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Need To Know.
Budget Deal Pushed for Two Weeks.
Republican and Democratic leaders agreed to a funding compromise that would keep large parts of the federal government open until December 21st, according to reports yesterday. Lawmakers faced a December 7th deadline to agree on a bill to fund large parts of the government after having passed full-year appropriations for select parts of government back in October. With a tight timeframe between the 21st and the holiday break, the delay may push the ever-present fights over immigration policy and President Trump's request for a border wall to the next Congress. The death of former President George HW Bush complicated schedules, with Trump declaring a day of mourning (and closing the federal government) on Wednesday. 
Bush Funeral.
The body of former president George HW Bush arrived in Washington, DC yesterday, greeted by a 21-gun salute and a playing of "Hail to the Chief". He was transported to the US Capitol where he was joined by family members including his son, former president George W Bush, and members of his cabinet (see photos). Bush - who also served in Congress, the CIA, United Nations, and as Ronald Reagan's vice president - will lay in state in the rotunda of the US Capitol for public viewing today, before being taken to the National Cathedral for a funeral service. He will return home to Texas on Thursday, where he will be buried at the George Bush Presidential Library & Museum in College Station.
An otherwise unremarkable launch of a Falcon 9 rocket by private space flight company SpaceX set a number of records yesterday. First, it was the company's 19th launch this year, topping its previous record of 18 - you can see a list of all the missions here. Second, the rocket carried 64 satellites, the most ever deployed by a rocket launched from American soil. It was also the third time the rocket itself had been reused, the first time a single orbital-class rocket booster has been used for three separate missions. Finally, it was the first time the company had launched the same rocket from all three of the company's launchpads. 

See photos from the launch here
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modrić wins Ballon d'Or, awarded to world’s best soccer player; first player other than Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi to win in last decade (More)
> Grammy nominations announcement moved to December 7 due to President Bush’s memorial service (More) | See nomination predictions (More)
> Quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama), Kyler Murray (Oklahoma), and Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State) named finalists for the Heisman Trophy (More)
Science & Technology.
> Satellite images show parts of Iran's capital Tehran are sinking up to 25 centimeters per year as underground aquifers get depleted (More)
> Detectors pick up four new, separate signals of gravitational waves following interstellar black hole mergers (More) | How can gravity make waves? (More)
> Five companies get permits to conduct seismic tests off the Atlantic Coast in step towards offshore drilling between Florida and Delaware (More)
Business & Markets.
> US stock markets surge 1%+ on US/China trade progress over the weekend (More) | Trump administration taps US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to manage negotiations (More)
> Qatar to withdraw from OPEC after 60 years, to increase focus on natural gas (More) | Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (aka OPEC) 101 (More)
> Tencent Music - music business of Chinese tech giant Tencent - moves forward with US IPO; expected to price in upcoming weeks at ~$25B valuation (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> In response to Senate threatening pullback from Saudi alliance, CIA director Gina Haspel to brief senators on killing of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi (More)
> Israeli investigators recommend corruption charges against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (More)
> French paramedics, students join ongoing protests over high cost-of-living (More)
Underwear worth obsessing over.

Let's keep this brief (ha!). There's a reason the editors at GQ call Mack Weldon men's underwear a "Pretty Perfect Pair." With airflow enhancing mesh cool-zones, their underwear is made to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Above all, their mission is to reinvent men's basics: no more silly gimmicks or frivolous designs - just the finest materials and supreme simplicity (it's what you and your loved ones deserve!).
...and there's more: the folks at Mack Weldon are so confident that you'll be ridiculously comfortable that they have one of the best "Try-On Guarantees" in the game. If you don't love your first pair, they promise a full refund with no return required (yes, you can even keep the pair you tried on!).
So try on some risk-free perfection today: check it out now.
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In Depth.
An Affair. The Mob. A Murder.
Washington Post | Mary Jordan. When Margaret Yeatman moved to Washington DC to be with her boyfriend Arthur Cunn, she had no idea he was leading a double-life. See how Cunn's marriage to the niece of a notorious mobster eventually led to Yeatman's murder - a case still being investigated today. (Read)
The Link Between August Birthdays and ADHD.
New York Times | Staff. In states where the cutoff for kindergarten is September 1st, ADHD diagnoses were 34% higher for August-born children. See how these disparities may demonstrate the often subjective nature of ADHD diagnoses. (Read, paywall)
Ranking the most charitable states in the country
Need something to read over the holidays? Here are the best-selling fiction novels of the last 100 years
Dad acts fast to get daughter to safety during last weekend's Alaskan earthquake
Why this neuroscientist says we are always hallucinating
Intricate cityscapes made out of multi-colored yarn
100 iconic scares that shaped modern horror films.
The top 25 news photos of 2018 (via the Atlantic). 
Harvard researchers studied for 75 years, and came up with this one secret to leading a fulfilling life
Clickbait: Local owl drives a Segway down a crowded bar street.
Historybook: RIP English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1679); President Woodrow Wilson travels to Versailles for WWI peace talks, is first US president to travel to Europe while in office (1918); HBD Jay-Z (1969); HBD Tyra Banks (1973); American journalist Terry Anderson released after over six years as hostage in Lebanon (1991).
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