Alaska Election, Inflation, and Thailand’s Marijuana Giveaway 1440 Weekend Edition

Good morning. It's Saturday, June 11, and in this weekend edition, we're covering an unprecedented race in Alaska's special primary election for the US House, a new 40-year record for annual inflation, and much more. Have feedback? We'd love to hear it. Let us know at [email protected]

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Alaska's Unprecedented Election 

More than four dozen candidates—including former Gov. Sarah Palin (R) and a North Pole councilman named Santa Claus—are vying for a single US House seat in Alaska's special primary election. It's the first all-mail election in the state's history, with ballot submissions due today. 


The top four of the 48 total candidates will advance to the state's special general election in August, as contenders compete to serve the remainder of Republican Rep. Don Young's (At-large) term through January. Young died in March after serving 49 years in Congress.


In a new ranked-choice voting system adopted in 2020 (see 101), Alaskan voters can pick and rank four of their preferences from a single mail-in ballot that lists all the candidates, regardless of party affiliation. In contrast, most states follow a partisan primary, where each party has the chance to choose a nominee for the general election.


Analysts see Palin, businessman Nick Begich, and fisherman-physician Al Gross as top contenders. See all candidates here



Inflation reaches record 40-year-high.

US inflation rose 8.6% year-over-year in May, up from 8.3% in April and beating a 40-year high of 8.5% in March. The figure is the fastest 12-month increase since December 1981. Rising costs of shelter, gas, and food contributed to the increase. See data here.


The US to drop COVID-19 testing for international flyers.

Starting Sunday, global travelers will no longer require a predeparture negative COVID-19 test to enter the US. The end of the requirement will apply to all travelers, regardless of vaccination status. The CDC will reevaluate its decision in 90 days.


The US reaches migration deal with Western Hemisphere leaders.

Called "The Los Angeles Declaration," the pact lays out a roadmap for countries to host a large number of migrants and refugees, including legal pathways for entry and humane border management. See an overview of pledges here.


More than 450 marches against gun violence are expected today.

Thousands of people are expected to attend March for Our Lives protests against gun violence in at least 45 states. The marches follow a string of mass shootings across the US in recent weeks.  


Thailand kicks off marijuana giveaway after legalizing it.

The country began distributing the first 100 seedlings to registered growers Friday as part of a campaign to give away 1 million free cannabis plants. Thailand is the first nation in Asia to decriminalize marijuana for medical and commercial purposes, though recreational marijuana is still illegal.  


Historians identify wreck of royal warship that sank in 1682.

The shipwreck of The Gloucester was first discovered off the coast of Great Yarmouth, England, in 2007, but kept under wraps until recently due to the time taken to confirm its identity and to protect the at-risk site. 

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Today, we're sharing a story from reader Stan M. in Bothell, Washington.


"I was at a grocery store buying a sports drink so I could ask for cash back to tip our dog's groomer. After paying for the drink, I was told that cash back only worked for debit cards (I used a credit card) ... I thought about buying another item, when the kind lady behind overheard my conversation with the checker. She asked how much I needed for the tip ($20), and offered me a $20 bill! I profusely thanked her, and she said, 'just pass the favor along, next time.'"


Read another story of kindness here.

What act(s) of kindness did you experience this week? Tell us.




A 100-acre Iowa farm sells for twice the average rate per acre in the area, totaling more than $2.6M.  

> A Chicago suburb grocery store breaks record with 70,000 lb. banana display.



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Best of the Week: Why your favorite color is probably blue.

Historybook: Jeannette Rankin, first woman elected to US Congress, born (1880); Football coach Vince Lombardi born (1913); Reality competition series "American Idol" debuts (2002); RIP actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee (2014).


"We have to get it into our heads once and for all that we cannot settle disputes by eliminating human beings."

- Jeannette Rankin

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