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Need To Know
Pensacola Shooting Probed as Terrorism
A shooter at Naval Air Station Pensacola killed three and injured eight after opening fire during a class on the military base Friday. Officials identified the shooter, killed on the scene by responding officers, as a 21-year-old second lieutenant in the Royal Saudi Air Force doing a training stint at NAS Pensacola, which often hosts international trainees. The incident is being presumed a terror attack as investigators zeroed in on anti-American comments the shooter made on social media as well as reports that he showed videos of other mass shootings at a recent dinner party. The FBI has also broadened its probe after reports that at least three other Saudi trainees filmed the attacks ($$, WashPo) with their cellphones and the Saudi government is investigating whether the shooter was radicalized during return trips home to the kingdom. The attack came just two days after a gunman opened fire at a base in Pearl Harbor, killing two and injuring another. The events appear to be unrelated. 

Read an analysis of the impact on US-Saudi ties here.
LSU Rolls into Bowl Season
The final regular season rankings for the College Football Playoff were unveiled yesterday, with No. 1 LSU taking on No. 4 Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl and No. 2 Ohio State facing off against the defending champions and No. 3 Clemson Tigers in the Fiesta Bowl. The top three teams completed undefeated regular seasons, with LSU regaining the top spot from Ohio State after a dominating 37-10 performance over Georgia to win the SEC Conference Championship. LSU heads into the playoff led by quarterback and Heisman frontrunner Joe Burrow, who is first in the nation in passing touchdowns (48) and second in passing yards (4,714). Both semifinals will be played Dec. 28, with the winners squaring off in the national championship Jan. 13 (8pm ET, ESPN). The non-playoff bowl games also offer juicy matchups for fans, including a blue-blood battle between Michigan and Alabama in the Citrus Bowl (Jan. 1, 1pm ET, ABC).

In a favorable coincidence for LSU, the rotating championship game will be held this year in nearby New Orleans.
Jobs Report Smashes Expectations
Payrolls in the United States added an estimated 266,000 jobs in November, outpacing expectations by nearly 80,000 and putting the economy on pace to average 180,000 jobs gained per month in 2019. Unemployment ticked down to 3.5%, matching a five-decade low. Key gains were made in industries like healthcare and manufacturing, though three-fourths of the latter category was accounted for by an end to the General Motors strike, which returned 41,000 workers. The labor force participation rate - a key input into how productive an economy can be (see 101) - remained steady at just above 63%. That number, dominated by a retirement rush expected to last through the mid-2030s, dropped from 66% during the Great Recession and has yet to recover. 

You can dig into all the data here.
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One Huge Leap for Tech

For those of you who study the history of technology and investing, there's a pretty clear pattern. Every 10 years or so, a new technology emerges that changes lives, both in terms of functionality and investment opportunity.
Now, another once-in-a-decade innovation is emerging and The Motley Fool is here to cover it. Set to roll out in the US and worldwide, 5G technology is believed to be the final step in achieving a true "Internet of Things." When it does drop, it will have everyone (and everything) talking, with the value of goods and services enabled estimated to be worth $12.3 trillion.
It could be another 10 years before we find something this good. check out The Motley Fool now.

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In The Know
Sports, Entertainment, & Culture
> Miss South Africa Zozibini Tunzi is crowned 2019's Miss Universe; Miss Puerto Rico Madison Anderson and Miss Mexico Sofia Aragón round out the top three (More)
> Breaking: World Anti-Doping Agency bans Russia from 2020 Olympics, 2022 World Cup (More) | St. Louis Cardinals catcher Ted Simmons, late union leader Marvin Miller elected into Baseball Hall of Fame (More)
> Rapper Juice WRLD dies at 21 after suffering seizure at Chicago airport (More) | Caroll Spinney, longtime Sesame Street puppeteer of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, dies at 85 (More)
Science & Technology
> Large-scale weather simulation program shows promise in subseasonal forecasts; may allow for predictions up to one month out with same accuracy as seven-day forecast (More)
> Analysis finds oxygen levels in the world's oceans down 2% since 1950, with dead zones increasing from around 40 to 700 sites; two main causes are climate change and fertilizer runoff from farming (More) | Report here (More)
> Nanotube-based membrane makes big step toward new type of hydropower by harvesting electricity from the churn between large freshwater rivers and saltwater oceans (More)
Business & Markets
> Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) announces agreement to pay victims of Northern California wildfires up to $13.5B (More)
> Jury finds Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk did not defame British cave explorer who Musk called “pedo guy”; plaintiff was seeking up to $190M in damages (More)
> SEC rejects NYSE’s proposal to allow companies to sell primary shares via direct listings (More) | What is a direct listing? (More)
Politics & World Affairs
> Officials estimate almost 200,000 Hong Kongers show up in largest anti-government protest in months; Beijing mum on demands for release of imprisoned activists (More)
> BreakingAt least five dead, dozens missing after volcano erupts on New Zealand's White Island; eruption occurred with little warning on tourist hot spot (More)
> House Judiciary Committee says articles of impeachment expected to be drafted this week; Democrat and Republican lawyers to separately present conclusions to committee today (More)
A True Internet of Things
It won't be much longer until the interconnectivity and communication promised by the Internet of Things finally arrives, especially now that 5G technology is starting to pop up around the world. Learn all about it from The Motley Fool: how opportunities like this only come around rarely, and how this one could enable $12.3 trillion in value.
The Motley Fool believes there's one stock that's still off Wall Street's radar. And they want you in on the ground floor of this opportunity. Check out the report today.

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Scroll through the deep sea with this neat visualization
Austria is struggling with hordes of marauding demons.
Clickbait: You pay for the tooth extraction, the hoverboard is bonus.
Historybook: HBD actor Kirk Douglas (1916); HBD actress Dame Judi Dench (1934); “A Charlie Brown Christmas” debuts (1965); RIP diplomat and Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bunche (1971); Smallpox declared eradicated (1979).
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