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Need To Know.
Coachella 2018.
The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicks off this weekend with over 100 artists heading to the Empire Polo Club in southern California for two consecutive weekends of live shows. The festival runs on consecutive three day weekends - the same lineup is played on both weekends, so most artists perform twice. Shows begin today, and headliners throughout the festival include Beyoncé, the Weeknd, Eminem, SZA, Cardi B, St. Vincent, and more (see full lineup). Coachella is one of the most popular annual music festivals, responsible in part for an explosion in similar events around the country - over 250,000 people attended last year and the festival raked in almost $115M. If you can't make it, you can still livestream most performances on YouTube.

In case you want to host your own 'chella, be warned that the organizers can get pretty aggressive over trademark rights. 

NBA Playoffs Begin.
The NBA playoffs get underway this weekend, with the spotlight squarely focused on whether anyone can challenge the defending champion Golden State Warriors as they look to return to their fourth consecutive NBA Finals. The Warriors have faced LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in each of the last three Finals, winning the championship twice and losing once. The landscape is a bit different this year - the Warriors ended in second place in the Western Conference (partly due to an injury to star Stephen Curry, who will likely miss the first round of the playoffs), behind the James Harden-led Houston Rockets (65-17). In the Eastern Conference, the Cavs also underperformed finishing 50-32 and fourth in the conference standings. Vegas has either the Warriors or Rockets favored to win the championship at 3/2 odds, followed by the Cavs (8/1), Toronto Raptors (12/1), and Philadelphia 76ers (15/1).  

Games begin with the Warriors taking on their longtime rival, the San Antonio Spurs (3pm ET, ABC) - see the full schedule here

Trump Floats Rejoining Trade Deal.
President Trump asked aides to investigate steps to rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to reports yesterday. The proposal - which was made during a meeting with US senators - would have the US rejoin an agreement that seeks to lower or eliminate trade barriers among 11 other countries (see 101). 
Originally representing 40% of the global economy, the deal began with negotiations in 2008 and was signed in 2016 - but the US withdrew in 2017, prior to ratifying the agreement. The other 11 countries - including top US allies like Canada, Japan, and Australia - then pushed on with the deal and signed a revised agreement in March of this year. The move comes at the same time the White House is looking to expand tariffs on goods from China, who is not part of the deal. 
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In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Colin Kaepernick's tryout with Seattle Seahawks reportedly canceled after he declined to stop kneeling during national anthem (More)
> Khloe Kardashian gives birth to baby girl amid allegations of boyfriend Tristan Thompson's cheating (More)
Disney's first attempt at live video streaming debuts with launch of ESPN+ yesterday (More)

Science & Technology.

Northwestern study shows night owls have a 10% increase in risk of early death versus early risers (More)
Machine learning software transforms smartphone camera into lab-grade optical microscope (More)
Study suggests inflammation in pregnant mothers can have future effects on child's working memory out to age two (More)

Business & Markets.

Bed Bath & Beyond stocks fall ~20% on disappointing earnings forecast, as e-commerce plagues brick-and-mortar chain (More)
A US judge in PA rules Uber drivers are independent contractors and not company employees under federal law - an important decision for gig-economy workers (More)
Volkswagen ousts CEO, names Herbert Diess new Chief (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Oklahoma teachers end two-week walkout after winning raises, extra $450M in state support for education (More)
Anchorage, AK, becomes first city in US to reject 'bathroom bill' restricting use of public restrooms by birth gender (More)
Trump orders audit of Postal Service, focuses on USPS deal with Amazon (More)
Weekend Reads.

The 10-Year Baby Window Key to the Pay Gap. 

New York Times | Claire Cain Miller. New research throws a big twist into an already complicated conversation about the gender pay gap. Women that have babies before the age of 25 - or after age 35 - are much more likely to close the salary divide. (Read, paywall)

That One Night. 

Rolling Stone | Andy Greene. Nearly ten years after it aired, the cast gives an oral history of the Season 4 episode of The Office, 'The Dinner Party', widely considered to be one of the greatest episodes in the show's history. (Read)

Rescue on the Killer Mountain. 

Outside | Marcin Jamkowski. Two climbers stranded near the summit of Nanga Parbat sent out a desperate call on their satellite device. A hundred miles away, a Polish team of extraordinary climbers answered the call, prompting one of the most daring rescues in mountaineering history. (Read)

Down in a Dead Man’s Town. 

Medium | Matthew Newton. Examining what happens when a loved family member loses their job, disconnects from the world, and spirals into addiction. (Read)

Dog Fight. 

Washington Post | Kim Kavin. As the business of pet rescue becomes more and more profitable, rescues have created a shadow industry by buying animals directly from the breeders they demonize. (Read, paywall) 
US adults seem to be forgetting about the Holocaust

The cast of The Sandlot reunites after 25 years

...speaking of baseball, Forbes ranks the highest-valued MLB teams for 2018.

This whale is quickly becoming a symbol of international ocean pollution

Go on a close-up tour of the moon thanks to NASA's Orbiter spacecraft

Check how much e-sports stars earn from having others watch them play video games

Fan gets called to stage to perform with the Killers, totally kills it

Clickbait: Reports of a tiger on the loose in Manhattan turn out to be raccoon.  

Historybook: Thomas Jefferson born (1743); HBD Metropolitan Museum of Art (1870); HBD Eudora Welty (1909); Sidney Poitier is 1st African-American male to win Best Actor at Oscars (1964).

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"I always wanted to be someone better the next day than I was the day before."
- Sidney Poitier

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