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Need to Know
'Get Some More Med Units Here'
Five people were killed yesterday after a gunman opened fire in at the Molson Coors campus in Milwaukee yesterday. The shooter, a 51-year-old male who worked at the facility, reportedly took his own life before he could be apprehended by police. Authorities had not yet identified a motive and were withholding the identity of the victims. A source said the gunman used two handguns in the attack, one equipped with a silencer. The incident was the 11th mass shooting in Wisconsin since 2004 (see list) and the 28th mass shooting (defined as having four or more victims, including the shooter) in the US so far this year. The 165-year-old brewery is one of the oldest and largest in the country, located in what is known as "Miller Valley"; more than 1,000 employees were at the sprawling complex at the time of the shooting. 

Listen to emergency crews respond to the shooting here.
Coronavirus Pushes Across the Globe
Health officials worldwide continued to sound the alarm over the new coronavirus yesterday as the number of new cases outside China surpassed the number reported inside the country for the first time. In Europe, France saw its first death from the outbreak while new cases were reported in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and elsewhere. Italy has confirmed more than 400 cases with 12 deaths, with the total jumping 50% this week and officials quarantining a number of towns (see photos). Latin America reported its first confirmed case of the virus in a Brazilian patient who recently returned from Italy. An American soldier stationed in South Korea - home to the largest outbreak outside of China - was diagnosed with the virus yesterday. In the US, a case in California became the first not traceable any recent foreign travel by the patient. Vice President Mike Pence was appointed to coordinate the country's response to the global outbreak. 

Watch the virus spread across the globe in this animation.
Clearview AI Breach
Facial recognition software maker Clearview AI had its full client list and associated account information stolen by an intruder, the company said yesterday. The company generated controversy following reports that it scraped nearly 3 billion images from the internet - including from social media profiles - to create its facial recognition platform. The program allows clients, including public law enforcement, to instantly identify people simply by uploading a facial image captured by surveillance footage. According to the original report ($$, NYT), the company also has the ability to monitor how law enforcement agencies use the platform, providing access to otherwise confidential investigations. More than 600 organizations had signed up for its platform in the past year, though until yesterday's breach, the detailed list had been kept secret. 

The company responded to cease and desist letters from Google, Facebook, and others by claiming a First Amendment right to scrape internet data.
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In the Know
Sports, Entertainment, & Culture
> Maria Sharapova announces retirement from tennis at age 32; Sharapova won five Grand Slam titles and a 2012 Olympic silver medal (More)
> The 2020 James Beard Award semifinalists for best US chef and restaurant of the year announced (More)
> Clive Cussler, bestselling author and adventurer, dies at 88; Cussler’s novels hit The New York Times bestseller list more than 20 times and sold more than 100 million copies (More)
Science & Technology
> Astronomers observe likely presence of a small asteroid trapped into a stable orbit around Earth; would be just the second-ever confirmed mini-moon (More)
> Researchers use AI-based interventions to help children with autism spectrum disorder improve communication skills and simulate social interactions (More)
> Study finds the transverse arch plays a key role in the stiffness of the human foot, and the evolution of this feature played a critical role in the development of human bipedalism (More)
Business & Markets
> After starting the day up nearly 2%, US stock markets end mixed (S&P 500 -0.4%, Dow -0.5%, Nasdaq +0.2%) on continued coronavirus fears (More)
> Walmart debuts fulfillment services allowing third-party vendors to hire Walmart to pack and ship merchandise (More) | Walmart also rolls out in-store healthcare services at second store (More)
> US new home sales surge 7.9% in January to highest level since July 2007 (More)
Politics & World Affairs
> At least 24 dead and more than 200 injured as Hindu and Muslim groups clash in India's capital city of New Delhi, with Hindu mobs reportedly burning mosques; violence sparked by protests over controversial citizenship bill (More
> House overwhelmingly passes bill classifying lynching as a federal hate crime; legislation named in honor of Emmett Till, 65 years after the 14-year-old African American was lynched in Mississippi (More
> Federal appeals court in New York upholds Trump administration's move to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities; three separate federal courts previously ruled against the administration, case likely headed to Supreme Court (More)
Breakthrough Technologies 2020
MIT Tech Review | Staff. Buying yourself a 150th birthday present over space-based internet using digital currency? Maybe. From quantum supremacy to antiaging drugs, here are the top 10 technology breakthroughs happening now that will shape the world to come. (Read)
Where is My Mind?
Player's Tribune | Ben Gordon. The 11-year NBA veteran - the only rookie to ever be awarded the league's Sixth Man of the Year - provides a hyperpersonal account of the onset of depression and anxiety following the end of his playing days. (Read)
Renowned photographer captures close-ups of Holocaust survivors.
Mapping the world's oldest companies
A controversial $100M government surveillance program yields exactly two leads.

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Amazing visualization of how NASA collects global rain data
People who drive expensive cars are the worst, science says.
Apple won't let bad guys in movies use iPhones.
Musicians use algorithm to create every possible melody.
This handy chart shows which mustaches work with coronavirus masks.
Clickbait: Something is causing the human eyeball to elongate
Historybook: Author John Steinbeck born (1902); Actress Elizabeth Taylor born (1932); RIP Nobel Prize-winning physiologist Ivan Pavlov (1936); 22nd Amendment is ratified, setting term limits for US presidents (1951); RIP Fred Rogers (2003).
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