California Fires, 9/11 Memorials, and the Best Places to Retire 1440 Weekend Edition

Good morning. It's Saturday, Sept. 10, and in this weekend edition, we're covering California fires, 9/11 memorial events, and much more. Have feedback? We'd love to hear it. Let us know at [email protected]

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California Wildfires 

Two major fires in California continued to burn (w/photos) through thousands of acres of land yesterday as the state braced for heavy rain, strong winds, and possible floods from Tropical Storm Kay.


Southern California's Fairview Fire has killed at least two people and burned through more than 27,000 acres since igniting Monday, while Northern California's Mosquito Fire has burned more than 13,000 acres since igniting Tuesday. A state of emergency has been declared for affected counties as excessive heat warnings remain in effect for much of California. Meteorologists say Tropical Storm Kay, which made landfall in Mexico Thursday, is expected to bring floods to Southern California, western Arizona, and southern Nevada.


According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 96 large active fires have burned 690,030 acres in eight states so far, mostly concentrated in areas spanning the Northwest, Great Basin, and Northern Rockies. Smoke from the fires has been compromising air quality, a situation that is expected to last through the weekend. 



Remembering 9/11: New York to pay tribute to victims in annual ceremony.

Families will gather at the 9/11 Memorial plaza Sunday to recognize the 21st anniversary of the horrific terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001. The names of the thousands of victims killed in the attack will be read aloud, followed by the annual Tribute in Light (see video). Separately, President Joe Biden will visit the Pentagon; first lady Jill Biden will visit Shanksville, Pennsylvania—the site of Flight 93, which crashed after passengers attempted to overtake the hijackers; and Vice President Kamala Harris will visit New York City.


King Charles III delivers first address as Britain mourns late queen.

The king vowed to carry on his mother's commitment to lifelong service as he paid tribute to her. In London and at UK military sites, cannons fired 96 shots in a 16-minute salute to mark each year of Queen Elizabeth II's life. Looking ahead, UK stamps, banknotes, and more will be updated to reflect the new monarch. See more on King Charles III here.


Ukraine reclaims 386 square miles of Russian-held land in the northeast.

Ukrainian forces took control of the village of Volokhiv Yar in the northeastern Kharkiv region Friday, as they pushed toward the town of Kupiansk, a key transportation route. Ukraine last month launched a counteroffensive against Russia's forces in the east and south. 


New York declares state of emergency over polio.

The emergency declaration (see here) came Friday in an effort to boost vaccination rates after poliovirus was detected in wastewater samples from New York City and four nearby counties. The state reported the first US case of polio since 2013 in July. Polio can sometimes lead to permanent disability and death. 


North Korea rules out denuclearization with new law.

The new law declares North Korea a nuclear state and allows the country to launch preemptive nuclear strikes to protect itself from any perceived threats. US and South Korean officials say North Korea is preparing to resume nuclear testing for the first time since 2017. 


Oberlin College to pay $36M to bakery over false racism claims.

The Ohio liberal arts college and Gibson’s Bakery had been in a yearslong dispute since 2016, when Oberlin accused the local bakery of racism after a worker caught a Black student shoplifting. A court held Gibson's was defamed and lost business from the college's discrimination claims. 

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Former flight attendant honors 9/11 victims by pushing a drink cart from Dulles International Airport to the Pentagon. (More)


Japanese care home recruits babies to help cheer up elderly residents. (More


Pakistan's first female architect builds relief shelters for flooded countryside. (More)


Former California school custodian-turned-teacher becomes a principal. (More


Boy born with 12 fingers publishes children's book on embracing differences. (More)


Sweet photos of children on their adoption day after years of foster care. (More)

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Today, we're sharing a story from reader Linda M. in Jackson, Mississippi.


"My husband and I drove toward a favorite spot for lunch last week when we passed an old man walking on the sidewalk in front of a hospital. He was missing one leg, and he struggled with crutches going uphill in the pouring rain. Jack and I looked at each other and knew that we had to go back for him and give him a ride ... The man was grateful for the ride to his pharmacy, which turned out to be several miles away. How he could have ever made it there on his own was beyond us ... and I’m convinced that any stranger can help another stranger in a heartbeat."


What act(s) of kindness did you experience this week? Tell us.




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Best of the Week: The world's unhappiest people.

Historybook: Golfing legend Arnold Palmer born (1929); Jack Ma, Chinese billionaire and cofounder of Alibaba, born (1964); Jane Wyman, actress and first wife of former President Ronald Reagan, dies (2007); Large Hadron Collider is tested for first time (2008); Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida (2017).


"No matter how tough the chase is, you should always have the dream you saw on the first day. It’ll keep you motivated and rescue you from any weak thoughts."

- Jack Ma

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