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Need To Know.
2019 NBA Draft.
The 2019 NBA Draft was held last night, with Duke forward Zion Williamson going #1 overall to the New Orleans Pelicans. The heralded star, who averaged almost 23 points per game in his only collegiate season, was followed by Murray State point guard Ja Morant, fellow Duke guard RJ Barrett, and Virginia forward De'Andre Hunter (see full draft here). Though the top picks went as expected, the night was full of surprises - the Pelicans traded their #4 draft pick for the #8, #17, and #35 picks, while the Phoenix Suns shipped out the #6 and #32 picks to the Minnesota Timberwolves and Indiana Pacers. Analysts also said the top of the draft included a number of reaches, including Gonzaga forward Rui Hachimura and North Carolina forward Cam Johnson. As for Williamson, he will join a young-but-talented Pelicans squad who gained a slew of players and draft picks after sending star center Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers. 

See Williamson's tearful reaction to being drafted here.  
Senate Blocks Arms Deal.
The Senate voted to block a slew of arms deals worth nearly $8B to Saudi Arabia and its regional partners yesterday. The move, which the White House has said it will veto, reflects growing frustration with Saudi Arabia, including the 2018 killing of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi and ongoing human rights violations arising from Saudi involvement in neighboring Yemen’s devastating civil war. The souring relationship comes as tensions between the US and Iran - Saudi Arabia’s bitter rival in the Middle East - have risen dramatically, with Iran set to break from the remains of the 2015 nuclear deal and the downing of a US drone over the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday. Overnight reports also suggested President Trump approved - then called off (paywall, NYT) - a strike on Iran. 

In related news, grisly new details in the Khashoggi killing were uncovered by a United Nations probe. 
Philadelphia Police Probe.
Dozens of Philadelphia police have been placed on administrative duty as the city carries out an investigation into offensive posts made on social media. 72 officers allegedly made racist or otherwise offensive comments online, and police commissioner Richard Ross said the department had contracted an outside law firm to independently review over 3,000 posts. The move came after the material was surfaced by the Plain View Project, which maintains a public database of what it says are thousands of offensive online comments and social media posts by law enforcement officials from around the country. The department said officers who were placed on desk duty - the database had found questionable content from over 330 Philadelphia officers - were found to have made posts that "advocated violence" against people based on their sex, ethnicity, race, or religion. 

Separately, a massive fire broke out at a 150-year-old oil refinery on the south side of the city overnight. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Prince Harry and Meghan Markle formally leave Royal Foundation, a charity organization launched by William and Harry in 2009 (More)
> Tampa Bay Rays explore idea of adding Montreal as part of two-city team; first half of season would be played in Tampa with second half played in Montreal (More)
> US tops Sweden 2-0 at 2019 Women's World Cup;  advance to knockout phase and will face Spain (More)
Science & Technology.
> Two Earth-like planets found orbiting nearby “Teegarden's star”, roughly 12.5 light years away (More)
> Premier science journal Nature releases its annual Top 100 Index, ranking the top research institutions around the world (More) | ...and searchable tables by area here (More)
> Florida city pays $600k ransom to hackers who paralyzed city computers for three weeks; attack came through a single employee who clicked a suspicious email link (More)
Business & Markets.
> S&P 500 hits all-time high, US stock markets up (S&P 500 +1.0%, Dow +0.9%, Nasdaq +0.8%) on prospects of potential Fed interest rate cuts (More)
> Walmart to pay $282M for federal corruption in Brazil – funneled money to contact who cleared construction permit hurdles (More)
> Workplace communication platform Slack soars 48% over reference point on first day as public company to $38/share, valued at $20B+ (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Former candidate Roy Moore (R) reenters Alabama Senate race despite Trump disapproval; Moore lost special election to current Sen. Doug Jones (D) after sexual misconduct allegations (More)
> Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to face current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in race for UK Prime Minister; results expected July 22nd (More)
> Supreme Court rules a government-maintained WWI memorial displaying a large cross does not violate First Amendment (More)
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Weekend Reads.
Bodies In Seats.
The Verge | Casey Newton. After a veteran-turned-moderator collapsed and died at his workstation while moderating Facebook content, the question must be asked - can anyone handle the worst humanity has to offer, much less at a cut-rate contracting company? (Read)
None of This Happened the Way You Think it Did.
High Country News | Elena Saavedra Buckley. Using unmixed concrete as phony ashes, the Sunset Mesa crematorium pulled the ultimate con on more than 50 clients by selling their loved ones to science without their consent. (Read)
What It Feels Like to Die from Heat Stroke.
The Outside | Amy Ragsdale and Peter Stark. It's self-explanatory, but also terrible. Here's how it happens, how the body responds, and how to protect yourself. (Read)
Happy summer solstice! Facts and myths about the longest day of the year.

US women to overtake men in the college-educated workforce.

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Scientist capture first-ever recording from rare whale seeking a date

Halfway through the year, ranking the best films of 2019.

Six pieces of career wisdom for new grads.

Hurricane Hawkins: 103-year-old great grandmother runs a record-breaking 100-meter dash.

The ten best travel experiences around the world

Listen to a previously unreleased track from Queen's Freddie Mercury

Clickbait: Woman named Marijuana Pepsi earns doctorate with dissertation on unusual names
Historybook: US Constitution is ratified (1788); Benazir Bhutto, first female Prime Minister of Pakistan, born (1953); HBD actor Chris Pratt (1979); HBD Prince William (1982); Frida Kahlo is 1st Hispanic woman honored on US postage stamp (2001).
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