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Need To Know.
Campus Sexual Assault Policy to be Revised.
The Department of Education is preparing to overhaul rules governing the handling of sexual misconduct on college campuses, according to reports yesterday. The revised guidelines would bolster the rights of students accused of sexual misconduct and give more leeway to schools in determining which cases are prosecuted. In 2011, the Obama administration sent a letter requiring schools to aggressively prosecute sexual misconduct under Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. Under the requirements, schools needed to act based on a preponderance of evidence - while supporters hailed the stricter rules, critics said it led to unfair decisions by schools with little transparency or chances of appeal for the accused. Under the new proposed rules (the guidance itself was rescinded in 2017), schools will be held to a more narrow definition of sexual harassment and will only be required (paywall) to prosecute cases reported to the authorities. 

According to stats, 20-25% of college females and 15% of males are victims of some form of forced sexual activity during their time on campus.
Conviction in Texas Police Shooting.
A Texas jury handed down a 15-year sentence to a white Dallas police officer accused of shooting an unarmed black teenager last year. Roy Oliver, an officer in the suburban community of Balch Springs, fired into a car of teenagers after responding to calls of underage drinking at a house party. Oliver maintained that he felt the car was moving towards and endangering his partner - however his partner, Tyler Gross, testified that the vehicle was not moving towards him and that he never felt threatened (body camera footage here). The decision was less than the 60-year sentence requested by prosecutors, and it is the first time since 1973 that an on-duty officer in Texas had been convicted of killing someone in a shooting. 
White House Lawyer to Step Down.
The White House announced yesterday that Donald McGahn, the top lawyer for the Trump administration, will step down sometime in the fall. Officials indicated that McGahn would depart following the confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh - while the process is expected to be hotly debated, most believe Kavanaugh has enough votes to secure the confirmation when the Senate returns in September. The announcement also follows revelations that McGahn voluntarily met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller for over 30 hours in Mueller's probe into potential Russian meddling in the 2016 election - the administration has maintained that the sessions were strictly informational and provided no incriminating evidence. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> QB Aaron Rodgers signs 4-year, $134M extension with Green Bay Packers (More) | Cleveland Browns release linebacker Mychal Kendricks after federal charges of insider trading (More)
> Movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes overhauls critics criteria, adds 200 more critics in effort to become more diverse and inclusive (More)
> Serena and Venus Williams advance to 3rd round of US Open where they'll face off against each other for the 30th time of their careers (More) | See full US Open results and schedule (More)
Science & Technology.
> Researchers 3-D print light receptors on a hemispherical surface, move one step closer to prototype of a bionic eye (More)
> Fossils of mammal ancestor and her 38 babies suggest that as mammals evolved, their litter sizes decreased while the average brain size increased (More)
> In animal tests, synthetic opioid alternative is shown to have reduce pain 100x better than standard morphine without inducing addictive behavior (More)
Business & Markets.
> Iconic carmaker Aston Martin plans IPO on London Stock Exchange at projected ~$6B valuation (More)
> Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders poses questions on Amazon working conditions in advance of potential September legislation (More) | Amazon responds to "inaccurate and misleading" allegations (More)
> Senate Intelligence Committee to hold social media hearing next week; Facebook, Twitter, Alphabet (Google) executives expected to testify (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Services held for former Senator John McCain in Arizona Capitol; body heads to DC for weekend services before burial at Naval Academy on Sunday (More)
> 1 dead, 17 sick in salmonella outbreak linked to kosher chicken (More)
> Russian President Vladimir Putin walks back proposal that would increase the age that women can begin receiving pensions from 55 to 63 amid public backlash; age will now be set at 60 (More)
In Depth.
The Secret Garden.
The Verge | Andy Wright and Sonner Kehrt. Six years ago, Dr. Julian Bayliss led a team of 28 scientists, doctors, climbers, and filmmakers to explore Mount Lico of Mozambique - and it was all thanks to Google Earth. Bayliss had been searching Google Earth for high-altitude rainforests for some time, but when he discovered Mount Lico, he found a perfect opportunity to explore the changes of the Earth’s climate throughout history. In a series of interviews, see inside the perilous and fascinating exploration of one of the world’s most preserved rainforests. (Read)
This is Personal.
The Players’ Tribune | Stephen Curry. For two-time MVP Steph Curry, his motivations are not only fueled by his successes, but also by the love for his family. In a personal essay, get an inside look at the empowering advice he offers to his two young daughters, and the women in his life who made him understand the importance of equality. (Read)
Six countries in the Western Hemisphere are responsible for half of global gun deaths
How the Great Recession changed what majors students chose
...And see the states with the greatest amount of student loan debt.
What it's like to be a regular person who has to deliver a baby in an emergency
Photos of the carnage at Spain's La Tomatina tomato food fight festival.
See Care.com's estimates of how child care costs vary across the country.
Somewhat terrifying photos of the world's worst sinkholes
Watch French fisherman attack British boats over scallop fishing rights in the English Channel
Clickbait: New Zealand proposes to ban all cats in bid to become "predator-free". 
Historybook: HBD Ted Williams (1918); HBD Warren Buffett (1930); Thurgood Marshall becomes 1st African-American Supreme Court Justice (1967); HBD Cameron Diaz (1972); Guion Bluford becomes 1st African-American in space (1983).
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