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Need To Know.
US Wins World Cup.
The US women's national soccer team claimed their 4th World Cup title yesterday, beating the Netherlands 2-0 in host country France's Parc Olympique Lyonnais. After a scoreless first half, US star Megan Rapinoe froze the Dutch goaltender on a penalty kick in the 61st minute, followed by a goal from Rose Lavelle in which she turned her defender around just 8 minutes later (see the highlights here). Rapinoe won the Cup's Golden Boot award, awarded to the tournament's top goal scorer, finishing with 6 goals and 3 assists - she actually tied teammate Alex Morgan, but won the award's tiebreaker, having played fewer minutes. It was the team's first back-to-back championship, and the US women's team has now won half of the eight World Cups since the competition began in 1991. Watch Nike's moving tribute to the women's team released shortly after the win here

On the men's side, the US national team lost to Mexico 1-0 in the Gold Cup, while Brazil beat Argentina 2-0 to reach the finals of the Copa America.
CA Hit by Second Major Quake.
Southern California was hit by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake on Friday, one day after experiencing a 6.4-magnitude earthquake on Thursday. No fatalities or significant damage were reported, but the seismic activity was so frequent that scientists lost track of the aftershocks, which surpassed 3,000 over the weekend. While Thursday's quake was centered in a relatively remote part of the Mojave Desert, Friday's was centered about 200 miles to the West, closer to Los Angeles and just north of the town of Ridgecrest (see real-time map). Friday's jolt was the strongest to hit the region since 1999 when a quake struck the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base east of Los Angeles. As we mentioned after Thursday's activity, the region sits on top of the San Andreas Fault, which forms a 750-mile boundary between Pacific and North American tectonic plates and makes the West Coast extremely susceptible to seismic activity. 

Watch footage of the earthquake interrupting sports games, newscasts, and more. 
Iran Breaches Nuclear Deal (Again).
Iranian officials said they would begin producing uranium at enrichment levels beyond the 3.67% limit set by the 2015 nuclear deal, breaching the agreement for the second time in a week. The news comes just after the country exceeded the 600-pound limit on low-enriched uranium. Most commercial nuclear reactors rely on uranium with 3-5% of uranium-235 - an unstable form of the material that drives nuclear activity - and Iran is likely to focus on producing uranium at 5-20% enrichment. While nuclear weapons typically require close to 90% enrichment, 20% enrichment is considered a symbolic threshold (while also used for research reactors) beyond which the production of nuclear weapons becomes much easier. Experts say the move would shorten Iran's breakout time - the time required to produce working nuclear weapons - to under a year. 

Separately, the US-UK relationship took a hit after leaked cables revealed the top British diplomat to the US criticizing the Trump administration. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Los Angeles Clippers sign superstar Kawhi Leonard and trade for 6-time All-Star Paul George (More) | See latest NBA free agent moves including DeMarcus Cousins signing with Los Angeles Lakers (More)
> João Gilberto, Brazilian musician and 'father of bossa nova' music, dies at 88 (More) | Disney Channel actor Cameron Boyce dies of seizure at 20 (More)
> 8 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings added to UNESCO's World Heritage List (More) | See map and full list of World Heritage sites (More)
Science & Technology.
> Brown University researchers show ability to store and retrieve image data on molecules smaller than human DNA (More)
> France set to approve 3% tax on internet giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others (More) | ...and moves forward a measure requiring search engines and social media sites to block hate speech (More)
> Study finds that short bursts of exercise, equivalent to 4,000 steps or a game of pickup basketball, activate a gene promoting neural growth in the brain's hippocampus (More)
Business & Markets.
> US economy adds 224k jobs in June after weak May, unemployment rate ticks up to 3.7% (More)
> International banking giant Deutsche Bank announces major restructuring in effort to return to profitability growth; to cut workforce by 1/5th and take restructuring charges of ~$8B through 2022 (More)
> Billionaire money manager Jeffrey Epstein arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minor girls (More)

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Politics & World Affairs.
> British police arrest 8 for human trafficking; officials say the group exploited over 400 victims, was the country's largest "modern slavery" operation (More)
> Justice Department switches top attorneys in charge of legal effort to add citizenship question to 2020 census (More)
> Greece votes in first parliamentary elections since international bailout ended in 2018, elects conservative opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis (More)
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