy psychopath considers going on a murderous rampage


Historybook: Arthur Guinness signs a 9,000-year lease, begins brewing at Dublin's St. James's Gate (1759); Thomas Edison demonstrates incandescent lighting in public for first time (1879); First New Year's Eve celebration held in Times Square (1907); The country of Kiribati skips the day altogether (1994).

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