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Dear readers, 


Before 2021 comes to an end, we want to say once more—thank you. Not simply for reading, but for the input and feedback that has helped shape the digest into what it is today. It's been a great year; during 2021: 


Readers clicked more than 42 million links
... and opened more than 110 million times
We sent more than 200 million emails.
Our COO was named to Forbes' 30 under 30 list.
The 1440 community grew to 1.2 million readers.


Thanks for being part of the journey—we're looking forward to a wonderful 2022 and beyond!





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Below are some important, interesting, or otherwise fun stories selected by 1440 staff. What was yours? Let us know here.


The most useful—but little known—sites on the internet.

"I wasted a bunch of time scrolling this Reddit thread trying to find ways to help me not waste time."  —Ashley L.


Chelsea wins its second UEFA Champions League title.

"As a lifelong Chelsea fan, this is the biggest highlight of the year—looking forward to a repeat in 2022!"  Pierre L.


Gen. Colin Powell passes away at age 84.

"The world lost an exceptional military officer, diplomat, and beloved public servant whom I personally admired very much." Bobby A.


The best drone photography of 2021.

"Sometimes you just have to look at the world from a different perspective to admire its beauty."  —Sony K.


The world's first malaria vaccine.

"Possibly the biggest advancement in child public health in generations." —Drew S.


One proud dachshund.

"Dogs just bring so much joy and laughter into the world!" —Sara M.


Why animals don't get lost.

"A fascinating look at how nature outperforms GPS."  —Mitchell K.


Wally the Walrus ... claims a boat ... takes over a pontoon ... and moves to Iceland.

"The world needed a Wally the Walrus update." —Teddy B.


From a meme to $47M.

"A blockchain-based crowdfunding effort comes together in a week, and almost purchases a copy of the Constitution."  —Tim H.


... and scientists pinpoint the perfect hug.

"After more than a year not seeing friends and family, this tutorial on the perfect hug was much needed!" Tim H.


And finally:

"I'm here live; I am not a cat."

"Because we all had our Zoom fails over the past two years."  —1440 staff

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Editor's note: Over 42 million clicks can't be wrong! Here are our most-read stories from the past year. Share this digest here.


(1/12/21) The best (and worst) states to raise a family.


(1/5/21) Drone captures once-in-a-lifetime photo of bobcats on a log.


(1/19/21) Ranking America's best places to retire.


(2/9/21) A pair of sharks top the year's best underwater photos.


(2/12/21) The dark origins of Valentine's Day.


(2/24/21) Check out this stunning new photo of Jupiter.


(3/31/21) Dad bods are back in style.


(3/17/21) St. Patrick's true story is better than the myth.


(3/24/21) This Milky Way photo took 12 years to shoot.


(4/22/21) Three simple questions to become more likable.


(4/15/21) Americans rank US states from best to worst.


(4/7/21) The Great Ketchup Shortage is upon us.


(5/27/21) How Americans feel about cancel culture.


(5/26/21) Photos of last night's super flower blood moon.


(5/11/21) Last year's most popular baby names.


(6/30/21) A stunning video of Lake Superior cliffs collapsing.

(6/7/21) The greatness of gymnast Simone Biles in slow motion.

(6/23/21) The best ice cream in every state.


(7/21/21) Rare glass octopus captured on video.


(7/14/21) Ranking the best US cities to live in 2021.

(7/15/21) The year's best memes (so far).


(8/23/21) Go inside the world's most popular Airbnb.


(8/25/21) America's most beautiful towns.


(8/18/21) One in 10 Americans is unbanked.


(9/15/21) The 20 fastest growing (and declining) jobs of the next decade.


(9/8/21) Science explains the most common recurring dreams.


(9/27/21) America's best small towns for retirees.


(10/6/21) The five most (and least) valuable college majors.


(10/18/21) Experts explain why you shouldn't rake your leaves.


(10/28/21) Ranking America's worst drivers by state.


(11/16/21) Why pickleball is blowing up.


(11/29/21) Tiffany & Co. unveils its most expensive item ever.


(11/3/21) The most prescribed drugs in America.


(12/8/21) The year's most mispronounced words.


(12/13/21) America's 10 hottest real estate markets for 2022.


(12/27/21) Google Earth captures a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.


(7/8/21) Clickbait: Whale watchers fail at watching whales.


(5/17/21) Bonus clickbait: Three-eyed calf born in Wales (yes, w/photos).


... and one more:  It's been quite a year—here's a puppy dreaming


Historybook: Arthur Guinness signs a 9,000 year lease, begins brewing at Dublin's St. James's Gate (1759); Thomas Edison demonstrates incandescent lighting in public for first time (1879); First New Year's Eve celebration held in Times Square (1907); The country of Kiribati skips the day altogether (1994).


"I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world."

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