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Need To Know.
ET302 Disaster.
All 157 people aboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight were killed when their plane crashed just after takeoff on Sunday, officials said. The plane was a Boeing 737 MAX 8, the same model plane that crashed off the coast of Indonesia in November after a malfunctioning safety system caused rapid changes in elevation. All 189 people were killed in the November crash. Safety officials are still investigating the cause of Sunday's crash, but reports said the November crash was caused by faulty sensors forcing the plane to auto-adjust into multiple nosedives against the pilots' control. Boeing has delivered (paywall) over 200 of the new MAX model aircraft to airlines around the world, with 4,700 more orders in place. 

Overnight, both Ethiopia and China grounded all 737 MAX 8 planes while safety investigators look into the crash. 
Smollett Indicted.
A grand jury indicted actor Jussie Smollett over the weekend on 16 counts of felony disorderly conduct for allegedly staging a fake hate-crime attack on himself. Co-star of the hit show Empire, Smollett claimed to have been attacked in January by two men yelling racist and homophobic slurs. The case unraveled after the men were apprehended and said they were paid $3,500 by Smollett to carry out the attack, with one of the men revealed as a former personal trainer of the actor. The biggest surprise was the number of counts - Smollett was originally arrested on a single charge, but experts say police may be considering the multiple statements he made to both responding officers and during follow-up with investigators.

Chicago police also opened an internal investigation looking for the source of numerous leaks during the high-profile investigation. 
White House turns in Budget.
The Trump administration is expected to turn in its fiscal year 2020 budget request today, with officials foreshadowing a 5% cut across all agencies except the Defense Department. The request is expected to include $8.6B to expand physical barriers along the US-Mexico border, an issue which sparked a 35-day-long partial government shutdown in January. Each year, the White House proposes a budget a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins October 1st. The budget is meant to outline the priorities of the executive branch - historically Congress has taken the request into account while drafting its own budget, which ultimately governs how the executive branch operates. A budget from Congress is expected sometime in the summer. It's a confusing process - find a great explainer here
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Pittsburgh Steelers trade star wide receiver Antonio Brown to Oakland Raiders for two 2019 draft picks; Brown's contract will also bump up to $50M over three years (More)
> Adnan Syed, subject of Serial podcast season one, denied re-trial by Maryland Court of Appeals for murder conviction 19 years ago (More)
> Jennifer Lopez and former baseball star Alex Rodriguez announce engagement via social media; see photo of massive engagement ring (More)
Science & Technology.
> Study says US ranks 54th, between Iran and Antigua and Barbuda, in how well people age (More)
> New quantum mechanical circuit picks up weakest radio signal possible; opens up potential future uses in radio astronomy and medical imaging (More)
> Researchers locate, make first studies of new type of killer whale off Cape Horn (More)
Business & Markets.
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> US economy adds 20k jobs in February, lower than 180k expected; unemployment rate down to 3.8%, wages grew 3.4% over last year (More)
> US stock market's longest ever bull market turns 10 years old, has created $30B of wealth (More) | What is a bull market? (More)
> Stock of parent company of sparkling water giant LaCroix drops 15% after first revenue drop in 5 years (More)

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Politics & World Affairs.
> South Korean officials say satellite images show North Korea is prepping for new missile launch following failed Trump-Kim summit last month (More)
> Bureau of Prisons investigating "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli for running company from jail using contraband cellphone; Shkreli jailed for securities fraud last year (More)
> Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's deputy chief of staff moves to top post at Association of Global Automakers (More)
Captain Marvel shatters the box office glass ceiling
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Clickbait: This city smells, and nobody knows why
Historybook: Civil Rights leader Ralph Abernathy born (1926); RIP Alexander Fleming, scientist who discovered penicillin (1955); Janet Reno confirmed as first female Attorney General in the US (1993); 9.0 earthquake strikes Japan, triggers tsunami and leads to Fukushima nuclear plant disaster (2011).
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