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Russia's Dagestan Attack

The death toll in Sunday's gun and arson attacks across Russia's southern Dagestan region has risen to at least 20 people. As of this writing, it remains unclear who carried out the coordinated attacks, though Russian officials have alluded to Islamic militants and outside forces.


On Sunday night, gunmen targeted two churches, two synagogues, and a police post across the ethnically diverse Dagestan region in Russia’s North Caucasus, near Chechnya (see overview on region). The attacks took place simultaneously across the city of Derbent and the regional capital of Makhachkala, in some cases involving Molotov cocktails and arson. An Orthodox priest, at least 15 law enforcement officials, and several civilians were killed, while at least 46 others were injured. At least five gunmen were killed.


The mass shooting comes after a March attack claimed by ISIS-K killed 145 people at a concert hall in Moscow. That attack was Russia’s deadliest in over 20 years. 


Panthers Hoist Trophy 

The Florida Panthers won their first Stanley Cup last night, defeating the Edmonton Oilers 2 to 1 in Game 7 of the NHL Finals. The Panthers' victory comes a year after their last shot at the Cup ended thanks to the Vegas Golden Knights and nearly 30 years since their first finals appearance in 1996. 


The Panthers' Sam Reinhart and Carter Verhaeghe each scored a goal, with Sergei Bobrovsky making 23 saves. The Oilers' Connor McDavid won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff's most valuable player, becoming the first player from a losing team to receive the honor since the Anaheim Ducks' Jean-Sébastien Giguère in 2003 (see list). The Oilers had hoped to become the second team in NHL history since the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1942 to overcome a 3-0 deficit in the series and win the Cup.


The Stanley Cup is now back in Florida for the third time in five seasons—the Tampa Bay Lightning won in 2020 and 2021. See photos from last night here.


EU Targets Apple

European Union regulators have charged Apple with violating its Digital Markets Act by preventing developers using its App Store from directing users to cheaper alternatives. The charge is the first under the new digital competition law, which took effect earlier this year. Apple faces potential fines of up to 10% of its global revenue; Apple's total revenue amounted to $383B in 2023.


Under the DMA, which aims to prevent tech giants from monopolizing digital markets, developers must be allowed to inform customers about cheaper purchase options. However, EU regulators accused Apple of not allowing communication that promotes alternative offers on its App Store. Additionally, the European Commission is investigating if Apple's Core Technology Fee—which charges developers $0.54 per installation after the first million—breaches the DMA. Apple said it has made changes in recent months to comply with the act.


The news follows a similar antitrust lawsuit against Apple from the US Justice Department. A final EU compliance decision is expected by March 2025. 

Editor's note: In yesterday's subject line, we referenced "Starship" as being stuck at the International Space Station. Starship is SpaceX's heavy lift launch vehicle. We meant to write "Starliner," which is Boeing's spacecraft currently docked at the ISS. Thanks to readers for flagging the error!

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In The Know

Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

> Tennessee tops Texas A&M 6-5 in decisive Game 3 to win their first men's College World Series title (More

> "Freaky Friday 2" confirmed for 2025 theatrical release, will feature Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan reprising their original roles (More) | Three major record labels sue AI music startups, citing copyright infringement (More)

> Tamayo Perry, professional surfer and "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor, dies at 49 following shark attack in Hawaii (More) | Princess Anne, the sister of King Charles III, hospitalized after suffering concussion from an undisclosed weekend incident (More)


Science & Technology

> Thirteen-year-old British patient becomes first to receive deep brain stimulation implant to address treatment-resistant epilepsy; early results show an 80% reduction in daytime seizures (More

> Archaeologists uncover 33 ancient tombs in the Egyptian city of Aswan, with some remains showing signs of disease or bone disorders (More) | Ancient Egypt explained in three minutes (More)

> Study demonstrates at least 15 types of perfluoroalkyl substances—also known as forever chemicals—can be absorbed through the skin at levels high enough to cause meaningful exposure (More

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Business & Markets

> US stock markets close mixed (S&P 500 -0.3%, Dow +0.7%, Nasdaq -1.1%) ahead of fresh batch of economic data this week; Nvidia shares close down nearly 7% (More)

> Chipotle Mexican Grill to execute planned 50-for-1 stock split today, its first stock split since going public in 2006 (More) | Chinese fast fashion retailer Shein—last valued at $66B—files for initial public offering in London (More

> Car dealerships across the US and Canada continue to experience disruptions in operations after last week's back-to-back cyberattacks on CDK Global software used by auto retail sales industry (More


Politics & World Affairs

> WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to plead guilty to violating the Espionage Act in a US court in the Northern Mariana Islands local time Wednesday; Assange to be released to Australia, his country of citizenship (More) | US Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge to Tennessee law banning gender-affirming care for minors (More

> At least 22 workers killed at a South Korean battery manufacturing plant after lithium batteries explode; cause of blaze under investigation (More) | North Korea resumes sending balloons likely carrying trash toward South Korea; North Korea has reportedly dropped over 1,000 such balloons into the region since May (More

> Cargo ship Dali and remaining crew head to Port of Virginia, leaving Port of Baltimore for first time since the 900-foot ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in March; US Coast Guard to oversee its voyage (More



> The Gender Gap in Life Expectancy

Men's Health | Yo Zushi. Men's life expectancy lags behind women, with men in the UK dying four years before women on average. At every age between birth and age 75, men are more likely to die from a wide range of causes. Why? (Read)


> Death Doulas

n+1 Magazine | Meg Bernhard. What it takes to become a death doula, someone who guides the dying and their loved ones through grief—from the logistics of closing a social media account to the experience of holding their hand as they pass. (Read)

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