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Besinek v. Lamone.
The Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a pivotal case that could significantly alter the future of US elections by limiting the ability of states to gerrymander congressional districts. The case, Besinek v. Lamone, considers whether the Democrat-controlled Maryland government violated voters first amendment rights by redrawing congressional districts ahead of the 2012 elections in a way that made one district virtually unwinnable for Republicans. The move allegedly added a net gain of 90,000 registered Democrats to the state's 6th district, where only 230,000 total voters usually cast ballots for midterm elections. While the case focuses on Maryland, it's also a proxy for the Court's willingness to intervene in states' determination of political boundaries - even when the motivations are clearly partisan. In the case of Maryland, former Governor Martin O'Malley admitted that the redistricting was politically motivated. A ruling on the case is expected later in the year.

New Human Organ Identified.
Scientists say they have found a new organ that, among other things, may have implications for understanding how cancer spreads throughout the body. The organ, called the interstitium, lies just below the skin (which is the body's largest organ) and is a patchwork of interconnected, fluid-filled compartments, anatomically distinct from the rest of the body. Scientists believe the interstitium may act as a shock absorber to keep tissues from tearing during day-to-day functioning. The organ went unnoticed for so long due to the way researchers examine tissue samples, which are thinly sliced and treated with chemicals. Because the fluid was accidentally drained from the interstitium in the process, scientists thought they were looking at dense connective tissue. Scientists think the fluid-filled compartments - which drain into the lymphatic system - may explain why cancer cells that invade the layer are able to easily spread to the lymph nodes. 

Alton Sterling.
Louisiana officials will not pursue criminal charges against two white police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA, in July 2016. Sterling - whose death was one in a string of police shootings that spurred the Black Lives Matter movement - was shot and killed by police as they attempted to detain him outside a convenience store while responding to a disturbance call. Cell phone videos from the scene (content warning) show Sterling pinned by police - officers say Sterling was reaching for what they thought was a gun (the dispatch call indicated a firearm was present). Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said the video could neither prove or disprove the claim. Not yet public footage from body cameras and surveillance video will be released after the disciplinary process concludes, as early as the end of this week. 

In separate news, the California attorney general will join an investigation into the shooting of an unarmed Sacramento man last week. 
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In The Know.

Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

Toxicology report shows Prince had high amount of the opioid fentanyl in system at time of death (More)
NFL owners approve new rules for catching, ejections (More)
Popular video game Fortnite breaks YouTube streaming record with 42M total views (More) | What is Fortnite? (More)

Science & Technology.

Nvidia, maker of self-driving computing and vision systems, will halt its own autonomous vehicle testing globally in wake of fatal Uber accident in AZ (More)
NASA pushes back launch date for James Webb telescope, the successor to Hubble, by one year to May 2020 (More) | See all the cutting-edge tech (More)
In pioneering study, researchers will track accumulation of tau protein - whose buildup in the brain is a key culprit in Alzheimer's - in live patients as symptoms emerge (More)

Business & Markets.

US National Transportation Safety Board to probe Tesla after fatal crash in Mountain View, CA - stock slides ~8% (More)
US home prices increased 8.8% in February due to lack of new home supply (More)
Federal Appeals court rules Google could owe Oracle up to $8B in copyright infringement for using Java code in Android operating system (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

Health insurer Cigna says it has reduced opioid use by customers by 25% (More)
NY, CA to lead multi-state suit against federal government to remove citizenship question from US 2020 Census (More) | Justice Department says question would help enforce Voting Rights Act (More)
Kim Jong Un meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping confirmed, China says Kim pledged denuclearization (More)
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