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Need To Know.
NFL Kicks Off.
The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons 18-12 last night in the opening game of the 2018 season. Among the intriguing storylines this seasons, fans will see whether Eagles QB Carson Wentz - expected to return early this season - can regain his form following a season-ending injury in Week 14 last year. Former starting QB Nick Foles took over for Wentz and ultimately led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory since the NFL merger in 1970, beating the New England Patriots 41-33. A number of other stars - Aaron Rodgers, J.J. Watt, Odell Beckham, and Andrew Luck - also return from injury. The season is expected to be dominated by off-the-field drama around player protests during the national anthem, coupled with decision by Nike to use Colin Kaepernick as the spokesman for the high-profile "Just Do It" campaign (see new commercial). Kaepernick ignited public debate after consistently taking a knee during the anthem to draw attention to social justice issues (a compromise suggested by former Green Beret Nate Boyer). 

Before last night's game, the Patriots were favorites to win Super Bowl LIII at 7/1 odds, followed by the Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, and Los Angeles Rams all at 10/1 odds.  
States Get Aggressive on Church Sex Abuse.
The New York state attorney general issued subpoenas to all eight of the state's Catholic dioceses yesterday, requesting any documents related to internal investigations of potential sexual abuse by clergy. At the same time, New Jersey announced a new task force that will examine how abuse allegations were handled by seven dioceses in the state. The moves come a few weeks after a bombshell report that over 300 clergy in Pennsylvania abused minors over the past seven decades. It also reflects a more aggressive stance by state governments to police the Church amid accusations of institutional cover-up - Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and New Mexico have said they will open similar investigations. 
Burt Reynolds Dies.
Hollywood icon Burt Reynolds passed away yesterday from cardiac arrest at age 82. Reynolds, known for his easy-going approach to his profession, was the top box-office attraction during the late 1970s with movies like The Longest Yard (1974), Smokey and the Bandit (1977), and Cannonball Run (1981) and more (see top films here). Reynolds returned to television later in his career, later filing for bankruptcy after living an extravagant lifestyle - reportedly owning six lavish Beverly Hills homes at one point. He also snagged an Academy Award nomination for his supporting role in the film Boogie Nights (1997). 

Check out Reynolds' life in photos here.  
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Activists pressure CBS to cut $100M exit package for fired CEO Les Moonves after he was accused of sexual misconduct with at least six women (More)
> Serena Williams cruises to US Open final against Japan's Naomi Osaka (More) | See full US Open schedule and scores (More)
> Academy Awards drops 'Popular Film' category that was set to debut in 2019 (More) | Mattel Toys, maker of Barbie, to launch film division (More)
Science & Technology.
> Scientists develop new explanation for phantom limb pain to explain clinical data, where unused neurons get reassigned to the brain's pain-sensing circuitry (More)
> Report says IBM used NYPD surveillance footage to develop facial recognition software that can search by skin color (More)
> First tests of in-body gene editing technology shows no side effects in human trials (More)
Business & Markets.
> Luxury fashion brand Burberry to stop using animal fur in products, will also no longer destroy unsold inventory (More)
> Live-streaming service startup Caffeine raises $100M from 21st Century Fox, existing investors (More)
> Number of Americans filing for new unemployment benefits - a proxy for layoffs - reaches lowest level since 1969 (More, paywall)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) releases documents that were previously confidential regarding Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh (More)
> Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and InfoWars, citing violation of abuse policy (More) | Jones tussled with Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) outside a Committee hearing on Wednesday (More)
> North Korea releases timeline for denuclearization aiming for end of Trump's first term; no concrete steps publicly identified (More
Weekend Reads.
Unpaid and Abused.
Engadget | Benjamin Plackett. For years, volunteer moderators have scanned Reddit forums in order to combat abuse and other foul play - and Reddit isn’t protecting their volunteers from racism, sexism, and other hate speech. Hear them describe the grueling job in these first-person accounts. (Read)
Artificial Intelligence and Gun Violence.
Nature | Rod McCullom. Last year, 246 children aged 16 or younger were shot in Chicago - many of these shootings evolving from social media disputes. Here is how community members hope to find and help at-risk teens before the aggression turns real. (Read)
Why Startups are Leaving Silicon Valley.
The Economist | Staff. As Silicon Valley investors increasingly put money into startups outside of the Bay Area, the utopia of innovation may be simmering down. See why startups are starting up elsewhere. (Read, paywall)
The Artist Who Guides His Art With Crypto-Tokens.
The New Yorker | Sophie Haigney. Jonas Lund Tokens (or JLTs) is the self-created cryptocurrency that artist Jonas Lund uses to determine what he will create. It's a unique approach, which gives creative control of his work to a decentralized group of investors. (Read)
More than 25% of Facebook users say they have deleted the app from their phone in the past year
The top museums in the world according to travelers on TripAdvisor
Data suggests women may be better natural investors than men
Drones will start delivering you burgers while you golf
Florence, Italy bans tourists from eating food on popular streets
...And Italian coffee-snobs are bracing for the country's first Starbucks
Following heart attack, dad and daughter complete trips to all 30 Major League Baseball parks.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shares heart rate data during this week's congressional testimony.
Store busted for putting googly eyes on fish to make them look fresher
Clickbait: Women rips out man's colostomy bag, beats him with an iron after being denied funding for Mexican exorcism
Historybook: US gets the nickname of Uncle Sam (1813); 1st death by airplane crash (1909); HBD Buddy Holly (1936); HBD I Will Survive singer Gloria Gaynor (1949); Rapper Tupac Shakur is shot, dies six days later (1996).
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