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Need To Know.
Asylum Rule Change.
The White House announced major changes to the country's asylum program yesterday, saying it would deny protections to migrants who passed through a third country before reaching the US-Mexican border. The rule (read here) is expected to primarily impact migrants from Central American countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Asylum applications - where migrants seek legal entry due to persecution or violence in their home country - have quadrupled since 2000, with critics saying the process has become the new entry strategy (paywall, WashPo) for the majority of migrants. Through the system migrants can apply for a green card after one year, and if successful, citizenship four years later. In recent years, roughly 80% of Central American applicants pass initial screenings, but less than 25% are eventually granted asylum (see data here). The new rule is expected to be challenged in court. 
Apollo 11 Anniversary.
Today marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, the fifth crewed mission of NASA's Apollo program and the first spaceflight to ever land humans on the moon. Three astronauts - Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins - traveled roughly 240,000 miles in just 76 hours inside a cramped, 12-foot-diameter command module (explore designs). The launch occurred in the middle of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, and came 10 years after the Soviets successfully landed an uncrewed craft on the moon's surface. The Apollo program went on to send 5 more crewed missions to the moon, ending with the completion of the Apollo 17 mission. Watch the original launch video here, and see NASA show off some moon rocks to commemorate the anniversary here

The Washington Monument will turn into a rocket to celebrate the occasion. 

Editor's Note: The below item may contain spoilers for the upcoming Bond 25 film.
A New 007?
The iconic James Bond film franchise is set to shake up its titular role, with reports saying actress Lashana Lynch will be introduced as the new 007 in the upcoming Bond 25. While actor Daniel Craig - who has starred in the past four films, but has said he wants to move on from the role - will play James Bond, Lynch will assume the code name. It will be the first time in the live-action series will feature a non-white-male as 007 (see list). The 31-year-old, London-born Lynch had appeared in a number of network television series before a breakout role in Captain Marvel earlier this year. The film itself has been beset by difficulties, including an injury that resulted in Craig undergoing ankle surgery and the departure of director Danny Boyle. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Norah O'Donnell takes over anchor duties on CBS Evening News; just third woman to fill sole anchor role on a national nightly news broadcast (More)
> 2019 Emmy nominations announced this morning; read preview and nomination predictions (More) | Watch live at 11:30 AM ET here (More)
> Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker, Hall of Fame boxing legend, dies at 55 after being hit by a car (More) | Boxing community reacts to Whitaker's death (More)
Science & Technology.
> Computational pioneer and WW2 code-breaking hero Alan Turing to be featured on Britain's new 50-pound note; Turing broke Hitler's infamous Enigma code system (More)
> India aborts uncrewed lunar mission an hour before launch due to technical issues; country trying to become fourth to achieve "soft landing" on moon surface (More)
> Fossilized nests found in Gobi Desert suggest dinosaurs nested in groups and protected their eggs, similar to modern birds (More)
Business & Markets.
> China’s economic growth (6.2% in Q2) falls to lowest quarterly level since start of measurement in 1992 (More)
> Rideshare giant Uber to tie senior executive compensation to diversity and inclusion goals (More)
> Banking giant Citigroup beats Wall Street expectations as Q2 earnings season kicks off (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> White House adviser Kellyanne Conway to ignore congressional subpoena to testify about possible Hatch Act violations; prohibits federal employees from participating in elections (More)
> Over 130 dead, nearly 4 million displaced as monsoon rains sweep across Southeast Asia (More)
> State judge sentences man who drove car into crowd during 2017 white supremacist rally to second life sentence (More)
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In Depth.
The Worst Patients in the World.
The Atlantic | David H. Freedman. The United States spends a larger part of its GDP on health care than any other country in the world. While partly due to issue inherent to the health care system, others are beginning to point to America's irritability with providers and inability to follow doctor's orders - all while being grossly unhealthy. (Read)
Generalize, Don't Specialize.
The Guardian | David Epstein. In modern society, specialization is increasing at an incredible rate. The 10,000-hour rule says intense, dedicated practice makes perfect – at that one thing. But what if breadth actually serves us better than depth? (Read)
The best and worst states for retirement.

Chess grandmaster caught cheating in bathroom
Nearly extinct sea turtles now smashing nesting records along the East Coast.
NASA choose its first-ever fruiting plant to grow in space
Jellyfish the size of humans have returned to the British coast
Single dad asking daughter for advice before a date goes viral
Monica Lewinsky responds to a post about bad career advice.  
Clickbait: France debuts terrifying flying soldier riding a hovercraft.
Historybook: District of Columbia established as capital of US (1790); RIP former US First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln (1882); 1st successful atom bomb test (1945); Apollo 11 launches with first astronauts who would walk on the moon (1969); John F. Kennedy, Jr dies in plane crash (1999).
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