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Need To Know.
MLB 2019.
The 2019 Major League Baseball season opens in full-swing today, with all 30 teams in action. The day begins with an early treat as reigning National League Cy Young winner Jacob deGrom faces off against three-time winner Max Scherzer as deGrom’s New York Mets travel to Washington, DC to take on the the Nationals (1:05pm ET). Speaking of the Nationals, they’re now without superstar Bryce Harper, who moved to divisional foe Philadelphia in the offseason (and was anonymously voted “most overrated” by other players). Eyes will also be on the mercurial-but-talented Yasiel Puig, who left Los Angeles for Cincinnati, and power-hitting, six-time All-Star Paul Goldschmidt, who arrives in St. Louis from Arizona. The Yankees are the way-too-early World Series favorites at 5/1 odds, followed by the 2017 champion Houston Astros (6/1), the 2018 champion Boston Red Sox (7/1), and the 2018 runner-up Los Angeles Dodgers (see power rankings).

See the full slate of games here.
May Offers Resignation.
In a dramatic announcement, United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May said she would resign from office if Parliament passed her package guiding the UK’s exit from the European Union. May herself took over when former PM David Cameron resigned after 52% of voters supported the so-called Brexit in a 2016 national referendum. After assuming election, May spent the better part of two years negotiating the package, which was ultimately agreed to by EU leaders last November before being shot down - twice - by the UK parliament (see timeline). Observers say May hopes her resignation would pull enough opposition votes to push the package through on the third try. Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary and frequent critic of May, said he now plans to support the package.

If the package passes, the UK will exit on May 22nd - without a package in place, the UK must leave the EU by April 12th.
India Flexes Space Muscle.
In a defensive test, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the country had successfully destroyed one of its own satellites using a ballistic missile. The test is no easy feat, requiring a missile traveling over 10,000 miles per hour to intercept a satellite moving at 17,000 miles per hour at a distance of about 180 miles above the Earth's surface, with the satellite in low-Earth orbit. India becomes just the fourth country to demonstrate the capability, joining the US, China, and Russia, which could potentially them to knock out space-based communications or surveillance of rival countries during confrontations. Analysts worry that the demonstration could alter the balance of power (paywall) in Southeast Asia, with India's rivalry with China moving into space. 

The test may have also created a space mess
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> NCAA Men's basketball tournament continues today; see preview of the Sweet Sixteen match-ups (More)
> 2019 James Beard Awards announces its shortlist for best chefs and restaurants in the U.S. (More) | What is the James Beard Award? (More)
> Sex and the City to make return to televison; pilot script to be written by Candace Bushnell, original author of books behind the series (More)
Science & Technology.
> Vice President Mike Pence says US will return humans to the moon by 2025; will focus on landing at the lunar South Pole (More)
> Scientists demonstrate 3-D printed lattice for creating uniform structures of cells; may lead to more easily printed organs and other biological components (More)
> Three researchers awarded the Turing Award - the Nobel Prize of computing - for pioneering work in deep learning and artificial intelligence (More)
Business & Markets.
> Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company, to acquire 70% stake in petrochemicals firm Sabic for about $70B (More)
> Health insurance provider Centene to acquire smaller rival WellCare Health for $15B (More)
> Jury awards $80M to man who claims Bayer's Roundup weed killer caused his cancer (More)

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Politics & World Affairs.
> Senate subcommittee grills FAA officials over review of Boeing 737 MAX safety features following two deadly crashes in 5 months (More) | Simulations suggest pilots had 40 seconds to react in doomed October Lion Air crash in Indonesia (More)
> Facebook announces sweeping ban on white nationalism and white supremacy groups and posts across its platform (More)
> Federal judge blocks state-level work requirements to qualify for Medicaid established in Arkansas and Kentucky (More)
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In Depth.
The Underground Railroad of North Korea.
GQ | Doug Bock Clark. Escaping from one of the world's most mysterious authoritarian regimes is no easy task - and after passing through hordes of security forces and successfully jumping the border, the journey is just beginning. (Read)
Ecuador Legalized Gangs, and Murder Rates Plummeted.
Vox | Sigal Samuel. Ecuador's 2007 decision to legalize being in a gang had counterintuitive results, including destigmatizing the association between gang life and violence. Murder rates showed a surprising drop - what lessons does the experiment have for reducing violent crime? (Read)
How the NCAA divvies up the nearly $900M it makes from March Madness.
The college majors with the highest salaries - and the best prospects
Iceland's Wow Airlines ceases operations overnight.

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Half of all older Americans have no retirement savings (via Bloomberg). 
Buzz Aldrin sparkles in photo of last remaining Apollo astronauts
Answering the age-old question, what’s the least useful body part?
25 places you need to hike in your lifetime.
Spring breakers foil armed gunmen at a Florida gas station
Clickbait: Horrifying photo shows how many germs are on your kid's hands
Historybook: RIP English novelist Virginia Woolf (1941); RIP Native American Olympian and athlete Jim Thorpe (1953); RIP musician W.C. Handy (1958); Earthquake in western Turkey kills 1000+ (1970); HBD Lady Gaga (1986).
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