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Need To Know.
Chicago Mayor.
Chicago will be led by a black woman for the first time in the city’s history, as voters elected Lori Lightfoot to the mayor’s office in a runoff election yesterday. Lightfoot also becomes the city's first openly gay mayor, and the result makes Chicago the largest US city to have a black woman at the helm. Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor in Illinois who has never held elected office, beat Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle by an overwhelming majority, 74%-26%. That Lightfoot and Preckwinkle had advanced to the runoff over well-known William Daly, a former Obama Chief of Staff whose brother and father held the office for a combined 40 years, was seen as a rebuke to incumbent Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel incidentally also served as Obama’s Chief of Staff, preceding Daly. The two candidates are scheduled to appear together at a post-election unity event today.

Elsewhere, Lesley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown - whose 2014 death sparked nationwide protests - ran and lost a race for city council in Ferguson, St. Louis.
Healthcare Reform Pushed Past 2020.
President Trump signaled yesterday that he would push any major reform to the Affordable Care Act past the 2020 election. The decision reportedly came after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the Republican-controlled Senate would examine ways to lower healthcare costs, but would not take up any major overhaul - an effort which fell short by one vote in 2017. The move also comes one week after the Justice Department appeared to take a major stand against the law, filing a brief supporting a Texas judge's ruling that the entire law should be struck down as unconstitutional. The judge had ruled that the law's constitutional basis was eliminated when the recent tax overhaul eliminated the requirement for an individual mandate requiring health insurance. The case is currently being reviewed by the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

A recent survey found that Americans borrowed nearly $88M in 2018 alone to cover health-related expenses. 
Guaido Loses Immunity.
Venezuelan lawmakers voted to strip opposition leader Juan Guaido of his immunity yesterday, paving the way for President Nicolas Maduro to potentially arrest the popular politician. The 35-year-old head of the opposition-controlled congress declared himself
interim president of the country in a bid to overthrow Maduro in January, eventually garnering the official recognition of over 50 countries around the world, including the US and Latin American neighbors Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and others. The country, where oil revenues account for nearly all export earnings and half of GDP (see overview), has spiraled into a long-term economic depression as oil prices plunged. Maduro has faced widespread criticism for cracking down on opposition groups, but has hesitated to move against Guaido. Exacerbating the crisis has been a month-long rolling blackout, leaving much of the country without power for long stretches.   

Overnight, thousands broke through barriers on the country's border with Colombia seeking food and shelter. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Suspect in Nipsey Hussle's murder arrested by Los Angeles police; the Grammy-nominated rapper was shot and killed on Sunday at age 33 (More)
> New professional football league the Alliance of American Football (AAF) reportedly to cease operations just eight weeks into its inaugural season due to financial issues (More)
> 2019 Hugo Awards nominations for the best works of science fiction and fantasy were announced yesterday with categories ranging from novels to TV and film; see full list of nominees (More)
Science & Technology.
> Patients with colorectal cancer found to exhibit the same changes in microbiome across countries, cultures, and diets; cancer type is the third-most common, but difficult to diagnose in early stages (More)
> Reported US measles cases pass 2018 total in first three months of 2019 at 387; concentrated in New York, Washington, New Jersey and California (More)
> Scientists unveil “molecular surgery”, capable of reshaping living tissue using electricity instead of incisions (More)
Business & Markets.
> Online US retail shopping officially overtakes general sales (brick & mortar) for the first time in US history, per the Commerce Department (More)
> Walgreens misses Wall Street earnings expectations due to lower same-store sales and prescription drug pricing, shares slide 12% (More)
> Forbes releases 2019 Midas List, ranking the top venture capitalists in the technology space (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Woman with two Chinese passports and a thumb drive containing malware stopped after lying to bypass security at President Trump's Florida Mar-a-Lago resort (More)
> United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May to seek second extension to deadline for the UK to leave the European Union; current deadline is April 12th (More)
At least 80 women sue San Diego hospital alleging they were secretly recorded during procedures, including labor and delivery (More)
What Americans do and don’t know about science (via Pew Research).
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High school robotics students build a power wheelchair for a 2-year-old
Clickbait: You won't believe what's popping up all over London.
Historybook: American politician Boss Tweed born (1823); HBD actress Doris Day (1922); Actor Marlon Brando born (1924); First mobile phone call is made (1973); Apple releases the 1st iPad (2010).
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