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Oscar Nominations Released

Nominations for the 94th annual Academy Awards were announced yesterday, led by Jane Campion's "The Power of the Dog" with 12 nominations. The Netflix-distributed film, a western based on the 1967 novel by Thomas Savage, received nods for best picture and all best acting categories. "Dune" received 10 nominations, followed by "Belfast" and "West Side Story," each receiving seven nods apiece (see list). Netflix led with 27 nominations, followed by Disney with 23.


Following a record-breaking year for diversity at the Oscars, Campion becomes the first woman nominated twice for best director. Lin-Manuel Miranda's original song nomination for "Dos Oruguitas" could win his EGOT—Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. "Drive My Car" becomes the first Japanese nod for best picture. Denzel Washington's best actor nomination extends his record as the most-nominated Black actor in Oscar history.


See the biggest snubs and surprises here. The ceremony takes place March 27 (8 pm ET, ABC), with a host for the first time in three years. 


See the Muppet version of each best picture nominee here.

Peloton Hires New CEO

Peloton is replacing CEO John Foley, laying off about 2,800 employees, and closing some of the warehouses it owns, the fitness company announced yesterday. The changes are seen as an effort to appease investors and slash costs. Barry McCarthy, former chief financial officer at Spotify and Netflix, will replace Foley starting today. Foley will become the executive chair.


The announcement comes after activist investor Blackwells Capital urged Peloton’s board of directors to fire Foley and explore a sale as a result of its poor performance in recent months. Yesterday's announcement, however, doesn't address investors' concerns, Blackwells said. The shake-up also follows reports this week of Nike and Amazon signaling interest in potentially buying Peloton.


Separately, the company said it lost $439M in its last quarter and lowered its expectations for its full-year revenue. While shares rose 25% at close yesterday, they are still 78% below an all-time high when Peloton was valued at about $52B. 

Macron Meets Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron met with Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday, as Western leaders seek to defuse rising tensions at the Russia-Ukraine border. Macron hinted at the possibility of a diplomatic compromise with Putin, who has amassed more than 100,000 troops in western Russia and nearby allied countries.


Analysts disagree over whether Putin is set on a full or partial invasion of Ukraine, or whether he is seeking leverage to influence Russia's relationship with NATO, a military alliance of which Ukraine is not a member. US intelligence suggests the military buildup is at 70% of what would be required for a full-scale invasion. Separately, Russia reportedly sent warships to the Black Sea, immediately to the south of Ukraine, for military exercises. 


See a visualization of Russia's military buildup and a deep dive on the escalating crisis here.

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

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> American alpine skier Ryan Cochran-Siegle wins Olympic silver 50 years after his mother Barbara Cochran won gold (More) | See latest medal count (More)


> Adele wins top prize of Artist of the Year at 2022 Brit Awards, the UK's highest profile music awards show (More)


> Visual effects pioneer Douglas Trumbull dies at 79 of mesothelioma (More) | George Spiro Dibie, five-time Emmy-winning cinematographer, dies at 90 (More)

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Science & Technology

> Samsung to hold annual product event today; see expected lineup here, including an updated line of Galaxy S22 smartphones (More)


> Global methane emissions reached triple preindustrial levels in 2021, according to new analysis; the molecule has 25 times the greenhouse gas effect as carbon dioxide, but exits the atmosphere much quicker (More)


> Scientists discover massive sea sponge colonies in the Arctic deep sea; organisms appear to live on inactive underwater volcanos and eat the remains of extinct fauna (More)

Business & Markets

> US stock markets close higher (S&P 500 +0.8%, Dow +1.1%, Nasdaq +1.3%) led by technology sector (More) | US trade deficit increased 27% to record $859B in 2021 (More)


> Justice Department seizes $3.6B in allegedly stolen Bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchange hack in 2016 (More)


> A $66B sale of UK-based Arm to fellow chipmaker Nvidia collapsed after regulatory scrutiny for what would have been the largest chip deal ever; Arm owner SoftBank plans to pursue initial public offering (More)

Politics & World Affairs

> House of Representatives passes short-term funding bill to keep the federal government open through March 11; bill now heads to the Senate (More)


> Second gentleman Doug Emhoff evacuated from Black History Month event at Washington, DC, high school due to bomb threat; incident comes days after historically Black colleges around the US received similar threats (More)


> New York to end indoor mask mandate tomorrow (More) | Canadian antivaccine mandate trucker protest shuts down the US-Canada Ambassador Bridge, which connects Detroit and Windsor, Ontario; bridge is the busiest North American border crossing for trade (More) | See US COVID-19 stats here (More)



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Clickbait: You won't believe what one Idaho man did with his chin.


Historybook: President William Henry Harrison born (1773); RIP poet and playwright Paul Laurence Dunbar (1906); "The Color Purple" author Alice Walker born (1944); Record 73 million watch The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show" (1964).


"It is a little dark still, but there are warnings of the day and somewhere out of the darkness, a bird is singing to the Dawn."

- Excerpt from Representative American Negroes, an essay by Paul Laurence Dunbar

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