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Need To Know.
Russia Targeting EU Elections.
Officials in Europe accused Russia and other far-right groups of spreading misinformation online in the run-up to the elections for the European Parliament. The elections, running from May 23rd to May 26th, will elect over 750 members to the European Union, representing a total of 512 million people across 28 member states (see EU 101). Russia's efforts have focused on amplifying conspiracy theories and fringe political commentary that encourage anti-EU sentiment, with the long-term goal of weakening the European Union. The misinformation campaigns share the same hallmarks as the interference, orchestrated by the Russian government, into the 2016 US presidential election - two German political groups were even shown to be using the same servers as Russian groups that hacked the Democratic National Committee in 2016. The elections come as European governments have faced a rising tide of nationalism at home. 
Fenty Breaks Big.
Singer and actress Rihanna inked a deal to bring her fashion line Fenty under the umbrella of Parisian luxury goods group LVHM, according to reports over the weekend. The Fenty line, originally launched in 2017 focusing on cosmetics for a wide range of skin tones (and named one of Time's Most Genius Companies of 2018), will be expanded into a full-blown fashion line. The deal makes the 31-year-old pop icon the first woman to launch an original fashion line under the fashion conglomerate, as well as the first woman of color to lead one of its brands. Fenty will be LVHM's first original fashion house launched since 1987, and observers say the move reflects the rising influence of multi-talented personas in driving high-end fashion tastes in the era of social media. LVHM is one of the world's highest-profile luxury goods companies (see history), owning around 60 well-known brands including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hennessy, Sephora, and more, and reported over $52.5B in 2018 revenues. 
Manchester City.
English football club Manchester City won the 2019 English Premier League yesterday, besting Brighton 4-1 to finish one point ahead of rival Liverpool in one of the tightest league races in history. It's the team's second straight Premier League title and the fourth in club history, with its first coming in the 2011-2012 season. Unlike most US sports leagues that rely on a playoff system, the Premier League - the most-watched sports league in the world, reaching 4.7 billion people per season - relies on a points system that rewards wins and draws during the 38-game season. Second-place finisher Liverpool ended with 97 points, a tally that would've landed them in first in 24 of the last 26 seasons were it not for Man City's stellar performance. English football is in the spotlight at the moment, with Liverpool and Tottenham facing off for the Champions League title (which includes the top club teams across Europe), and Chelsea facing Arsenal in the Europa League final (a similar, but less prestigious, version of the Champions League). 

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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Kawhi Leonard's buzzer-beater leads Toronto Raptors to victory in Eastern Conference Semifinals (More) | See preview, predictions of NBA Conference Finals featuring Raptors, Bucks, Warriors, and Blazers (More)
> Peggy Lipton, Twin Peaks actress and ex-wife to music producer Quincy Jones, dies at age 72 (More)
> Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announce the birth of their fourth child; baby boy was born via surrogate mother (More)
Science & Technology.
> AI system spontaneously learns how to distinguish between quantity of objects, displaying a learning process similar to human babies (More)
> Scientists link lower levels of glutamate in the brain to schizophrenia and psychosis; can be derived from common chemical compound found in broccoli sprouts (More)
> Study finds a number of fish species that live over a mile underwater have evolved ultra-photosensitive proteins that allow for "superpowered" color sensitivity (More)
Business & Markets.
> Asian stock markets & US futures down as US/China trade talks appear at deadlock (More)
> Ride-share giant Uber finishes first day of trading as public company down 7% (More)
> Craft brewers Boston Beer Co., maker of Sam Adams, and Dogfish Head to merge in deal valued at $300M (More)

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Politics & World Affairs.
> Swedish prosecutors to reopen 2010 rape charges against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (More)
> House Ways and Means Committee issues subpoenas for Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig in latest effort to obtain Trump tax returns (More) | House passes $17.2B disaster relief package extending flood insurance, provides aid for Puerto Rico (More)
> South Africa's ruling ANC party wins national election, but by narrowest margin since the end of the apartheid system over 25 years ago (More)
Washington Post readers say what motherhood means to them (paywall). 
12 of the funniest photos from the 2019 Wildlife Comedy Awards.
Losing even a quarter-hour of sleep can impact your productivity
California couple fined $600,000 after uprooting 180-year-old oak tree
Footprints from an extinct, 500-pound bird found in New Zealand
Study says the backseats of ride-sharing vehicles have more germs than toilet seats.
Ranking the best city parks in America
Australia's new $50 bill has a small typo (now to appear 46 million times). 
Clickbait: Watch two black bears duke it out in a New Jersey back yard
Historybook: US declares war against Mexico in dispute of Texas (1846); Legendary boxer Joe Louis born (1914); Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur born (1922); HBD Stevie Wonder (1950); Pope John Paul II is shot, survives assassination attempt (1981).
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