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Good morning. It's Tuesday, March 15, and we are covering an expected briefing by the Ukrainian president, a serial shooter on the East Coast, and much more. Have feedback? Let us know at [email protected].

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Zelenskyy to Brief Congress

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will speak virtually in a joint address to the US Congress tomorrow, congressional leaders announced. The address comes on the heels of almost $14B in aid from the US to Ukraine and a move to halt Russian oil imports. Zelenskyy, who has remained on the ground in the capital of Kyiv, is expected to reiterate the need for a Western-backed no-fly zone across Ukraine. 


The announcement came as US and Chinese officials met in Rome, amid rumors China was considering military assistance to Russia. Beijing denied the reports. 


Separately, Russian officials alleged 23 civilians (paywall, Reuters) were killed and 28 injured in the eastern separatist city of Donetsk by a Ukrainian missile. Observers said the claims had not been verified. 


More than 2.8 million refugees have fled the country. Neighboring Poland, whose population is roughly 38 million, has taken in an estimated 1.7 million Ukrainians. See a map of refugee flows here.


See map updates and photos from the ground here.

Protests in Corsica

The French government is calling for a return to calm after protests broke out on the island of Corsica over an attack on a jailed nationalist figure. Yvan Colonna, 61, was strangled by a fellow detainee earlier this month and left in a coma. Thousands of people took to the streets, some ransacking a bank and storming into a justice building. Police deployed tear gas and water cannons. At least 67 people have been injured. 


Colonna has been serving a life sentence on mainland France for assassinating Police Chief Claude Érignac in 1998. Colonna, who has claimed innocence, was arrested in 2003 after a five-year search and convicted in 2007. Colonna's supporters have demanded his transfer to Corsica, which authorities have rejected. French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said he plans to visit Corsica Wednesday to talk with local officials.


Colonna’s assailant, Franck Elong Abe, was indicted with attempted murder in association with a terror group.

East Coast Serial Shooter

Officials from New York City and Washington, DC, are coordinating a search for a suspect believed to be involved in the shootings of five people across both cities over the past two weeks. Police say the suspect has targeted the homeless population late at night. Two people have died, one in each city.


The attacks began in Washington, where two victims suffered nonfatal gunshot wounds March 3 and March 8. Police responded to a tent fire March 9, finding a deceased victim with multiple stab and gunshot wounds. Officials believe the suspect traveled north to New York City, where two additional victims were shot—one fatally—in the early hours of March 12 in lower Manhattan. 


In New York City, it marks the latest serial attack against the homeless population. Four people were killed in a 2019 attack in Manhattan, and two others were killed during a 2021 stabbing spree in the city's subway system. 

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