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Need To Know.
Theresa May Steps Down.
United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May officially steps down as leader of the Conservative Party today, resigning after a tumultuous three-year tenure. The resignation kicks off a crowded race to replace May as Prime Minister - she will stay on until Parliament elects a replacement - with 11 candidates having announced interest. The leading contender to replace May is Boris Johnson, the conservative former foreign secretary. May's exit comes after her failure to guide a package guiding the UK's departure from the European Union, though she assumed power in the wake of former Prime Minister David Cameron's 2016 resignation in the wake of a national referendum supporting a so-called "Brexit". May announced her imminent departure after a package that was negotiated over the course of a year with EU leaders failed three times to make it through a divided UK Parliament. Regardless of who ultimately replaces May, the UK is slated to leave the EU - deal or no deal - on October 31st. 
Women's World Cup Begins.
The US Women’s National Soccer Team looks to defend its crown in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which gets underway today with host country France taking on South Korea (3pm ET, FS1). The Americans - who went 6-1-0 in 7 matches and allowed 3 goals the entire 2015 tournament - enter as the favorites (7/4 odds), just in front of France (7/2), Germany (11/2), and England (7/1). The US will field familiar stars such as Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd, and Megan Rapinoe, but will also include 11 players who have never appeared in a World Cup, and will begin play next Tuesday against Thailand (3pm ET, Fox). The 2019 tournament will also introduce the use of video replay officials, who will sit in an offsite booth. The talent level across the 24-team field has gotten stronger since 2015 - see the 25 best players you should keep an eye on.

On the men’s side, rosters for the 2019 Gold Cup - which pits national teams from North America, Central America, and the Caribbean - were announced yesterday.
Mexico Responds to Tariff Threat.
Mexican officials will deploy 6,000 national guard members to the country's southern border with Guatemala in an attempt to stop Central American migrants looking to reach the US-Mexico border, according to reports yesterday. The announcement comes tariffs on Mexican imports announced by President Trump earlier this week - 5% on all Mexican goods, gradually rising to 25% by October - are set to kick in on Monday. The news also comes on the heels of fresh data showing that over 144,000 migrants were detained at the US-Mexico border in the month of May (see stats), with almost 133,000 of those arising from migrants illegally crossing the border between ports of entry. Reports also surfaced yesterday suggesting that the White House was set to declare a national emergency, similar to a move to secure border wall funding back in February, to implement the tariffs.  
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Barack and Michelle Obama sign multi-year exclusive deal with Spotify to produce series of podcasts (More)
> Dr. John, New Orleans music legend and six-time Grammy winner, dies at 77 (More)
> St. Louis Blues top Boston Bruins 2-1 to take 3-2 lead in the NHL Stanley Cup Final  (More)
Science & Technology.
> Analysis of endurance athletes reveals upper limit on human exertion; sustained maximum energy expenditure, no matter the event, is roughly 2.5x the body’s resting metabolic rate (More)
> Uber announces Uber Copter, will shuttle elite members between Manhattan and JFK airport beginning July 9th (More)
> Research shows bees can be taught numerical symbols and link them to specific quantities; first demonstration of ability in an invertebrate (More)
Business & Markets.
> Fiat Chrysler withdraws merger proposal with fellow automaker Renault, citing political conditions in France that "do not currently exist" for the merger to proceed (More)
> Analytics startup Looker to be acquired by Google for $2.6B (More)
> Plant-based meat maker Beyond Meat crushes expectations in first report as public company, shares surge ~20% in after-hours trading (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> 1 cadet killed, 22 injured after a vehicle rolls over during a West Point training drill (More)
> Biopharma giant Insys agrees to $225M settlement over allegations it bribed doctors to prescribe its addictive fentanyl painkiller spray (More)
> 50 years later, New York City police commissioner apologizes for police raid on city’s Stonewall Inn; clashes sparked riots considered the foundation of US LGBTQ movement (More)
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Weekend Reads.
Outlaw Country.
Atavist | Emma Marris. Tableland lies in Eastern Oregon, nestled against the Cascades in Klamath County. But with the nearest law enforcement nearly 50 miles away, the backcountry has become a destination for those who don't want to be found, including many criminals. (Read)
The New American Religion of UFOs.
Vox | Sean Illing. American adults now believe in the existence of intelligent alien life at a rate similar to belief in God - in these times, it may not be a coincidence. (Read)
The Sum of All Beards.
New Republic | Adrian Bonenberger and Adam Weinstein. The Global War on Terror has had a number of profound effects - not the least of which is a shift in the acceptance of facial hair on US military men. (Read)
Think your commute is bad? These cities lead the world in congestion.

Esquire’s annual list of America’s best bars.

Stressed out? So is your dog

Crews haul 11 metric tons of garbage off Mt. Everest (and four dead bodies).

Nooo: A TV series based on viral kids' song "baby shark" is in the works

Woman spends 1,000 hours crafting an Anubis costume by hand - with stunning results.

The FBI lays a 40-year-long Bigfoot mystery to rest.

Clickbait: If only there was a place to get more drinking water...
Historybook: RIP Jean Harlow (1937); SCOTUS legalizes contraception use by married couples (1965); Musician Prince born (1958); HBD Vice President Mike Pence (1959); Grease opens on Broadway (1972).
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