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Need To Know.
Historic Handshake.
History was made yesterday as President Trump became the first sitting US president to set foot in North Korea, shaking hands with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. The two had previously met twice to discuss dismantling North Korea's nuclear program, but talks fell apart last February. While the meeting was largely symbolic - according to reports, no substantive discussions were conducted - the impromptu meeting represented a path to restarting denuclearization talks (breakdown here), with Trump saying they would look to schedule a third summit. Trump met Kim halfway through the demilitarized zone, a heavily-guarded 3-mile-wide border that has separated North and South Korea since 1953. The crossing may open a path forward to a third summit between the two leaders. See a full video of the crossing here. The meeting came on the heels of Trump's visit to the G-20 summit, during which he struck a trade truce with Chinese President Xi Jinping which included allowing US suppliers to sell to previously-blacklisted technology company Huawei.
Supreme Court to Hear DACA Cases.
Back in the US, the Supreme Court announced that it would hear cases next term on whether the administration can legally end Obama-era protections for so-called Dreamers. The program - formally known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, established in 2012 - delays deportation of children and young adults who were under 16 years old when they entered. Over 800,000 people, who must have lived in the US continuously since 2007 without committing a crime, have been ruled eligible under the program. The Court will hear the cases early next summer, teeing up the issue for the 2020 election. Separately, a federal judge blocked roughly $2.5B (of $6B total) in defense funding that the White House had marked to help build a portion of a US-Mexico border wall. The rulings come as the Department of Homeland Security projected a 25% drop in migrants arriving at the border, crediting the combined US and Mexican efforts to stem immigration flows. 
US Women Advance.
The US women's national soccer team advanced to the semifinals of the 2019 World Cup, beating host country France 2-1 over the weekend, propelled by two goals from star Megan Rapinoe. The US got on the board early as Rapinoe knocked a free kick in through a tangle of players in minute five, scoring again in minute 65 on a cross-field assist from midfielder Tobin Heath (watch quick recap). Nearly 46,000 people packed Paris' Parc des Princes, the largest crowd through the first 45 games of the tournament. The US - who entered the World Cup as favorites, looking to repeat as champions after their 2015 title - will face England on Tuesday (3pm ET, Fox). The Netherlands and Sweden face off on the other side of the bracket on Wednesday. 

The US men's team (who failed to qualify for the 2020 World Cup) beat Curacao 1-0 to advance to the semifinals of the Gold Cup, a tournament featuring national teams from North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> NBA superstar Kevin Durant will sign 4-year, $164M deal with Brooklyn Nets; leaves Golden State after three seasons and two NBA championships with the Warriors (More)
> Old Town Road rapper Lil Nas X comes out as gay in social media post (More) | NYC's Pride Parade yesterday is one of the largest in LGBTQ movement's history (More)
> Taylor Swift's music catalog part of $300M purchase by Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun and his media company Ithaca Holdings (More)
Science & Technology.
> Mold growing on the International Space Station can withstand radiation doses 200x that which would be fatal for humans (More)
> Scientists uncover how plants develop intricate network of air channels that deliver CO2 to each cell, allowing the plant to "breathe"; results may lead to more drought-resistant crops (More)
> Law enforcement technology company Axon ditches use of facial recognition software in police body cameras, says programs were too unreliable and could exacerbate inequality in policing (More)
Business & Markets.
> Family behind Lego partners with asset management giant Blackstone to take Merlin Entertainments private; includes Madame Tussauds wax museums and LegoLand theme parks (More)
> US online luxury consignment reseller the RealReal surges 40% on first day of trading to $2.4B valuation (More)
> US Stock markets continue surge – Dow index sees best June since 1938, S&P sees best first half of year since 1997 (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Hong Kong protests revive as region marks 22nd anniversary of British handover to China (More)
> Man who drove car into crowd of counter-protesters during 2017 alt-right rally in Charlottesville, VA, receives life in prison; James Fields killed 1, injured 28 (More)
> 7 killed, over 180 injured in Sudan as tens of thousands protest against military rule; longstanding ruler Omar al-Bashir was ousted by military coup in April (More)
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