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Israel Calls for New Elections

Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will hold a vote within the next week to dissolve the government, setting the stage for the country's fifth election in four years this fall. The election may mean a potential return to power for longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was ousted last year after a 12-year run and was indicted in 2019 for corruption charges. Lapid will serve as acting prime minister until a new government is formed.


Observers say Bennett has struggled to keep his coalition of eight disparate parties together since its formation last year. Varying ideologies—ranging from opposing Palestine's independence to supporting an end to Israeli occupation—have fractured the coalition, with members clashing over policies. The government also lost its thin majority this year after a member quit


Netanyahu yesterday vowed to form a new government. Israel's last four elections ended without a clear majority and were largely referendums on whether Netanyahu should rule amid his corruption trial. 

Ethnic Clashes in Ethiopia

The reported death toll from a weekend rebel attack in Ethiopia has risen to at least 260, according to witness accounts. Government officials blamed the bloodshed on gunmen from the Oromo Liberation Army, an ethnic rebel group, who deliberately targeted the Amhara population in the western region of Oromia state. The group denied responsibility for the attack. 


Ethiopia has long struggled with ethnic conflict. People of Oromo descent make up about one-third of the population, followed closely by ethnic Amhara. Under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the country attempted to move toward nationalized politics, an effort which devolved into the ongoing civil war between the government and the northern Tigray region that began two years ago. Ethnic Tigrayans had enjoyed outsized political power since the early 1990s despite making up around 5% of the population. 


The Oromo Liberation Army has reportedly joined Tigrayan forces in their fight against the Abiy government, despite Abiy himself being an ethnic Oromo. 

Jumbo Shipwreck

A floating restaurant landmark that served millions of customers while stationed in Hong Kong's Aberdeen Harbor capsized and sunk, according to company officials yesterday. The Jumbo Floating Restaurant was in the process of being towed away from its longtime home when it encountered severe weather in the South China Sea—no injuries were reported, but officials said the structure was unsalvageable. 


A popular tourist destination, the 2,300-person vessel served guests including Queen Elizabeth II, Tom Cruise, and more. The restaurant also reflected Hong Kong's relationship with the West (the region was a British colony until 1997). Shuttered at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant never financially recovered—though it had reportedly been running a deficit since 2013. 


Towing began last week, though its ultimate destination was never revealed. See photos of the landmark's last days here.

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

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> Tampa Bay Lightning top Colorado Avalanche 6-2 to take Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final; Colorado leads series 2-1 with Game 4 tomorrow (8 pm ET, ABC) from Tampa Bay (More)


> Fleetwood Mac keyboardist Brett Tuggle dies at 70 of cancer (More) | Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" tops UK charts 37 years after release following "Stranger Things" appearance (More)


> More layoffs expected at Netflix this week as the streamer looks to cut costs; Netflix's stock price is at $175 after topping $600 a share in December (More)

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Science & Technology

> Engineers demonstrate method to levitate objects via sound, even when other objects obstruct the path of the acoustic waves (More, w/video)


> Telescope facilities at Arizona's Kitt Peak National Observatory undamaged from wildfires; four non-scientific buildings destroyed (More)


> Machine-learning platform allows scientists to rapidly scan the genome of cancer cells, identifying mutations linked to tumor progression; approach may help guide development of new anticancer treatments (More)

Business & Markets

> President Joe Biden states he is considering a temporary gas tax halt to reduce gas prices hovering near all-time highs; 18.3 cents-per-gallon tax pause would require congressional action (More)


> Food giant Mondelez to acquire energy bar maker Clif Bar for $2.9B (More)


> JetBlue increases its offer for Spirit Airlines to $33.50 per share in an effort to convince Spirit to accept its offer over Frontier Airlines' offer (More)

Politics & World Affairs

> Alabama, Georgia hold primary runoffs today, Virginia holds regular primary elections; among notable races, Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks (R, AL-5) faces Trump-endorsed Katie Britt (More)


> House Jan. 6 Committee to hold fourth public hearing today, will focus on pressure faced by state officials following the 2020 election (More) | Livestream here (Watch, 1 pm ET) 


> Japanese court rules prohibition on same-sex marriage is legal under the country's constitution; ruling contradicts a separate district court decision, setting up likely appeal (More)



A Marriage Story

The Ringer | Alan Siegel. Inside the making of the heartwarming and emotional first ten minutes of Pixar's Academy Award-winning 2009 animation, "Up." (Read)

A Wild Hope

Science Magazine | Kai Kupferschmidt. In the mid-1990s, the wild population of the world's rarest bird, a blue-gray parrot called the Spix's macaw, dwindled to just one. Two decades later, conservationists are attempting to release Spix's macaws from captivity and reintroduce them to the wild. (Read)



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