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Need To Know.
Reality Winner.
A former NSA contractor was sentenced to more than five years in prison yesterday on charges of leaking a top-secret US government report on Russian hacking. The 26-year-old intelligence specialist - improbably named Reality Winner - pleaded guilty to a single charge in June, admitting she leaked a classified report on Russian interference in the 2016 election (see redacted report here). She is the first person to be charged under the Espionage Act during the Trump administration - provisions of the Act supersede her ability to put forth a whistleblower defense that claims she acted in the public interest by releasing the information. Prosecutors noted that her sentence was the longest ever handed out by a federal court for providing classified information to the media - Winner sent the report to The Intercept in June 2017.
USA Gymnastics Fallout Continues.
Former Michigan State University head gymnastics coach Kathie Klages was charged yesterday with lying to an investigator in June during the school's examination of the USA Gymnastics sexual abuse scandal. Klages reportedly denied that witnesses told her years ago that they had been sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar, who was an MSU faculty member in addition to his role as team doctor for USA Gymnastics. Klages reportedly went to lengths to deny Nassar's abuse, particularly to concerned parents. Nassar was sentenced in early 2018 to up to 300 years in prison for sexually abusing hundreds of athletes under the guise of medical treatment. A number of school officials resigned over the scandal including school president Lou Anna Simon and athletic director Mark Hollis, while the entire USA Gymnastics board of directors stepped down in January
Australia Prime Minister Ousted.
The Australian government is in turmoil after Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was ousted by a revolt within his own party. He was replaced by one of his cabinet members, former Treasurer Scott Morrison. Turnbull, who has served as Prime Minister since 2015 as leader of the country's Liberal Party (which is actually center-right), faced a mutiny after proposing carbon dioxide emission targets as part of the country's climate policy last week. Turnbull ultimately dumped the policy, but not after several members of his party vowed to call a snap - or "spill" - election to unseat him. The Prime Minister seat has been a hot one - no minister has completed their full term in more than a decade, and the country has had five leaders in the past decade. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Ben Affleck checks himself into rehab for alcohol addiction; his third trip to rehab in 17 years (More)
> Head of National Enquirer parent company granted immunity in exchange for testimony in trial of former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen (More)
> Ed King, Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist and co-writer of Sweet Home Alabama, dies at 68 (More)
Science & Technology.
> European Space Agency launches wind-mapping satellite after 19 years in development; will provide most detailed data on global wind patterns to date (More)
> 90,000-year-old fossil reveals parents were a Neanderthal and a Denisovan, provides most direct evidence of interspecies mating by human ancestors (More)
> California's strict Net Neutrality bill on verge of passing; would prohibit service providers from throttling speeds or charging different prices for different sites in CA (More)
Business & Markets.
> World Bankers meet at annual Jackson Hole, WY Economic Policy Symposium; Fed chairman Powell to deliver speech on monetary policy today (More)
> Earnings Season: Alibaba - China's largest e-commerce firm & Asia's most valuable company - revenue increases 61% but costs rise, shares fall 3% (More)
> Sales of new homes falls in July to 9-month low as housing market shows signs of cooling (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Genealogy database helps catch suspect in NC serial rapist case; Ramsey Street Rapist assaulted 6 women between 2006-2008 (More)
> Hurricane Lane downgraded to Category 3; has dropped 19 inches of rain on Hawaii's Big Island with up to 30 more inches projected through the weekend (More)
> Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions trade barbs over Justice Department criticism; Top GOP Senator speculates Sessions to be replaced after election (More)
Weekend Reads.
Cold Case Cure.
Rolling Stone | Brenna Ehrlich. Inside the new era of homicide and rape investigations - especially of serial offenders - using breakthrough advances in DNA analysis and rapid growth of genealogical databases. (Read)
Into the Mind of a Worm
STAT | Justin Chen. In the quest to understand how human memory functions, scientists have turned to an unlikely test subject. Here's how studying tiny roundworms can help map out the brain's 86 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses. (Read)
Sex, Steroids, and Arnold. 
Deadspin | David Davis. An oral history of the gym - start by a crusty ex-marine in Venice Beach, CA - that launched the modern-day fitness movement. (Read)
The Hidden Epidemic of Compulsive Hair Pulling.
Mosaic | Sara Talpos. Body-focused repetitive behaviors - like trichotillomania, or obsessive hair pulling - affect many people’s lives. How can science help us understand and treat these distressing conditions better? (Read)
This phenomena causes you go blind thousands of times a day - here's how it works.
Winners of the 2018 Hugo Awards for best science fiction
Sony's adorable robot puppy hits US shores in September for a cool $2,900
Meet the strange culture of connoisseurs pumping out craft cocaine
George Clooney tops the list of highest paid actors in 2018
Rats - the non-political kind - are skyrocketing in Washington, DC (paywall). 
Over 1,400 western Australia government employees chose "Password123" as their work password. 
The University of Miami will wear college football uniforms made from ocean garbage.
Clickbait: Fruit Loops launches clothing brand inspired by "all things Fruit Loops". 
Historybook: Mt. Vesuvius erupts, killing about 15,000 (79); Thomas Edison invents motion picture camera (1891); Amelia Earhart is 1st woman to fly nonstop across US (1932); HBD Dave Chappelle (1973); Windows 95 released (1995).
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