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Mass Shooting in Buffalo

At least 10 people were killed and three others wounded Saturday after a shooter opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. It marks the worst mass shooting in the city's history, and the deadliest in the US in the past year. Officials believe, based on documents from the shooter, that the attack was racially motivated. See the victims here.


According to reports, 18-year-old Payton Gendron arrived at the grocery store in the mid-afternoon, shooting four people in the parking lot before moving inside the store. A security officer, retired police officer Aaron Salter Jr., attempted to stop Gendron, exchanging fire before being shot and killed. 


Officials say the attack was premeditated. The shooter is said to have left a 180-page manifesto explicitly describing his aim of targeting Black patrons at the store. Gendron, who lived more than three hours away from the store, said he selected the location based on the neighborhood's racial demographics. 


Gendron was arraigned on murder charges Saturday evening.  

1 Million Deaths

The number of reported COVID-19 deaths in the US is expected to pass 1 million today or tomorrow, more than two years after the country's first reported fatality of the coronavirus. 


As of this writing, just over 999,602 deaths have been recorded, with a seven-day rolling average of around 300 deaths per day (see data). Despite the grim milestone, deaths from the virus continue to track downward, having fallen almost 40% over the past month and well below a February peak above 2,500 per day. Hospitalizations

have also increased almost 70% over the past month. 


The country's elderly population suffered the brunt of the pandemic. An estimated 75% of victims were 65 years or older (see data)—more than 25% were 85 years or older, despite the age group accounting for less than 2% of the US population. 


President Joe Biden ordered flags lowered to half-staff Thursday in anticipation. See a visualization of the scale of the loss here.

European Shift

Lawmakers in both Finland and Sweden affirmed efforts to apply for membership to NATO, the Western-backed alliance originally established as a bulwark against the Soviet Union. Officials say the move, which would end decades of a stringent neutrality policy for both countries, was prompted by Russia's invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Their applications will likely set off a series of negotiations within NATO-member countries; see the process here


Separately, a delegation of US senators, led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), made an unannounced visit to Kyiv over the weekend. McConnell later urged the Biden administration to classify Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. 


See updates on the war here, along with photos from the ground.

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

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Science & Technology

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