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Hawaii Volcano Erupts.
Lava began erupting from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano late yesterday afternoon, pushing molten lava into streets and yards and forcing close to 2,000 residents to evacuate. The eruption follows low-level seismic activity on the islands in recent days, including a 5.0 quake centered on the southeastern Hawaiian coast. Kilauea - located on the main island of Hawaii - is what's known as a shield volcano, which have low and flat profiles unlike a cinder cone or stratovolcanoes (see 101 here). In a shield volcano, lava is spread out in a thin layer often miles in diameter around a central core, and the result is that eruptions usually come from fissures and cracks across the shield (as opposed to a violent explosion). You can see this effect in drone footage of the Kilauea eruption. 

US Secretly Assisting in Yemen Civil War.
Reports emerged yesterday evening detailing efforts by US Army Special Forces to locate and dismantle rebel ballistic missile sites along the Saudi Arabia-Yemen border. The news is notable because the US has made an effort to stay visibly out of the brutal civil war, which has killed an estimated 10,000, displaced 3 million, and caused widespread famine among the civilian population (see a great 101). The conflict, which began in 2014, has escalated into a proxy war between the Saudi-backed Yemeni government and the Iran-backed Houthi rebels - both sides have drawn international condemnation, but the Saudis in particular have been criticized for repeatedly killing civilians in airstrikes, including a recent targeting of a wedding that killed 20. For months, Houthi rebels have been stationed at the border, haphazardly firing missiles into the Saudi capital of Riyadh - which US Green Berets have been assisting in taking down. 

Derby Weekend.
The 144th annual Kentucky Derby will be held this weekend at Churchill Downs outside Louisville, KY (6:46pm ET, NBC). The Derby is the most popular (and most wagered on) event in horse racing - nearly 160,000 people were in attendance at the 2017 race, which pulled in close to $210M in gambling revenue. To be eligible for the one-and-one-quarter mile race, horses must be three-year-old Thoroughbreds - which refers to a specific breed of horse (read about the interesting history here). Vegas favorites include Justify (3/1 odds), Mendelssohn (5/1), Magnum Moon (6/1), Audible (8/1), and Bolt d'Oro (8/1). Justify comes in having just won the Santa Anita Derby, but is inexperienced, having not run as a two-year-old. You can also check out picks from expert bettor Jody Demling, who has nailed the last nine Derby winners (hint: he's not high on Magnum Moon). 

If you go, bring plenty of cash - Woodford Reserve is selling a $1,000 mint julep (but you get to keep the cup). 
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In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox to play 2 games in London in June 2019; will be first regular season MLB game ever in Europe (More)  
Breaking: 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature postponed due to alleged sexual misconduct of board members; first time in 75 years it won't be awarded (More)
Jay-Z subpoenaed by SEC and ordered to testify for role in $200M Rocawear sale (More)

Science & Technology.

New "MRI for batteries" can diagnose problems with Li-ion batteries, used in cell phones to electric cars, without opening up (More)
Study links immune system response to viruses with cells responsible for hair pigmentation, explains why hair can turn gray in response to illness (More)
New device doubles the efficiency of using artificial photosynthesis to produce hydrogen fuel from ~1.5% to 3% (More)

Business & Markets.

US Justice Department files criminal charges against former Volkswagen CEO, accuses Martin Winterkorn of covering up diesel emissions cheating (More)
US productivity increases 0.7% in Q1, remains weak link in US economy (More)
> Earnings Season: Medical distributor Cardinal Health whiffs on earnings, stock drops 18% (More) | AIG shares down 6% after earnings slide in Q1 (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Arizona passes budget resulting in 20% pay raise for teachers over 4 years, end of 5-day strike in sight (More)
Iran says it will not renegotiate 2015 nuclear deal, makes announcement ahead of May 12 deadline for Trump to decide whether to pull out of agreement (More)
Missouri lawmakers to hold special session to consider impeaching Gov. Eric Greitens (R) over sexual misconduct and blackmail charges, session begins May 18th and runs for 30 days (More)
Weekend Reads.

Death by Instagram. 

The Detroit News | Robert Snell. Chapter One of a fascinating multi-part series on the Seven Mile Bloods, a Detroit gang with a heavy - and damning - social media presence. (Read)

Editor's Note: The series was so widely read that defense lawyers argued - unsuccessfully - that it tainted the jury pool.

The Digital Vigilantes Who Hack Back. 

The New Yorker | Nicholas Schmidle.  American companies are getting pummeled by hackers, and many want to start fighting back - but will the law let them? (Read)

State of Conflict.  

Chronicle of Higher Education | Steve Kolowich. How a tiny protest at the University of Nebraska turned into a proxy war for the future of campus politics. (Read)

The Great High School Impostor. 

GQ | Daniel Riley. It sounds like the plot of a summer comedy, but it happened in central Pennsylvania. Read the incredible story of Artur Samarin, a college-aged Ukrainian immigrant who faked his way into being an American high school student. (Read)
A state-by-state report measuring the quality of health care in the US (via the Commonwealth Fund).

Meghan Markle's brother wants Prince Harry to cancel the royal wedding

...Also, hundreds of commoners invited to the wedding are told to bring their own food

Arrested Development celebrates Star Wars Day in a very creative fashion

Watch a new eaglet hatch at the National Arboretum

How much you should be paying your babysitter based on rates across the country

Here's what it's like to attend a flat-Earth convention

North Carolina student gets accepted into 113 out of 115 colleges that she applies to. (paywall)

Budweiser's new beer is made from George Washington's personal recipe.

Clickbait: The most daring and dumbest courtroom escape

Historybook: HBD Audrey Hepburn (1929); 1st Grammy Awards held (1959); Margaret Thatcher becomes first female Prime Minister of the UK (1979); Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin and PLO leader Yasser Arafat sign peace accord (1994).
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