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Need To Know.
Supreme Court Overturns Internet Tax.
In a pivotal decision, the Supreme Court ruled states can collect sales tax from e-commerce companies, even if those companies don't have a physical presence in the state. The challenge to the 26-year-old rule was brought by over 40 states, asking the Court to review the rule that allowed online retailers to avoid charging sales tax unless they had a physical presence in the same state as a given customer. Brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart and Macy's argued that this put them at a competitive disadvantage against online retailers, who could offer lower effective prices given the absence of tax - the rule was last changed in 1992 prior to the onset of widespread e-commerce which has risen to $120B in the US each year (see data). The 5-4 decision pointed out that states are losing out on an estimated $8-13B in annual tax revenue due to the antiquated rule (in-depth report here). 

This single chart sums up the impact of the decision. 

Cities Celebrate LGBTQ Rights.
A number of major cities will host pride celebrations this weekend in recognition of LGBTQ rights. While a number of cities held pride events earlier in the month - June is LGBT Pride Month - New York City, San Francisco, Toronto and a number of smaller cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, St. Louis, and others fall this weekend (see list here). New York City's pride march - the second largest in the world behind Sao Paulo, Brazil - passes by Stonewall Inn, the site of a 1969 police raid that sparked a series of riots credited with launching the modern gay rights movement in the US. Almost 50,000 marchers and 2 million spectators are expected for the NYC parade, and smaller cities have seen unexpectedly large turnouts this year. 

Check out the history of Pride Month here

Koko the Gorilla Dies.
Koko the gorilla, widely known in popular culture for mastering over 1,000 words using modified sign language, passed away yesterday at age 46. Her ability to communicate, particularly with caretaker Francine Patterson, provided groundbreaking insight into animal empathy and psychology. Among other behaviors, Koko - a western lowland gorilla born on the Fourth of July - famously grieved over the death of her pet kitten, whom she had named "All Ball", and took her own photo in a mirror for a National Geographic cover shoot. See one of Koko's best-known videos, hanging out with actor Robin Williams and trying on his glasses, here

In The Know.

Business & Markets.

US banks clear Federal Reserve's "stress test" for 4th consecutive year (More) | Fed stress test 101 (More)
Intel CEO resigns due to revelations of a “past consensual relationship” with an employee (More)
Dow Jones Industrial average falls for 8th consecutive day amid trade war concerns & online sales tax collection ruling (More)

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Deandre Ayton selected #1 overall by Phoenix Suns in NBA Draft (More) |  See full list of draft selections (More)
MTV announces reboot of Daria, The Real World, and other classic MTV shows (More)
Roseanne spin-off The Conners, without Roseanne Barr, to debut this fall on ABC (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

House GOP delays vote on compromise immigration bill, looking to pass next week (More) | Melania Trump makes surprise visit to border to discuss family separations (More)
Pulitzer Prize-winning political commentator Charles Krauthammer dies at age 68 from cancer (More)
House of Representatives narrowly approves 5-year farm bill by 213-211 vote, would impose work requirements on food stamps (More)

Science & Technology.

Researchers find that stopping certain genetic mechanisms prevents metastasis, or the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body, for a number of cancers with 99.5% efficacy (More)
Facebook expands fact-checking program to combat fake news, says it has reduced the impact of fake news by 80% (More)
Brain tissue examination shows herpes virus more abundant in those exhibiting early-onset Alzheimer's; scientists unsure if virus is a trigger or symptom (More)
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