Trump's Twitter, Queen's Speech, and the World's Best Hotels Everything you need to know for today in five minutes.

Good morning. It's Wednesday, May 11, and we're covering comments by Elon Musk on former President Donald Trump's late Twitter account, the Queen's Speech in England, and much more. Have feedback? Let us know at [email protected].



Musk Mulls Trump Return

Potential future Twitter owner Elon Musk suggested he would reverse a ban on former President Donald Trump's account, arguing the decision undermined trust in the social media platform. The comments came during a Q&A period during a keynote at a conference on the future of vehicle technologies.


Trump was banned Jan. 8, 2021, in the days following the storming of the US Capitol, after tweets Twitter said violated platform rules around inciting violence. At the time of the ban, he had amassed more than 88 million followers, leveraging the platform to communicate directly with supporters. 


The former president has said he would not return to Twitter, having launched a competitor in Truth Social, though he has only begun frequently posting in recent weeks.


Musk does not formally own Twitter yet and voiced support for temporary bans. Listen to his full comments here

Queen Elizabeth Defers Speech

For the first time in six decades, Queen Elizabeth II did not attend the opening of Parliament yesterday due to "episodic mobility problems." Instead, the 96-year-old queen invoked the Regency Act, which allowed Prince Charles to stand in for the first time to outline the UK government's upcoming legislation. The Queen's Speech is traditionally read by the reigning monarch, marking the beginning of a parliamentary session.


Prince Charles was joined by his son, Prince William, for the ceremony offering a glimpse of the future monarchy; the pair are only two of four who could perform the duty as Counsellors of State under the Regency Act. While the move caused speculation of a transfer of power, it stops short of a regency, in which the queen's powers are transferred to the heir because of incapacity.


The news comes ahead of the Platinum Jubilee in June, celebrating the queen's 70 years on the throne.

Journalists Slain in Mexico

Two journalists were shot to death in Mexico this week, raising the total number of slain journalists in the country to 11 this year and making it the deadliest year for journalists in Mexico. Yessenia Mollinedo Falconi and Sheila Johana García Olivera of the online news site El Veraz were shot and killed in the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz Monday, officials said. Their deaths came on the heels of the murder of another journalist, Luis Enrique Ramírez Ramos, who was found on a dirt road last week in the northern state of Sinaloa. 


Monday's murder came as 200 journalists gathered in Mexico City to protest against the series of slayings, criticizing the state and federal governments for not sufficiently investigating and preventing such deaths. In the past 30 years, only three journalists' murders have led to convictions.


Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries for journalists. See a list of journalists killed around the world here

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

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> Fox Sports signs Tom Brady to reported 10 year, $375M contract as analyst once he retires; deal is most lucrative in sportscasting history (More


> Grammy-winning rapper Young Thug among 28 arrested on gang-related charges (More) | Celebrity chef Mario Batali acquitted in sexual misconduct trial (More


> Netflix informs employees that ad-supported content may arrive by the end of 2022 (More) | EA Sports and FIFA end partnership; EA's popular soccer video game to be renamed "EA Sports FC" (More

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Science & Technology

> Researchers identify a physiological difference in the brains of psychopathic patients; the striatum, involved in a range of functions including reward perception and motivation, is found to be 10% larger on average (More)


> Study finds cells expel unused internal molecules before cell division; findings may shed light on treatment-resistant cancers and protein accumulation in diseases such as Alzheimer's (More)


> AI-designed enzyme breaks down common plastics twice as fast as current chemicals; the target, PET plastic, accounts for 12% of global solid waste (More)

Business & Markets

> US stock markets mixed (S&P 500 +0.3%, Dow -0.3%, Nasdaq +1.0%) ahead of today’s April inflation report (More)


> US gas prices up to new record high $4.37 a gallon according to AAA (More)


> Cryptocurrency trading giant Coinbase sees shares fall near 20% in after-hours trading after reporting 27% revenue decline over last year (More) | Connected fitness giant Peloton posts declining revenues and largest quarterly loss, raises $750M in debt; company plans to lay off 12% of workforce (More) | Apple discontinues its last iPod model; device was first introduced in 2001 (More

Politics & World Affairs

> The UN votes for the Czech Republic to replace Russia on Human Rights Council (More) | Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) announces multimillion-dollar aid package to Odesa, Ukraine, a sister city of Baltimore; Russia continues to shell the port city (More) | See updates on the war (More


> Jim Pillen wins GOP primary for Nebraska governor and will face off against Carol Blood, the Democratic primary winner, in the midterm elections to replace term-limited Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) (More) | See all Nebraska primary results (More) | See West Virginia primary results (More


> CDC report says firearm-related deaths during the first year of the pandemic hit the highest level since 1994 (More) | Shanghai intensifies COVID-19 lockdowns, closes last two subway lines (More) | See COVID-19 stats (More)



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Historybook: Composer and songwriter Irving Berlin born (1888); Salvador Dalí born (1904); Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is founded (1927); RIP Bob Marley (1981); Deep Blue becomes the first computer to defeat a world champion in chess (1997).


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