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Need To Know.
Manafort Trial Begins.
The trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort kicks off today in Alexandria, VA. Manafort, caught up in the early stages of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into potential Russian meddling in the 2016 election, faces charges of conspiracy and financial misconduct. The charges stem from his time lobbying on behalf of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and other questionable world leaders. The 32-charge indictment focuses primarily on Manafort's alleged hiding of nearly $30M in overseas income and his failure to register as a foreign lobbyist. Though he was caught up in Mueller's Russia probe, prosecutors have said they will not delve into any questions around potential collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. 

Penguin Colony Collapses.
Researchers reported that the world's second-largest penguin colony has undergone a massive decline over the past three decades, according to newly-analyzed satellite imagery. A colony of king penguins on Île aux Cochons in the southern Indian Ocean was first found in the 1960s - a comprehensive analysis in the 1980s estimated the population to be around 2 million with 500,000 breeding pairs. Satellite image analysis conducted in 2015 and 2017 suggests the population has dropped by 88%, to about 60,000 breeding pairs. It is not clear that penguins are dying off directly - king penguins only breed in specific locations around the Antarctic seas with easy access to the ocean. Research indicates that vegetation growth on the Cochons has slowly decreased the colony's living space, forcing the penguins to either flee or compete for limited space. Overfishing of krill - in demand for various nutritional supplements - has also disrupted the food chain in the southern oceans. 

North Korea Building New Missiles.
Satellite imagery indicates North Korea has continued activity at a site known to produce ballistic missiles, according to reports obtained yesterday. Officials say evidence suggests the country is building one or two new intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) at the same facility that previously produced the Hwasong-15 (see specs), which is the first North Korean ICBM with the capability to reach the US west coast. The revelation follows a one-on-one summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump where Kim pledged to denuclearize the North. While ICBMs are not nuclear weapons - they need to be equipped with a nuclear warhead, which is a separate process from building the missiles themselves - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been pressuring the regime to take concrete steps to dismantle both the nuclear and missile programs. 

In The Know.

Science & Technology.

University of Michigan researchers develop new computer chip using "memristors" - circuits that remember how much charge has gone through them - that cuts power consumption by 100x (More)
Clinical study links increase in anaphylactic reactions to red meat allergies delivered via tick bites (More)
Often associated with larger cognitive ability, study shows birds have impulse control equal to chimpanzees (More)

Business & Markets.

Brought to you by 
US stock markets slide on technology stock sell-off (More) | What are FAANG stocks? (More)
Construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar - which serves as a general economic bellwether - announces record earnings (More)
Nokia & T-Mobile agree on $3.5B partnership to supply gear for 5G wireless network (More)

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Politics & World Affairs.

Eight states sue to reverse administration settlement that would allow people to download blueprints to 3D-print AR-15 rifles at home; 1,000 people have already downloaded (More)
MN prosecutors decline to press charges on two officers in June shooting of Thurman Blevins after body cam footage revealed (More) | See footage here (More)
Trump says he's open to meeting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, setting up possibility of third summit following Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin (More)

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Subscription-based film service MoviePass suffers outage at major chains, takes out $5M loan to stay open (More)
Boston Red Sox acquire former Gold Glove-winning second baseman Ian Kinsler from Los Angeles Angels (More
Guardians of the Galaxy cast write open letter in support of director James Gunn, who was fired after offensive tweets unearthed (More)
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In Depth.

The Samurai Killer Of South St. Louis. 

Riverfront Times | Doyle Murphy. Seth Herter had struggled with mental illness for years, but when he began thinking he was the Antichrist, he became a danger to society. Herter can now reflect on his past through a combination of mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics, but the treatment comes only after Herter murdered a man in May. See inside the brutal delusions of a deranged psychotic whose treatment was too little, too late

How An Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald's Monopoly Game. 

Daily Beast | Jeff Mash. Leading a gang of convicts, mobsters, traffickers, and other unsavory characters, Jerome Jacobson operated a racket that stole over $24 million worth of prizes from the McDonald's Monopoly game. After years of defrauding the fast food giant, the FBI finally shut down the operation through an epic McSting
Poll says young Americans are looking for young leaders - and are pessimistic about the current state of politics

Over 11 million US adults live in an education desert

Americans still favor beer as their alcohol of choice

Check out 25 amazing geometric tattoos chock full of symbolic meaning

Warner Bros. new 1.65 million-sq-ft indoor park is opening in Abu Dhabi

The best bird photography of 2018 (so far). 

Prince Harry and wife Megan unveil new, post-wedding monogram

A Harvard historian explains how to lead like Abraham Lincoln.

How robots hands are evolving to replace human ones (paywall). 

Clickbait: Virginia candidate accused of being deep into Bigfoot erotica

RIP Andrew Johnson (1875); HBD Mark Cuban (1958); HBD J.K. Rowling (1965); START I signed by US & Soviet Union to begin nuclear arms reduction (1991); Fidel Castro relinquishes power to brother Raul after more than 47 years (2006).
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