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Need To Know.
Aretha Franklin Passes Away.
R&B legend Aretha Franklin passed away from advanced pancreatic cancer yesterday, surrounded by friends and family in her Detroit home. Known as the "Queen of Soul", the 76-year-old Franklin had battled a number of health issues in recent years including the original cancer diagnosis in 2010. She is widely considered one of the greatest singers in music history, having won 18 Grammy awards. She released her first album, Songs of Faith, at age 14 and went on to chart 73 songs on Billboard's Hot 100 list (see biggest hits). In 1987 she became the first female performer inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and is one of the most commercially successful singers of all-time having sold 75 million records worldwide.

Check out some of Franklin's most unforgettable performances here
NYU Medical School Makes Tuition Free.
New York University announced yesterday that tuition would be waived for all current and future medical students, regardless of academic merit or financial need. The decision makes the school, which was the country's third-ranked research medical school for 2019,  the first top-tier institution to waive core tuition. Students will save an estimated $55,000 per year (while still owing an additional $27,000 or so in other fees) at a time when the average medical student carries a debt of over $170,000. The move comes with a hefty price tag and was made possible by a massive fundraising effort, with the school raising $450M of a planned $600M to carry out the program. A sizable $200M chunk was provided by Home Depot founder Kenneth Langone, after whom the medical school is now named.  
Internal Google Protest.
Over 1,000 Google employees signed a letter protesting the company's plans to secretly build a censored search engine for use in China. Documents leaked earlier this month revealed the search engine, code-named Project Dragonfly, would comply with Chinese demands that it be able to blacklist targeted websites and search terms critical of the government. The company has long sought to access the massive Chinese online market - there are twice as many people online in China than in the US - but had previously pulled out of the country in 2010 instead of complying with censorship demands. The letter from employees demanded more transparency from Google leadership. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Madonna to open soccer academy in Malawi, the birthplace of 4 of 6 of her children (More)
> Reports say University of Maryland president turned down proposed change to athlete health care one year before football player Jordan McNair's death; Maryland board of regents to meet today to discuss fallout from death (More)
> Kenya Barris, creator of Black-ish, signs $100M deal with Netflix to produce exclusive content for the streaming service (More)
Science & Technology.
> Study of one million pregnant mothers shows 32% increase in autism rate associated with elevated levels of the pesticide DDT in mother's bloodstream (More)
> Australian teen pleads guilty to repeatedly hacking into Apple's mainframe, stealing over 90 gigabytes of sensitive data (More)
> FDA approves cheaper generic alternative to the brand name EpiPen, used for immediate treatment of severe allergic reactions that currently costs about $600 per dose (More)
Business & Markets.
> Earnings Season: Walmart delivers strongest quarterly sales growth in a decade, shares surge 10% (More) | Chinese tech giant Tencent shares fall 5% after first quarterly profit drop in nearly a decade (More
> Wendy's sells stake in Inspire Brands, parent company of Arby's, for $450M (More)
> Inc. releases 2018 list of fastest growing companies in America (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Over 300 papers publish editorials on the same day pushing back on Trump's criticism of the press (More) | Trump responds (More)
> Former Libertarian presidential candidate and ex-New Mexico governor jumps into NM senate race against incumbent Martin Heinrich (D) (More)
> Department of Defense says November 10th military parade postponed until at least 2019 after cost projections of $92M exceeded original estimate by $80M (More)
Weekend Reads.
The Race to Create the World’s First Artificial Heart.
Texas Monthly | Mimi Swartz. Some would be content with having performed more heart transplants than any surgeon on Earth, but not Oscar Frazier. His goal was to perform the first successful transplant of an artificial heart into a human body, and here’s how he did it. (Read)
Tyson Isn’t Chicken.
Bloomberg | Amanda Little. For a company that processes 1.8 billion animals each year and produces 20% of all meat consumed in the US, a shift to animal-free alternatives is certainly uncharacteristic. But that idea reflects Tyson’s new CEO Tom Hayes, and his other ideas might surprise you. (Read)
The Super Bowl of Beekeeping.
NYT Magazine | Jaime Lowe. Bee health all comes down to the four P’s - parasites, pathogens, pesticides, and poor nutrition. While bees worldwide are in serious danger, so are the jobs and industries - like California's $7.6B almond farms - that depend on them. (Read)
Seeking Justice for Justice the Horse.
Washington Post | Karin Brulliard. At his last checkup, Justice was 300 pounds underweight, had lice, and had frostbitten genitals - and his owner plead guilty to criminal neglect. Justice - yes, the horse - is suing his owner for $100,000 in medical bills as well as pain and suffering. If the court finally rules that an animal is allowed to be a plaintiff, Justice's case could be revolutionary. (Read)
Here's how your personality affects your paycheck
...And here are the top 25 best paying jobs in the country right now
...And finally, researchers find that career "hot streaks" are a real thing
This Saturday is the most popular wedding day of the year, with over 30,000 couples tying the knot.
...And you can now have Waffle House cater your wedding
One of the longest, strangest video game glitches in recent memory.
Happy parents celebrate children going to college with empty nest photos.
Watch a mesmerizing video of a wasp trying to drink water in slow motion
Clickbait: Thieves steal $100,000 in Ramen noodles
Historybook: HBD actress Mae West (1893); HBD Robert De Niro (1943); Animal Farm published (1945); President Clinton admits to improper relationship with Monica Lewinsky (1998); Michael Phelps is 1st person to win 8 gold medals in single Olympics (2008).
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