Assange Extradition, Vaccines, and the World’s Most Sustainable Cities 1440 Weekend Edition

Good morning. It's Saturday, June 18, and in this weekend edition, we're covering an update on the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the FDA's authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for children, and much more. Have feedback? We'd love to hear it. Let us know at [email protected]


PS—We wish you a happy Juneteenth and a happy Father's Day to all dads tomorrow!  

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Assange Extradition

The British government approved an order to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the US, where he will face espionage charges related to publishing classified US intelligence documents. The Friday decision comes two months after a UK court granted Assange's extradition and brings the Australian national's decadelong battle with the US closer to an end. WikiLeaks intends to file an appeal with Britain's high court.


Assange faces 17 counts brought under the Espionage Act and one charge of computer misuse. The allegations relate specifically to a 2010 document dump of classified intelligence shedding light on abuse, torture, and civilian deaths during the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A majority of the documents were provided by former intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who was allegedly assisted by Assange in hacking a military computer.


Assange, 50, has been held in a London prison since his arrest in 2019. The leak is considered one of the largest of US classified information in history.



FDA authorizes COVID-19 vaccines for children.

The Food and Drug Administration cleared the way for both Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to be administered to children as young as 6 months old. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to sign off today, allowing children under 5 to begin receiving vaccines.


Ukraine and Moldova move closer to EU candidacy.

The European Commission formally recommended EU candidate status for Ukraine and its small neighbor Moldova. The final decision lies with the 27 members of the European Council, who will discuss membership at a summit next week. Georgia had also applied for EU membership but was deemed unready.


WTO strikes unprecedented package of global deals.

The 164 members of the World Trade Organization approved a series of agreements Friday that included curbing subsidies to reverse overfishing, allowing generic versions of COVID-19 vaccines in developing countries, and pledges on health and food security. 


North Korea grapples with mystery intestinal epidemic.

State media haven't disclosed what the disease is but say authorities have sent medicine to at least 800 affected families. The outbreak of the intestinal disease comes as the country deals with its first wave of COVID-19 infections. 


Vince McMahon steps aside as WWE CEO amid misconduct probe.

World Wrestling Entertainment said it is investigating claims that McMahon paid hush money to a former employee over an alleged affair. McMahon's daughter, Stephanie, will serve as interim CEO.  


Drake releases new album "Honestly, Nevermind."

The rapper released his seventh album at midnight Friday, just hours after his surprise announcement. The album features 14 songs and is dedicated to the late fashion icon Virgil Abloh, who died last year after battling cancer. 

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Today, we're sharing a story from reader Vickie S. in Norman, Oklahoma.


"I got home one evening and could not find my phone. I kept calling it with my husband's phone ... As I sat trying to think where it could be, my husband's phone rang. It was my phone calling! I answered and a young voice said, 'I was riding my scooter around, and I kept hearing this phone ring. It was out in the middle of the road.' ... After telling him I would be right there, he said, 'I'll just ride it over to you on my scooter!' I was so amazed at his kindness."


Read another story of kindness here.

What act(s) of kindness did you experience this week? Tell us.




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Best of the Week: Sexy Swedish garbage cans deliver flirty messages.

Historybook: Napoleon Bonaparte defeated in Battle of Waterloo (1815); American suffragist Susan B. Anthony fined after being convicted for voting in the 1872 presidential election (1873); Film critic and Pulitzer Prize recipient Roger Ebert born (1942); Sally Ride becomes first American woman to travel to space (1983).


"We are put on this planet only once, and to limit ourselves to the familiar is a crime against our mind."

- Roger Ebert

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