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Need To Know

SCOTUS Nixes Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that race-based standards for college admissions are unconstitutional, violating the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. The ruling likely upends how most schools distribute need-based aid. 


The decision closes out two cases, brought against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. The justices, wrapping both cases into one decision, ruled applicants may discuss their races and the challenges introduced into their lived experiences, but administrators should not explicitly consider race as an admission factor. 


University officials have argued race is one of many factors in determining admission, and affirmative action has leveled the playing field for Black and Hispanic students. Take a deep dive here.


'Indiana Jones' Returns

Harrison Ford will hang up his fedora for good as "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny," the fifth installment of the adventure film series, hits theaters today.


The film is the first Indiana Jones movie not directed by Steven Spielberg, with James Mangold taking the helm. Utilizing de-aging AI technology in some scenes, the film follows Jones, now in his 80s, as he races against time to prevent an ancient dial, capable of altering history, from falling into the hands of his longtime Nazi nemesis. Since its creation by George Lucas over four decades ago, the Indiana Jones series has had a profound impact on both cinema and popular culture.


The movie is projected to earn $65M during its domestic opening weekend, placing it on par with 2018's "Mission: Impossible–Fallout." The Indiana Jones franchise has grossed over $2B at the box office when adjusted for inflation. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival May 18, where Harrison Ford was presented with an honorary Palme d'Or.


A Dark Mission

The study of one of the universe's biggest mysteries takes a key step forward this weekend as the European Space Agency looks to launch its Euclid Space Telescope tomorrow. The mission will probe the nature of dark energy and dark matter, which constitute 95% of the universe but remain poorly understood. 


The existence of both has been confirmed by, among other things, measuring how galaxies move and the energy coming from distant supernovas. The term “dark” refers to the properties known about each—dark matter exerts a gravitational pull on objects but doesn’t interact with light, while dark energy remains hypothetical and needed to account for the expansion of the universe.  


The Euclid mission will survey more than 1 billion galaxies, each with roughly 100 billion stars, to measure a single parameter describing the effect of dark energy on universal expansion. Read more about why the results, regardless of the outcome, will yield more questions than answers. 

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Halle Berry's Secret for a Healthy Weight 


Meet Metabolic Daily, the probiotic that helps your body do more with the food you eat. As award-winning actor Halle Berry says, “Metabolic Daily is a probiotic that everyone can take to help maintain healthy blood sugar and curb sugar cravings.” Berry reached out to Pendulum—the company that makes Metabolic Daily—after experiencing incredible results taking their probiotics, which led to her newest role as their Chief Communications Officer.


Formulated with Akkermansia muciniphila, Metabolic Daily improves metabolism to help support a healthy weight. And if that wasn't enough, it also helps break down fiber and supports beneficial postbiotics and hormones, such as butyrate and GLP-1.


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In The Know

Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

> Texas grand jury declines charges against rapper Travis Scott over his alleged role in 2021 crowd crush that killed 10 (More)

> New York Yankees' Domingo Germán becomes first MLB player since 2012 to throw a perfect game (More) | The 110th Tour de France begins tomorrow with Stage 1 from Bilbao, Spain (More)

> NFL suspends three players at least through the 2023 season for betting on NFL games last season (More) | See gambling rules for each major sport (More)


Science & Technology

> Google, Facebook, and other large social media platforms prepare to stop providing news feeds to Canadian users after legislature passes bill requiring payment to original sources (More)

> Astronomers find evidence of gravitational waves that disrupt spacetime over timescales of light-years, many orders of magnitude longer than previously detected waves (More)

> Scientists demonstrate new optical-quantum computing interface; advancement may lead to the ability to model complex systems like global weather (More)


Business & Markets

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> US stock markets close mixed (S&P 500 +0.5%, Dow +0.8%, Nasdaq 0.0%) on rising bank stocks (More)

> Nike shares down in after-hours trading after company exceeds revenue expectations, but reduced margins lead to earnings miss (More)

> Overstock.com shares up 20% after company announces it will change its website name to Bed Bath & Beyond; company acquired the failed retailer’s intellectual property via auction earlier this month (More) | Niantic—maker of Pokémon GO and other games—lays off 230 employees, will cancel certain products (More

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Politics & World Affairs

> Russia arrests army general said to have had prior knowledge of the recent revolt by the Wagner mercenary group (More) | See updates on the war here (More)

> French officials deploy 40,000 officers to quell riots sparked by the police shooting of a food delivery driver in a Paris suburb; at least 150 people have been arrested in two days of unrest (More)

> Weather advisories grow to cover roughly two-thirds of the US, with high temperatures in California and the Southern US, and air quality alerts in the Midwest and East Coast from Canadian wildfires (More)



> Denied

ProPublica | Robin Fields. A deep dive into why health insurers get dodgy when questioned about the rates and reasons why claims are denied. (Read)


> The Grass of Wimbledon

Reuters | Travis Hartman, Ally J. Levine. The classic tennis Grand Slam event is played on grass cut to a quarter-inch height, with participants required to wear rubber shoes to protect it. (Read)

> Our Place in Time

To Scale | Wylie Overstreet, Alex Gorosh. To get a sense of the vastness of time and their tiny lives within it, several friends built a physical scale of time in the Mojave desert. (Watch)


> Without Antibiotics

Without | Omar El Akkad. (Podcast) A new, effective batch of antibiotics hasn't been developed for almost 40 years, and bacteria are growing increasingly resistant to the existing ones. (Listen)

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Visualizing the growth of home prices since 1970.


The Great American Road Trip, in maze form.


... while AI imagines Americans from every state.


Inside the world's largest cruise ship. (via YouTube)


Scientists discover rare plant that flowers underground.


Residents offer names for Philadelphia's new public potties


Japanese engineers unveil wearable cyborg arms.


"Kyle from Chicago" gives an expert interview


Clickbait: Don't use Sharpies to redact legal documents


Historybook: Aztec emperor Moctezuma II dies in battle with Spanish conquistadors (1520); Famous Oxford debate on evolution takes place (1860); Singer and civil rights activist Lena Horne born (1917); Olympic legend Michael Phelps born (1985). 

"Don't be afraid to feel as angry or as loving as you can, because when you feel nothing, it's just death."

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