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Political Shift in Australia

Australia's opposition Labor Party appears set to lead the country following national elections over the weekend. With a handful of races still being tabulated, the center-left party has captured 72 of the 76 seats needed for a parliamentary majority. If Labor does not pass the threshold, alliances with smaller parties and independents are expected to yield a governing coalition. Labor leader Anthony Albanese is expected to become the next prime minister.


The results end nine years of leadership by the country's conservative coalition led by the center-right Liberal Party. Labor sought to make the election a referendum on former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, with opponents having criticized his aggressive approach to politics. Morrison's government was also knocked for its response to devastating 2019-20 brush fires. 


Despite the win, analysts say the outcome reflects voter dissatisfaction with both major parties. Each lost vote share from 2019 elections, while the number of independent members doubled. 

Weekend Heat Wave

An estimated 38 million Americans sweltered under weekend heat advisories, with elevated temperatures stretching from Texas to New England. The heat approached 100 degrees in some places, with a number of daily records falling Saturday.


Austin, Texas, hit 100 degrees Saturday, beating the daily record of 99 degrees set in 1939. Richmond, Virginia, hit 95 degrees (93 degrees, 1966), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, reached 97 degrees (95 degrees, 1934), and Montpelier, Vermont, notched its first 90 degree recording for the day. For New York City and Boston, it marked the earliest in the calendar year a heat advisory had gone into effect since at least 2006. The high temperatures are expected to subside beginning today.


Meanwhile, a winter storm pummeled Colorado early Saturday, dropping more than 12 inches of snow in some locations and knocking out power to more than 66,000 customers in Denver. 

Hepatitis Mystery

The number of US deaths linked to unexplained cases of liver inflammation, or hepatitis, in children has risen to six over the past seven months, officials revealed. A reported 180 cases are being investigated across 36 states. All cases occurred in children under 10, but primarily affected younger children, with a median age of 2 years old.


Between 1,500 and 2,000 pediatric hepatitis cases are reported nationally each year, and officials said it was unclear whether the current cases are above what would typically be expected. However, researchers have expressed concern as a number of common causes have been ruled out, including hepatitis types A, B, C, D, and E (see overview). 


Doctors say one potential culprit is adenovirus 41, which typically causes stomach pain and diarrhea. Nearly half of the patients tested positive for the strain, though it has not previously been linked to hepatitis. More than 600 cases and 14 deaths have been reported worldwide.

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