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Need To Know.
NBA Finals Set.
The Golden State Warriors will face the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals, after Toronto beat the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday to win the Eastern Conference Finals in six games. Toronto - making their first Finals appearance in team history - was fueled by star forward Kawhi Leonard, who arrived in Toronto after a blockbuster trade with San Antonio over the summer (Leonard's relationship with the team had reportedly soured). Leonard has scorched his way through the playoffs, scoring over 30 points in 11 games so far, including a Game 7 buzzer-beater (watch here) that propelled the team past the Philadelphia 76ers. Meanwhile, Golden State, the league's current dynasty, returns to the Finals for the 5th straight season after sweeping the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals. The status of Warriors star Kevin Durant is still up in the air after sustaining a calf injury in the second round against the Houston Rockets. Despite the setback, the Warriors remain heavy favorites - tip-off is set for Thursday at 9pm ET on ABC. 

The question remains whether hip hop star and Toronto superfan Drake will be able to contain his emotions during the Finals.
Centrists Lose Ground in EU Elections.
Four days of voting for the European Parliament wrapped over the weekend, with the body's centrist coalition maintaining its lead but losing its majority. The election, held once every five years, seats 751 representatives to the legislative body of the European Union, and is voted on by citizens 18 years and older across the EU's 28 member countries. Pundits anticipated the nationalist wave that has swept through Europe - such parties won at least 10% of the most recent vote in 10 European countries - would extend to the parliamentary elections, further undercutting the institution at the same time the United Kingdom attempts to leave the bloc. The center-left Socialist and Democratic party and the center-right European People's Party combined for 43% of the seats, a significant drop from the 54% of seats the previously held, leaving them short of a majority. Both far-right populist and liberal pro-European Union groups gained ground from the center coalition's losses. More than 50% of eligible voters across EU countries turned out to vote, the highest in nearly two decades. 
Tornadoes Rip Through Midwest.
A line of closely-packed tornadoes ripped through parts of Eastern Indiana and Southwestern Ohio overnight, leaving an estimated 5 million people without power. Seven people were injured and no fatalities had been reported as of early Tuesday, though there was so much storm debris from the storms crews used snowplows to clear major highways. The storms were part of a broader system that unleashed a string of tornadoes stretching across the Midwest - over 50 tornadoes had been reported between Nebraska and Ohio by early Tuesday morning (see storm map). The storms came just two days after a powerful EF3 twister killed two and injured 29 in the Oklahoma City suburb of El Reno, and four days after a tornado swept through Jefferson City, Missouri, injuring 20 people. 

Check out footage of one rather large tornado touching down in Iowa. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers quarterback and NFL legend, dies at 85 (More) | Bill Buckner, MLB All-Star and Boston Red Sox great, dies at 69 (More)
> Parasite wins Palme d'Or, the highest prize awarded at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival; see full list of winners (More)
> Virginia men, Maryland women win NCAA Lacrosse Championships (More) | 8 teams advance to 2019 Women's College World Series; see bracket, schedule (More) | Bracket announced for NCAA baseball tournament (More)

Invest in the world's most valuable paintings. Want to own part of a $2M Warhol or a $6.3M Monet? Masterworks.io lets you buy shares in high-end and usually inaccessible art that has outperformed the S&P 500 by 250%+ since 2000* (More) #Ad
Science & Technology.
> Computing hardware maker Nvidia announces AI platform that can compute and process data on edge devices, or network entry points, without sending data to the cloud (More) | What is edge computing? (More)
> In mouse studies, researchers show memories can be suppressed or enhanced by stimulating different regions in the brain's hippocampus (More)
> SpaceX launches first batch of mini-satellites for its Starlink project, meant to provide space-based affordable internet; first batch of mega-constellation includes 60 satellites at 500 lbs each (More)
Business & Markets.
> Italian-American automaker Fiat Chrysler proposes $35B merger with French automaker Renault, would create 3rd largest automaker in the world (More)
> CEO compensation at S&P500 companies increased by 7% in 2018 to average of $12M (More)
> Facebook announces plans to launch “GlobalCoin” cryptocurrency in 2020 (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz ousted in no-confidence vote following a corruption scandal that has engulfed the country's far-right political coalition (More)
> President Trump makes state visit to Japan; dings former Vice President Joe Biden, becomes first head of state to meet Japan's new emperor (More)
> District court judge partially blocks funding for US-Mexico border wall; order halts transfer of $1B in redirected defense funding out of $8.1B total (More) | $19.1B bipartisan disaster relief package stopped by lone dissenter, Rep. Chip Roy (R, TX-21) (More)
In Depth.
The Human Antivenom Project.
Outside | Kyle Dickman. After 200 snakebites and 700 injections of lethal venom, Wisconsin mechanic Tim Friede is well on his way to creating a universal antivenom. But until scientists can test and research his blood, the mechanic's fame remains largely on YouTube, where he regularly posts videos allowing lethal snakes to sink their teeth into his arm. (Read)
On the Arsonist's Trail.
The Guardian | Chloe Hooper. In 2009 Australia experienced some of the worst fires in the country's history, as 400 fires swept across the state of Victoria killing 173 people. Detectives have reason to believe the fires were not only caused by humans, but were intentional - but who started them, and why? (Read)
Celebrating Memorial Day around the country
...and the Rolling Thunder veterans ride makes a final visit to Washington, DC
Inside the US Defense Department's race against deep fake videos
This unbelievable photo captures how overcrowded Mount Everest is this season.
Hiker found alive after 17 days in the Hawaiian wilderness.
Breaking down barriers in Zimbabwe with the country's first Albinism pageant.
The 33 best ice cream shops in America (via Thrillist).
Person breaks into Boston house, thoroughly cleans it from top to bottom
Clickbait: Noah's Ark theme park sues over rain damage.
Historybook: HBD Native American athlete Jim Thorpe (1887); Volkswagen founded in Germany (1937); HBD singer Gladys Knight (1944); PLO, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, is founded in Jerusalem (1964); RIP poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou (2014).
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